Summer Training Week #2


This was my second week following a summer training plan created by Laura. I am really enjoying the workouts she schedules for me and definitely appreciate the varying mileage throughout the week. It’s funny how mixing up of how many miles you run on certain days can make such a rejuvenating difference in a workout routine. I had gotten so used to the way my mileage would fall that running, for example, back to back 8 mile days, felt different and surprisingly energizing!

The one thing Laura and I discussed was adding the option for longer Pure Barre workouts. I was starting to feel sort of naked in the middle of the week, like something was missing, because I was missing the longer Pure Barre workouts from my routine. Some days I know it’s better in terms of fatigue to shorten the Pure Barre workouts in favor of mileage but some days, I just need a good 30 minute Pure Barre burn. 🙂

workout recap running pure barre

Monday – 5 Miles (treadmill)/Pure Barre

It was raining fairly hard when I woke up so I ran inside 5 miles on the treadmill.


2 mile warm up following my easy run on the treadmill workout

3 miles between 6.8 -7.6

After my run, I came home for a quick Thighs & Seat Pure Barre workout before rushing to get my son out the door for this week’s teen tour!

Tuesday – 8 Miles (fartleks)

It was cloudy and quite cool this morning (like 60 degrees!) which was perfect for running 8 miles outside. The plan for today was a fartlek run that looked like this:

2 miles easy

8 X 2 min 5k – 10k effort, 2 minutes easy

2 miles easy

Wednesday – 8 Miles

Another 8 mile run day only today was an easy run. However, with the weather cool again and no humidity, I was able to run easy at a much quicker pace than usual in the summer. I took a work-related call during the last few miles which was fine, I needed to slow down anyway.


Thursday – 5 Miles/Pure Barre

Just an easy run on the schedule today. It was definitely more humid but still better than last week! Also on the schedule for today was 15 minutes of Pure Barre but I really felt like a good 30 minute Pure Barre burn workout so that’s what I did. I totally told Laura that I did a longer Pure Barre workout and she said it was okay! Ha. I really believe if you are going to have a training plan created by a running coach, you either follow it perfectly or report any tweaks you make. I never make changes to her plans – this Pure Barre workout was probably my first!

Friday – 4 Miles

Nothing special to report, just 4 miles around my neighborhood.

Saturday – 10 Miles

I thought I would be running inside on the treadmill today because rain was in the forecast. However, I got super lucky because it wasn’t more than a drizzle at times throughout my run!

The plan for today:

2 miles easy

2 miles half marathon effort

3 miles easy

2 miles half marathon effort

1 mile easy

Talk about making a run fly by fast! This workout from Laura was totally engaging, slightly challenging yet not too taxing all at the same time. I really enjoyed the pattern and will definitely run this workout again for sure! Please try it, I think you will LOVE it.

Sunday – Pure Barre

Not sure yet which Pure Barre workout I will do. I have to see what has been added recently to Pure Barre on Demand! Also, if you missed my Pure Barre Anniversary post which rounds up my favorite Pure Barre posts and workout reviews from earlier this week, here it is.

pure barre

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How was your week in workouts? Did the weather cooperate?

How well do you think you balance running and strength training? 



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