Don’t Need A Race + Not The Outdoors Type!


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While running the other morning, a lady driving in my neighborhood opened her window to ask me a question. I politely removed my headphones (not something I like to do) at which point she asked me if I was training for a race.

Um, no?

She looked a little confused and drove off.

My guess is that she sees me running every morning and just assumes I’m training for a race because why else would I run every day? Surely a race is needed as motivation.

Well, hello – that’s just not the case! I wanted to shout to her that I don’t need a race to motivate me out the door every morning. It’s okay to run in circles simply because I like to run, not to mention it’s a great form of fitness and amazing for one’s sanity.

I mean really, aren’t those good enough reasons to run without a race?

I’m loving my new pair of Adidas Energy Boosts by the way. I sort of laugh at the fact that every time I’m due for a new pair, a section of my brain contemplates trying a new brand and/or model. I’ve been running happy, comfortable, pain and injury free in the Energy Boosts for years now. No way does a runner mess with that.

Adidas energy boosts

So I heard from my son via FaceTime the other day from his teen tour. Sure, I was thrilled to hear from him in the middle of the day and see his Benjamin Bunny face BUT NOT WHILE HE WAS IN THE WOODS NEAR A RIVER.

He did this on purpose to me, didn’t he? He knew calling me with visuals of the woods would freak me out.

So the kid proceeds to show me the woods and the river he was just in (with a life jacket, I asked) while explaining how it started to rain so they were IN A SHACK waiting for the coach bus to come back to take them up to Canada.

Seriously? More information than I needed and he knew it. In some ways, it’s easier for me to NOT know exactly where he is than know exactly where he is.

His call gave me flashbacks to my own white water rafting adventure during my own teen tour. Pretty sure I sat on a clean rock waiting for everyone else to be finished.

You know I am not the outdoorsy type, right? It’s a wonder I even run outside actually.

Although sometimes I am okay with the outdoors thing. Like walking to Fire Island is fun for me (probably because the end of the walk leads me to a restaurant) even though we encounter deer every single time.

How cute is this deer family we spotted the other day when walking to Surf’s Out for dinner? As long as they don’t come near me I can think they are cute! 🙂

Fire Island Deer

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Does anyone ever stop you while you are running to ask you questions?

Do you need a race as your motivation to run routinely?

Are the outdoors type?

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    • says

      ha totally agree! please don’t try to talk to me when I am running and definitely don’t strike up a conversation if you see I am trying to keep my toddler calm or asleep in a stroller lol. I remember those days!

  1. says

    I definitely don’t need a race, and I am NOT the outdoorsy type. I love fresh air and being outside, but I can’t staaaaand hiking. I can think of nothing more boring that going for a hike. I’ve been white water river rafting a few times and I like it because I like a good thrill but don’t ask me to hike to that river, or fish in it. NOOO THANK YOU. Ha ha ha!
    Suzy recently posted…Pregnant and Running: 33 Week UpdateMy Profile

  2. says

    I’m like you I don’t need a race I would run most days just because I love it. Discovering adidas shoes this year was a highlight for me. I wear both the pure boosts and energy boosts and love them!
    Gianna recently posted…Paris Running ToursMy Profile

  3. AmandaM says

    A few years ago I started running with my now great friend, Mary. She is an amazing runner – endurance-wise and speed-wise. But she does NOT like to race and never does. I could not understand this phenomenon. I was always training for something. Fast forward to 5 years later and I COMPLETELY get it now. I haven’t raced in a couple of years and I am pretty darned happy just running along consistently.

  4. says

    I’m not the outdoorsy type either unless I’m mentally prepared for it and know there is a clean shower and a cozy bed at the end.

    Also my dad runs in Nike Lunar glides (I think) and has for years and years; you don’t mess with a good running shoe.