Trying To Pick A Fall Half Marathon. Or Not.


As I sit here trying to pick a fall half marathon, I keep thinking back to my post, It’s Okay To Not Sign Up For A Race.

I am not big on running races. Running a couple of races a year is MORE than enough for me.

However, it’s been over a year since my last half marathon which is a little bit unusual for me. At the very least, I have been running at least one half marathon a year, if not two!

I am trying to pick a fall half marathon and I’m finding problems with all of them on my list.

The Great South Bay Half Marathon, scheduled for Saturday September 23 most likely interferes with my menstrual cycle as well as Rosh Hashanah. I did run this half two years ago and sort of thought I would run it again by now!

Then there’s the Suffolk County Half Marathon on October 29. The entry price is $75 which to me, seems insane to me right now for running 13.1 miles when I can just run for free around my neighborhood. My first thought when I saw the entry fee was what else I could with $75, like restock my Dior Hydralife Lotion To Foam Cleanser and Kerstase Shampoo!

I also have the Queens Half Marathon on November 18 on my radar but the start time is 7:00 am. Who wants to get to Queens so early in the morning when they can run a little bit later, the same distance, at home? Not to mention the $80 registration fee and the fact that I would need to drive to Queens (I hate traffic) the day before to pick up my number.

Of course I see most of my race decision problems as excuses.

If I really wanted to run a fall half marathon so badly, I would make one of these three races work for me without an issue.

When I want to do something, I do it. When I don’t really want to, I find an excuse. I know this very well about myself. I never do anything that I don’t want to do.

It’s always good when we can be brutally honest with ourselves. My excuses are showing that maybe I’m not really in the mood to run a half marathon. At least it doesn’t look like it right now, right?

Of course I could decide at the last-minute. I don’t necessarily need to train to run a fall half marathon but I do know that training with Laura for my last half was a great experience. My body can run the half marathon distance anytime, anywhere but training and preparing feels so much better.

At this point, I just don’t know what I’m going to do! I can’t even offer you my reasons for not having the desire to run a fall half marathon at the moment. Even with knowing I am so close to breaking 1:45, the whole sign up to run a race is just not overly appealing.

I wish I had that first half marathon approaching feeling again. My first half marathon was 5 years ago this fall which I just can’t believe!

hershey half marathon

While I don’t have the race excitement brewing right now, that doesn’t mean I give up my workout routine. I still love to run and I’m still out there six days a week averaging 40 miles pretty much without fail.

You don’t need a race to keep running.

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Are you planning to run a fall half marathon?

Did you think about running a race this fall but now aren’t in the mood?

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  1. says

    This was just a reminder that I signed up for the Queens half marathon… I’m training for a 50K in early October and all about trails right now kind of fell off my radar. I don’t think I noticed the 7am start time. TBD if I actually run it!
    Gianna recently posted…Paris Running ToursMy Profile

  2. AmandaM says

    Every single word you wrote is EXACTLY the way I feel. It seems like you enjoy the regimen and feedback from your coach which is great. And I can relate. I LOVE working out and I guess I feel like I SHOULD train for something specifically. It’s funny because when I think about doing a race, it is the laziness of getting to the race that gets me. I would rather just run from my house. So then I laugh and think “you’d rather run 10-13 miles from your door. It’s okay. you are NOT lazy ” 🙂 I’m just over the race logistics and wonder if I’ll ever want to deal with it again! I think we are the same age (just turned 39). I feel like you and Michele kind of fell of the hard-core race thing at the same time as me (when we were emailing a bit about doing the New York half in Central Park that was eventually cancelled). Of course I am not OLD but I just feel like that was a phase of my younger life and I’ve lost my patience. Maybe it comes back again because there are plenty of people older who continue to race.

    • says

      yes! remember that? when was that race, two years ago I think? we aren’t old but maybe the phase is one we outgrew for now? I don’t know! but I am the same, the logistics of driving to the race that morning is what gets me too! I prefer to just step outside and go. I don’t mind following a training plan or listening to Laura tell me what to run on what day, I just don’t feel like planning in advance to run a specific race that tells me when to get there. ha!

  3. says

    I absolutely LOVE this post. I have found myself racing less and less and loving running more and more! Sometimes it’s great to take a step back and take some pressure off 🙂 hope you enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

  4. says

    It sounds like you’re super in tune with what you actually want, and it sounds like maybe it would be totally fine to skip the half marathons this time around. Your point about being able to run the same distance for free and at a more convenient location and time is very very valid. At the end of the day, you love to run, not run marathons, and if you don’t marathon run, we will still all love you just the same. 🙂
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