Need Downtime Plus Mets Game, Cookie Do & Cakes (week in review)


I haven’t done a week in review post with Meg in a while!

It was a crazy busy, nonstop week. I think most June weeks are like this every year but still, knowing that doesn’t make it any easier.

My son had his last full day of school last Monday followed by a few scattered final exams with a couple of days completely off. His last final exam (French!) is this morning and then he is done with middle school! Who else can’t believe it? Any long time readers who can recall me writing about elementary school graduation?

Somehow I managed to juggle him, his schedule, my work from home schedule and the blog. I even published six posts last week!

How that happened, I don’t even know.

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So I love being out and about but I also need my downtime.

Like, getting home late only to wash my face and fall asleep to then get up early and start another day without downtime in between doesn’t work well for me too many days in a row. But that’s how I feel last week went most of the time!

It’s all such a blur now but I think my son had evening hockey practices plus an evening hockey game last week and somehow, we squeezed in an evening Mets game too.

It was a fairly last-minute decision or shall I say, last-minute question.

Mom, can we go to the Mets game later?

Um, okay?

I am pretty sure I only agree to take him to Mets games because I know I will get a really good snack. This time I chose a cup of cookie dough from Do. Have you had Cookie Do NYC? It’s always so good! I almost gave out cute cups of Cookie Do as favors at the Bar Mitzvah! < – Just remembered that.

cookie do nyc

We got home from the Mets game late and I had to be out the door early in the morning to be in the city for a work thing. Luckily, I was driving in with my friend Dina so I didn’t have to drive.

We had SO MUCH TRAFFIC both ways. It was insane. On the way home, I kept suggesting we abandon the car in the middle lane of the Long Island Expressway with our arms in the air to let everyone know we have simply given up.

Somehow we pulled up to The Plaza just in time for an appointment. We still don’t know how we made that happen.

Gap dress

I take these types of pictures to use for work social media but thought maybe you wanted to see the inside of The Plaza hotel.

The Plaza

And you probably don’t care what The Plaza ballrooms look like but I care a whole lot because I love intricate wall details inside venues and hotels.

The Plaza Ballroom

Anyway, after a quick appointment, we had a nice lunch outside at Sarabeth’s (the location at Central Park South).

I had the quinoa crusted ahi tuna thing which was delicious. It’s rare that I eat fish but when I do, it’s usually ahi tuna.

ahi tuna

We ordered cake as a belated birthday treat! Have I mentioned that I love the people I work with?

chocolate cake

And where did the weekend go? Don’t ask me. It was spent schlepping my son around to hockey, plans with friends as well as shopping for last-minute camp clothing and something new to wear to his moving up graduation ceremony tomorrow night.

There was cake yesterday though! We really like to celebrate when we can with cake so yesterday’s chocolate fudge layer cake was for Father’s Day and graduation.

chocoldate fudge layer cake

Looks familiar, right? We went to The Bakery again for this cake just like we did for my birthday cake only two weeks ago. We arrived at The Bakery in the afternoon and it looked like they were out of cakes but we got lucky because a fresh batch of cakes came out just in time!

chocolate fudge layer cake

It’s going to be another fun yet busy week! I cannot believe my bunny is about to “graduate” from middle school tomorrow night. Am I really old enough to have a child in high school? Don’t answer that question.

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How was your week and weekend? Best thing you ate over the last few days?

Anyone going away this summer? Where are you going?


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  1. says

    We hit SO much traffic driving to and from NY last weekend it really makes me never want to drive there again. A bunch of my moms close friends used to work at the Plaza when they were in their 20s! Rob and I just planned a vacation to Charleston in August. Its our first real trip away just the 2 of us since our honeymoon!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Guess What I Finally Got?!My Profile

  2. says

    You’re killing me with the cake pics! Yes, June has been SO BUSY! I didn’t do a week in review last week and I won’t this week either just because I’ve been too busy to take pictures. I love architecture and I love the inside of that hotel room! STUNNING! Good luck to Benji on his French exam! How come he has to take French? It’s our other language up here so all the kids have to, but I’m curious why he takes it in middle school down there?
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

  3. says

    I can’t believe your son is about to graduate middle school either! It’s amazing how quickly the time goes.

    I’ve had pretty much zero down time the last few days (we were in Buffalo this weekend) so I know exactly how you feel. Drained. I’m home today and I’m already planning on keeping things simple and easy. Time to recharge.

    The Plaza hotel is gorgeous on the inside. I for one am happy to see those pictures. Wow, just wow.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up. You know I love having ya!
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: My Secret Lover Edition (#88)My Profile

  4. says

    I had lemon cake from the place that makes the awesome chocolate cake 😉 Someone ordered a 1/2 sheet and then cancelled so we got it for less than 1/2 the normal price!

    We are leaving in a day and a half for TX and then leaving for a cruise on Saturday. Whew! You should see my house right now!
    Marissa @ Run Riss Run recently posted…Week in ReviewMy Profile