Morning Person + Ice Cream For Dinner (TOL)



I think I am losing my morning person personality.

thinking out loud

I am sleeping later and later every morning and want nothing to do with the world once I am awake. Now, I guess this is not all that different than usual. It’s not like I was ever the chipper morning person type anyway.

Just because I have always been a morning person in terms of waking up naturally, this does not mean I am excited to speak to people when I first wake up. There are maybe like three people in this world that I can tolerate when I first open my eyes (and I am not sure that my son is included in that list. He definitely doesn’t include me in his list of people he cares to speak to first thing in the morning either. Funny how things change, right? He used to come running for me when he opened his eyes and now he wants nothing to do with me unless I have money for him).

At least I am still getting up and running even when I don’t want to move out of my pajamas. I’m definitely running a little bit later (like maximum an hour later than I used to during the week) but for now, it’s okay. My schedule is allowing this flexibility so I am not going to complain. I just struggle to get moving like I never did before!

Maybe its old age. Soon I enter a whole new race age bracket you know. I am hanging on to this 35 – 39 by a thread over here.

You would think that I would want to get a race in before I start the 40 – 44 age bracket. Not really. I just don’t see a race happening in the next few months unless I decide the night before. Although, even the night before isn’t a guarantee since I wake up not wanting to do ANYTHING. So maybe a race morning decision would work for me. Yes, that’s a possibility. But unlikely.


As I was looking back on old posts for this week’s On This Day section, I spotted, That Time I Had Cookies For Dinner, Did I really write that post a year ago yesterday? Wow. Time flies. I recently spoke to that guy too. I should have sent him the link to the post. HA.

Speaking of cookies for dinner, I have written about cake for lunch (very popular google search by the way) and most recently, I had ice cream for dinner which you may have caught on Instagram. I am just the image of healthy eating, aren’t I?

cold stone

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Do you consider yourself a morning person? Are you friendly when you first wake up?

Which would you choose – cookies, cake or ice cream for dinner?


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    I’ve never been a morning person. I can’t stand it when my kids bound out of bed and ask me a million questions. I just look at them and croak, “COFFEE FIRST.”
    Suzy recently posted…Deliver MeMy Profile

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    This post had me crying it is so funny. You are just . I need my peace and quietude in the morning. This summer everything has become an hour later for me lol. I think I have taken “my serenity, peaceful vibe” a little to far. Well for me it’s either Zen or Type A so I now run my life Zen and when the Type A creeps in I Zen Out Btw, your nonchalant attitude about food is extremely healthy!! It’s a pleasure to hear someone start a sentence without healthy, nutritious, bla, bla, bla. Years ago I had been known to eat peanut M&M’s for lunch or a cheese danish as dinner oh them where the days–carefree, barefoot and beach bound all summer!!! Have a great day. Weather is finally awesome

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    I consider myself a morning person, BUT I want alone time, definitely don’t want to talk to anyone for at least the first hour! And literally LOL’ed that people google cake for lunch, I’m more on board with ice cream for dinner though 😉
    Patricia @Sweet and Strong recently posted…Paper Plate Ab WorkoutMy Profile

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    OK…now I need some Coldstone’s! There’s one really close to my apartment which is so dangerous! I’d definitely choose ice cream for dinner.

    I’m more of a morning person, as long as I had a good day/night the day before 😉 hope you have a lovely Thursday, Meredith!

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    I am definitely a morning person but as of late, I’d so much prefer to not get out of bed right away. haha It’s weird because I used to pop out of bed at 4am jazzed about a run or workout and now I’m like, ugh, it’s 6:30, can’t I sleep for a while longer? BUT, I am pretty friendly in the morning. 🙂

    I would totally choose cake topped with cookies and cream ice cream for dinner. #winning 😀
    Jennifer @ Fit Nana recently posted…DEAR GOALS: PREPARE TO BE CRUSHEDMy Profile

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    I am so with you on not wanting to talk to people when I first get up. Unfortunately, I work at home, roll out of bed at 655 to start work at 7am on the PHONES. Oh well, coffee helps!! The only time I am ok with morning people and talking is usually on a run 🙂 I also love having treats for random meals and have definitely enjoyed ice cream for dinner a few times.. no shame. Have a great weekend.
    (found you through the thinking out loud thursday link up!)
    Jodi recently posted…Thinking Out LoudMy Profile

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    LOL Meredith, I seriously love your eating habits. I mean, I’m definitely of the opinion that cake for lunch and cookies for dinner are ALWAYS a good idea. And yes I’ve done both. Though I’m the weirdo who, like, supplements the cookies with carrots and hummus because I will crave veggies with my dinner. Cake for lunch needs no alterations, though 😉
    And I totally relate on not being able to tolerate people in the morning. Whenever I’m home and not in college, my mom knows not to speak to me first because it’s always a gamble whether I’m in a speaking mood or not. And if it’s before 8am, forget it. But for some reason, I’m perfectly fine speaking to my college roommate. It’s probably because my mom is the super chipper kind and my roommate is the groggy kind heh.
    Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off recently posted…What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My Freshman Year of CollegeMy Profile

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      my mother never could accept that I didn’t want to talk in the morning and always would ask me what’s wrong and why can’t I be nicer in the morning – hello, don’t talk to me yet! it’s that simple. I am not looking to talk, it’s not personal lol

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    I am too much of a morning person sometimes. I’m usually up no later than 6 AM (5AM most days) and ready to do everything within half an hour. Well, everything except anything too social. I eat weird lunches sometimes but I usually go for salty over sweet.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Make-Ahead Quinoa SaladMy Profile

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      one day you will probably get back to being a morning person, just not right now while she is little. I think that’s how it went for me. Once my son got into a good sleep pattern (as in slept later than me), I was able to wake up and be my old morning person self.