Running & Pure Barre Workout Recap


Just a few things worth mentioning before getting to my running & Pure Barre workout recap:

1 – I am suddenly feeling much stronger when holding planks. I don’t know when or what happened but all of a sudden, I can hold my planks during Pure Barre with more strength than ever before!

Of course I still drop my knees when I feel I have to but I don’t have to as often. It only took me close to three years of routine Pure Barre to get to this point but still, this is big!

2 – Speaking of Pure Barre, the variety I have access too right now as a beta-tester for Pure Barre on demand is amazing.  I get so excited every day to try a different workout. Even if the classes and workouts still follow the classic Pure Barre format, the tweaks to positioning and variations have rejuvenated me beyond belief.

pure barre

3- My main pair of running shoes (Adidas Energy Boosts < – best running shoes ever) are starting to burn out. I feel as though I just bought a new pair but that was already back in March! The time and miles are just flying by.

workout recap

Monday – 6 Miles

It was hot! That is all.

Tuesday – 3 Miles/35 Min Pure Barre

It was so beyond hot at 6:00 am that 3 miles was a struggle! I think it was already over 70 degrees and super humid.

3 miles was more than enough and then I came home for a good Pure Barre workout. I chose one of the 30 minute options that uses a towel as resistance. I love it!

Wednesday – 8 Miles

I was able to run later which left me unaffected by the early morning thunderstorms. It was still hot and humid but not as humid which made for a decent run.


Thursday  – 30 Min Running/30 Min Pure Barre

I was out late and had to be up and out the door early to get into the city. What did that mean for my running routine? Well, I still wanted to get in a run AND Pure Barre without feeling rushed so I did my favorite combo where I split an hour between the two workouts.

I did a 30 minute burn Pure Barre workout – and yes, it burned!

Friday – 5 Miles/Quick Pure Barre

I thought I was in the mood to run 6 miles but then I got outside and was totally dragging. Since I wasn’t in a rush, I just held my 10:00 min/mile pace and stopped when I reached my front door at exactly 5 miles.

Then I did a quick 10 minute Pure Barre workout for thighs and seat.

Saturday – 11 Miles

It was cloudy yet humid so it was a really sweaty run without much effort.

I was moving along fairly slowly as compared to where I have been pace-wise lately but I couldn’t really get anywhere, the air just felt so heavy to me! At mile 8, I decided to turn this long run into a fast finish run so I picked up my pace until mile 10 and then did a mile cool down. Long runs lately are mentally challenging for me because I hit 10 miles and feel like stopping!

long run splits

Sunday – Pure Barre

I am excited to choose one of the 50 minute Pure Barre options this morning before my son’s hockey game and Father’s Day things.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads including my dad! In honor of Father’s Day, I am sharing my dad’s New York City Marathon flashback to his first NYC marathon recap again. Take a read if you missed it, it may be the only marathon ever to be recapped on my blog. 🙂

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Who else is due to get a new pair of running shoes? Which is your main pair these days?

How were your workouts this week? Did the weather affect you in any way?




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    I really like the Adidas Energy Boosts. Right now, I’m basically rotating through 3-4 shoes. Skechers Go Run 5’s for mid runs, Adidas Supernova for distance, New Balance 910 v4 for trails, and Mizuno Wave Sonica for speed.

    It all of the sudden got hot here and even though I’m running at 6am, it’s been in the 80’s the last two days! Blech. So, today I made sure to carry electrolytes with me. It definitely helped.
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