Found Myself Running A 5K Race & Recent Eats


If last week’s trip to Foxwood’s followed by the extra long holiday weekend didn’t throw me for a loop, switching from a PC to a MacBook Air sure did! Please bear with me as I try to become an Apple computer person. I am SLOWLY getting the hang of things but certain aspects of my blog (mainly the locating/uploading/editing of photos) has been a bit annoying. 

I want to talk food today since it’s already Wednesday (!!!) but first we need to discuss yesterday’s boardwalk run.

Long Beach boardwalk

It was so beautiful out and the humidity was low which made it a perfect morning for running by the beach.

long Beach boardwalk

About a quarter-mile into my run though, I noticed a START LINE up ahead of me.

Even though I run the Memorial Day and Labor Day races in Long Beach, I usually run a different July 4th race so it didn’t even occur to me that maybe I would encounter a race yesterday morning!

I have to tell you, it was so super funny to find myself in the midst of a race but not actually in the race.  While everyone was huffing and puffing, I was giggling. I could speed up and slow down when I felt like it and the time clocks meant nothing to me. It was the funniest experience to have as a runner, I am telling you!

There I was, a usual Long Beach race runner, running in the race on the boardwalk with the other runners yet not running in the race.

Long Beach boardwalk

Once I saw the finish line, I veered to the left. I didn’t feel right running through the finish chute! HA.

I ran a little over 5 miles and then met up with my friend who had been walking the boardwalk. Of course I brought us post-run oatmeal which we ate before getting ourselves changed and ready to meet other friends on the beach.

post run oatmeal

I don’t have a ton of food in the house this week as my son is away doing his teen tour thing. I eat out so much when he isn’t home/I am happy with English muffins with peanut butter when I am home that I don’t really need that much food in the house right now.

Quick stop at Trader Joe’s at some point for a few necessities just in case someone comes looking for food. It’s embarrassing actually how empty my fridge and pantry are right now!

trader joe's

These posts make me realize I am still eating a lot of salads.

We had brunch at The Cheesecake Factory over the weekend on Sunday. Dining outside this time of year is my favorite.


I had this veggie burger over a salad at the pool cafe at my friend’s pool club on Monday.

veggie burger salad

My usual Panera salad one day for lunch.

Panera salad

In all fairness, I do have some ingredients to make a basic salad in the house at the moment. I am still loving that potato medley bag from Trader Joe’s. For this salad, I roasted a few of the baby purple, red and white potatoes and added them to chopped romaine, roasted broccoli and feta cheese.


And wait, here’s one more food photo that I managed to export (see, I am slowly getting the hang of things!).

I feel like I used to eat sushi so much more often than I do right now. Maybe I will get back to my sushi cravings this summer. It’s a nice, light meal which I need during the summer months.


Snacks lately have been chocolate chips or watermelon. A whole lot of watermelon.


I am hoping to get a post up for tomorrow but if I don’t, it’s because I am still over here struggling to adjust to my new computer! Today will be my first day working from this computer and I will admit that I have my old laptop sitting next to me on standby,  just in case I can’t handle the adjustment. 😉

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Have you ever found yourself running in a race by accident? Did you laugh like I did? It was fun, right?

Are you a MacBook user? Did it take you time to adjust?

Best thing you ate over the holiday weekend?

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  1. says

    I was going to run that race then decided to go to Hemstead Lake for some trails and a long run. But that is my team coach (Quicksilver Striders) in the blue tank in your picture! a bunch of the team ran it.
    I am on a macbook for work and it was definitely an adjustment. But now on my laptop at home i find myself trying to use two fingers to scroll! Mac is winning me over.
    Gianna recently posted…Paris Running ToursMy Profile

    • says

      how funny that I got him in the picture! do you think you may run the Labor Day in Long Beach this year? I have run that one twice and may do it if it works in my cycle/schedule. Let me know if you will run it because if I do, we can meet there!

    • says

      I really like the Mac but it’s an adjustment for sure. my biggest issue is locating my files and uploading photos to the blog. I can’t seem to grasp the file organization system although I am probably not doing it correctly! I may need Apple to help me. otherwise I do love it. I will keep you posted as I continue to learn!