Perfect Balance Between Running & Pure Barre (workout recap)



In last Sunday’s workout recap, I mentioned that I was going to run a few easy miles after publishing that post. I don’t normally run Sunday mornings so when I do, I am never really sure how that run will affect the rest of the upcoming week in workouts. I was a little cautious about it Monday morning because I was afraid of overdoing it too early in the week yet overall, I didn’t notice the extra 6 miles and had a great week in workouts. This week was actually what I consider the perfect balance between running and Pure Barre for me!

While it’s nice to run on Sunday mornings because there’s really no time pressure, I like to take a day off from running each week and today is that day. I don’t want to run too many days in a row and I really try to not overdo my workouts. Sometimes you don’t know you have overdone something until it’s too late which is exactly what I try to avoid.

workout recap running pure barre

Sunday – 6 Miles

I didn’t have a plan for this morning so I just ran for as long as I felt like. I finished up 6 miles right around an hour and headed home.

Monday – 30 Min Running/35 Min Pure Barre

I decided during the first mile of my run that I would only run 3 miles and then head home for Pure Barre on demand. 3.1 miles and a great Pure Barre workout were the perfect way to start the week!

Tuesday  – 8 Miles

It was SO HUMID outside but somehow, I ran 8 miles. I ran the 7 mile workout that I shared today but then added an extra mile at the end. I love when I don’t plan to run that long yet end up wanting to tack on another mile!

7 mile workout

^ I really love this workout so I hope you will try it. Please let me know if you do!

Wednesday – 5 Miles/Pure Barre

This was one of those runs where I think ahead of time that I will only run 3 miles but ended up outside for 5! Just an easy paced run but it felt nice.

From Pure Barre On Demand, I combined a 10 minute Thigh & Seat workout plus the new 5 minute seat workout. I love this quick 5 minute workout.

pure barre on demand seat workout

^Screenshot from Pure Barre On Demand 5 Minute Seat Workout. See the weight behind the knee? It works wonders.

Thursday – 7 Miles (fartleks)

I had no plan for this run but turned it into a fartlek run after the first mile. My overall pace was faster than usual for summer and it felt good!


Friday – 30 Min Running/30 Min Pure Barre

I love my 30/30 mornings! Just an easy 3 miles (30 minutes right on the dot) followed by a 30 minute Pure Barre workout. I chose one of the 30 Pure Barre workouts that uses a towel as resistance. It’s one of my favorite workouts and totally burns, even without using weights.

Saturday – 12 Miles

I thought I would stop at 11 miles but then Heather called me right before my stopping point which was enough to distract me into continuing my run. Running long is so mental which I have talked about in the past. Lately I am mentally finished well before I am physically finished so I was glad that I kept going while talking on the phone.

Sunday – Not Running

I haven’t decided if I will pick a Pure Barre workout yet but it’s definitely a rest day from running.

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How do you calculate your week in workouts? Monday through Sunday? Sunday through Saturday?

Do you pick a specific day as your rest day or do you just go with the flow each week to decide?


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  1. says

    Isn’t it great when it’s humid out but your run feels awesome?! I can’t wait until I have access to a treadmill to do the 7 mile workout. It seems perfect for when it’s too cold and icy to run outside in the winter!

    • says

      I always started on a Monday so sometimes I feel thrown off if I run on a Sunday and then continue to run the whole next week – like, where do you start/stop your mileage count? lol