GapFit Favorites + Cake Is My Love Language


I wished a few people a Happy Friday YESTERDAY when it was only Thursday. Finally, I can say Happy Friday and be accurate.

I’ve got a few GapFit favorites to share with you today as well as a few other things I am loving right now!

Friday Favorites

Folger’s Vanilla Biscotti Coffee

I used to brew this vanilla biscotti coffee when my son was a baby so I got excited when I spotted box of the K Cups at Target this week. Every time I smell this coffee in my mug, I picture my son when he was a baby in his high chair eating blueberry waffles at breakfast.

Folger's Vanilla Biscotti Coffee

Linda’s Fudge Cake

I enjoyed this slice of Linda’s Fudge Cake recently and oh, how I love it. I’m pretty sure that chocolate cake is my love language although they don’t even include chocolate cake as one of the five love languages. How stupid is that? Can’t chocolate cake be a love language?

Like, if you willingly share your chocolate cake with me, I consider that a loving gesture and if I willingly share my cake with you every time (not just once, I mean willingly share every single time), isn’t that the meaning of love right there? I speak three words if I share my cake. So there. Chocolate cake is a love language.

linda's fudge cake

This Text!

My friend David (we used to share an office back in the day so he knows me very well) sent me this text because he knew I would appreciate it.

cookie text


I’ve slowly made the switch to wearing mostly GapFit apparel for my workouts. I used to be an all Lululemon girl but over the last year, GapFit has become my go-to brand for specific apparel.

Let’s discuss my current GapFit favorites!

GapFit GFast Blackout Capris- I’ve learned that I do not like high-waisted workout pants so the regular rise GapFit GFast Capris are perfect. I just ordered two more pairs and adore the price (especially when compared to Lululemon!!).

There is a small pocket in the back of the capris for my key but nowhere really to put a gel which can be a problem if you are used to the pockets the pants from Lululemon. I think I were running a race and didn’t have pockets to use in a running jacket, I would have to wear different pants.

Gfast Cutout Capris –  I LOVE these cutout capris. They fit so well (have a small back pocket) and I can wear them for running or just for Pure Barre. I think I need another pair!

GapFit Breathe Strappy Tank – I now have two of these tanks and will buy more whenever I see them on sale.

GapFit Pullover Hoodie- I had bought one of these hoodies last winter and loved it so I just bought two more (on sale!) for this coming fall season. They wash well and fit comfortably making them perfect for every day runs.

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Are you familiar with the 5 love languages? What is your love language? Would chocolate cake or ice cream be your love language?

Do you wear anything from GapFit that you like?

3 things you have planned for this weekend?

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  1. says

    That chocolate cake looks amazing! If there is any sort of chocolate cake on a dessert menu I will order it. I’ve never tried GapFit apparel but I may check it out next time I’m in need out new workout clothes.

    Have a great Friday Meredith 🙂

  2. says

    I love the 5 love languages book. I found it so helpful! Mine is words of affirmation. What is yours for real? I’m curious! I liked the one for kids because it helped me show my kids love in ways that they actually feel it.

    3 things planned for this weekend: 1) Have a baby 2) Have a baby 3) Have the damn baby already
    Suzy recently posted…Deliver MeMy Profile

    • says

      OMG I can’t stop thinking about you and when you will have the baby already! I hope that it’s this weekend 🙂 I really have to review the true 5 languages. I definitely don’t fit the gift category anymore, gifts mean very little in comparison to the other 4 languages that’s for sure.