That Time I Ate A Piece Of Chicken By Accident


Oh boy. I HATE when I miss a What I Ate Wednesday post. This week has been a little bit nutty for me routine wise which didn’t help me to remember to take  pictures, especially of breakfast, for yesterday’s post.

Why can’t I remember to take pictures at breakfast?! Probably because I’m still half asleep during my pre-run oatmeal and then super focused on eating when I’m making my post-run oatmeal. Ah well.

My son and I had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory Monday night. So much for getting back into the swing of cooking during the week. Maybe when school starts? Hopefully?

Cheesecake Factory salad

For the last 5+ years as I’ve been living as a meatless eater, I order my favorite barbecue ranch chicken salad without the chicken. Sometimes they get my order right the first time. Sometimes they bring the salad with chicken and I have to send it back. But this time, it was evident that they must have put the chicken on, quickly realized and then took it off.

How do I know this? I ate a piece of chicken by accident and then spotted one more piece in the bowl.

I’m pretty sure this was the first bite of chicken I’ve had in almost six years. And no, I did not like it. Not one bit.

So here’s the thing. I am not a super strict vegetarian person. I do eat all types of sushi which means I will eat fish (pescatarian). I’m also not totally against tasting a bite of steak at this point. For several years, even if I had a random craving for red meat, I would find something else to take its place. Right now, I feel that if someone is eating skirt steak near me and I want it, I am willing to take a bite. I always liked steak.

Chicken on the other hand, I have NO INTEREST in eating. This was reconfirmed for me after unknowingly eating a piece the other night. Ick, I do not miss chicken at all!

I think I am glad this accidental bite of chicken happened though, even if it made me want to gag from the taste.

Sometimes I do go back and forth wondering I should eat chicken again. Like maybe I need more protein, maybe my diet could use variety, maybe it would be okay to make one of the trending sheet pan dinner recipes and just eat the darn chicken because it would make life easier somehow to cook one meal for both of us.

No thanks. I am doing just fine without it.

In case anyone really missed seeing a What I Ate Wednesday post yesterday, here’s my What I Ate Wednesday post from a year ago today. This post actually shows that I had my usual salad from The Cheesecake Factory once again but also goes into depth about how beneficial sea salt is to my diet in terms of hydration and balancing my electrolytes. It’s definitely an important topic for summer running!

If you are a meatless eater, have you ever eaten chicken or something else by accident? Did you want to gag?

How long have you been vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian? 

What do you like to order at The Cheesecake Factory?

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  1. says

    GROSSSSS. You must have felt so violated!!!! BLAHHHH. Yuck. I eat meat but I am a pretty picky eater so if I end up eating something funky, I get super grossed out so I empathize with you!
    Suzy recently posted…Birth StoriesMy Profile

  2. says

    That’s terrible they accidentally put chicken on the salad. What if you had been allergic to it and they just put it on your food then took it off.
    When I got to Cheesecake Factory, I love getting the cheesecake. I try to order different ones but a lot of times I get the chocolate mousse.

    Have a great day 🙂

  3. Lauren says

    ummm…did you say anything to your server??? I would have died…totally unacceptable!!
    I have been meatless a while…and that would have been troubling for me!!!

    Have a great day!

  4. says

    Aww Meredith, that sucks 🙁 There’s a Sweetgreen by my college, and though I adore it, my vegetarian friends hate it because they often accidentally throw on a random piece of chicken into the salads. Which is totally NOT okay! It is good, though, that you had the experience and now know for sure that you’re not missing out!
    Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off recently posted…Restriction Disguised as Food FreedomMy Profile

  5. says

    I couldn’t help but laugh. Ick, especially when you don’t expect it! I like chicken and fish, nothing else 😉 I feel like I could go vegetarian pretty easily though, especially if I can still have froyo!
    Marissa @ Run Riss Run recently posted…1st Day & RacingMy Profile