Summer Training Plan Week #1


This was my the first week of my summer training with Laura. I’m not training for a race just yet, she’s just giving me a month of workouts that mix up my mileage and rejuvenate my routine in preparation for maybe a Fall half marathon.

I believe I ran 41 miles and I never even felt any sort of lingering fatigue at any point in the week. Laura really knows how to balance out my miles with my Pure Barre workouts to keep my muscles from tiring out too much from either form of fitness.

Most of the miles were easy miles as you will see below. I can’t be pushing myself too much outside in the summer here. While I have adapted to handling the heat and humidity for easy runs, I just cannot push my pace during these heat waves (as I was reminded on Tuesday – see below 🙂 ).

This article  was really helpful in explaining how the humidity and dew point affect running. I didn’t even consider dew point as a separate factor but it was higher than the humidity here this week which explains a lot about how I felt on Tuesday.

workout recap running pure barre

Monday – 5 Miles/Pure Barre

On the plan for today in my new pair of Energy Boosts was 5 easy miles followed by 15 minutes of Pure Barre. I picked a 13 minute Pure Barre thighs & seat workout from Pure Barre On Demand which burned real good after my run.

Adidas energy boosts

Tuesday – 8 Mile Progression Run

I was not at all intimidated by this workout, it was the high humidity that scared me most! The plan for today’s progression run was nothing crazy – 2 miles super easy, 4 miles a little faster but still fairly easy and then 2 miles comfortably hard. There was no focus on pace, rather on effort.

I was doing just fine even though it was already a sunny 73 degrees and like 100% humidity. It was during mile 6, when I was pushing my pace, that things started to fall apart. I can’t fully describe the feeling but it was a mix of my stomach tightening, my breathing getting very labored and the fatigue finding my legs. Of course I slowed down, I was not looking to die out there!

The next time it’s a heat wave, I will be bringing these progression runs (or speed work runs) inside to the treadmill for sure.

progression run

I recovered quickly enough to walk to Fire Island later in the afternoon. It’s worth including the walk to Fire Island as part of today’s workout since the walk to and from Kismet is somewhere between 2-3 miles each way.

fire island

Wednesday – 7 Miles

It was just as hot and humid as yesterday but since I was only scheduled to run easy, I had no problem at all.

Thursday – 6 Miles (treadmill hill workout!)/Pure Barre

It worked out perfectly that Laura scheduled me to be on the treadmill as today was going to be the hottest day of the heat wave!

I really enjoyed this treadmill hill workout which went by SO FAST. I ran 2 miles easy and then completed 3 miles of this hill cycle followed by 1 mile without incline. My last mile felt comfortable at 7.5, probably because I was finished with the hills – speed feels easy after hills!

treadmill hill workout

Once I finished the 6 miles, I headed home for 15 minutes of Pure Barre. I combined a 10 minute seat workout with a 5 minute Arms workout. I really do love the options in Pure Barre on Demand right now. Just a little bit more time before I can really review it!

Friday – 4 Miles

I haven’t felt tired or fatigued at all this week but I listened to Laura’s plan for just an easy 4 miles today. It was almost 80 degrees at sunrise this morning!

Saturday – 11 Miles

It was 80 degrees and super humid once again. The plan was 11 easy miles which after mile 2, seemed to fly on by. The weather didn’t totally overwhelm me either which I think has a lot to do with staying within an easy pace range and not really pushing myself too much.

Sunday – Pure Barre

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How was the weather by you this week? Were you affected by the heat wave?

How often do you run on the treadmill in the summer? Do you like to run treadmill hill workouts?


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