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Starting the week off with a thought per picture!

My son was in Toronto last week with his teen tour. He was kind enough to send me a picture from Niagara Falls. I remember doing the Maid of the Mist attraction thing at Niagara Falls when I was his age!

Niagara Falls

I was craving chocolate on Friday so I stopped into Carlo’s Bakery for two dark chocolate covered strawberries. Totally hit the spot.

dark chocolate covered strawberries

We went to the Mets game on Saturday. All I could think about during Saturday morning’s progression run on the treadmill was this Margherita pizza from Citifield. As soon as we got to the game, I headed straight to the pizza stand like a girl on a mission.

margherita pizza

This Margherita pizza satisfied my long run craving until it was time for dessert.

While I briefly contemplated an ice cream sundae in a helmet, I went with cookie dough again because it seemed more appealing. They only have orange and blue sprinkles for the ice cream which really annoys me. I like chocolate sprinkles. 

cookie dough nbc

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s workout recap post that I ALWAYS warm up on the treadmill with my easy run on the treadmill workout.

Have you tried it yet? If not, please check out the post for the full details and let me know what you think. This workout really warms me up so well! If I start too fast on the treadmill, my feet/legs used to tense up but that never happens anymore.

easy run treadmill workout

Continuing with my mission to find the best onion rings in New York, I had onion rings with dinner last night. These onion rings were from Zorn’s. I didn’t even know that Zorn’s had onion rings! They were very good for sure but not as crunchy of a breading as the onion rings I had from Jackson Hole recently.

onion rings

Who else is annoyed that Love Songs radio was replaced with Yacht Rock Radio this summer on SiriusXM Radio?! The only thing saving me from being annoyed about it yesterday was hearing Kokomo! I haven’t heard Kokomo in forever!


So I am totally dating myself here but Kokomo was THE SONG back in like 5th grade. And remember when the Beach Boys made an appearance on Full House to sing Kokomo with everyone?! Ah, the memories. They still need to replace this Yacht Rock radio thing though. I miss the Love Songs station.

Have a great Monday! 🙂

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Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Are you a dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate fan when it comes to chocolate covered strawberries?

Do you like a classic Margherita pizza or do you prefer more toppings?

Who else listens to SiriusXm radio? Which stations are your favorite?


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  1. says

    Best thing you ate over the weekend?

    Hmm… That’s such a good question. I really enjoyed some waffles and chocolate covered animal crackers I ate … 🙂

    Are you a dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate fan when it comes to chocolate covered strawberries?

    I’m definitely a dark chocolate gal, but I like white or milk chocolate too!

    Do you like a classic Margherita pizza or do you prefer more toppings?

    I’ve never had a Margherita pizza but it looks so good; I would love to dig into one with you! Pizza is one of my favorite simple meals. I used to hate it, but I’m thankful God so amazingly changes our tastebuds.
    Emily recently posted…Week In Review: Healing, Hope, Running, VacationsMy Profile

  2. says

    KOKOMO! I’ll have to find it and play it for Andrew today. It was my song in grade 5 but he’s 5 years older than me so…. ha ha ha. And dayamnnnn all that food looks so good. I’m starving.
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

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