Trader Joe’s Shop & Ways To Use Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning


I’ve finally gotten myself down to only one Trader Joe’s shop a week. However, I am still working on buying enough at one time to last us until my next shop and of course, I always forget something!

The most important thing that I forgot this time was the frozen organic pizza crusts. My son LOVES those Trader Joe’s pizza crusts. I thought we still had a package left in the freezer. Oops.

I also failed to get a watermelon but that was more a conscious choice. Even though I needed watermelon and the price was $2.99, I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to carry it or cut it up. Ah well.

I can’t really say that I buy anything too exciting lately. Right now, I am still going through my I don’t care what I eat phase. We aren’t meal planning, we are eating out a whole lot and I am not thinking ahead to purchase foods I might be interested in cooking.

In some ways it’s a fun way to live and in other ways, it’s not. I never really know right now what I will have for dinner and sometimes that can be a little frustrating. However, I am just going to ride this phase out until something inspiring starts to kick in again.

Trader Joe's shop


  • Organic Baby Carrots
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Strawberries


  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Feta Cheese


  • Frozen Broccoli (for roasting)
  • Organic Riced Cauliflower
  • Frozen Blueberries
  • Forgot the organic pizza crusts!
  • Forgot the veggie burgers!


  • Organic Crunchy Salted Peanut Butter
  • Organic Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
  • Chocolate Cat Cookies
  • Organic Chickpeas
  • Organic Refried Beans
  • Coffee Cups
  • Organic Chocolate Chip Granola Bars
  • Chocolate Chip Brownie & Oat Bars
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Reduced Guilt Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
  • Kettle Cooked Potato Chip Snack Bags
  • Raisins
  • Organic Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce (is this new? I hadn’t bought it before)
  • Carolina Gold Barbecue Sauce

I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with the frozen organic riced cauliflower but I ended up throwing it in a pan with the frozen spiralized carrots (that I still had in my freezer), frozen broccoli and tomato sauce. With the addition of oregano and crushed red pepper, it really turned out to be a good meal for myself.

Once it all cooked, I added mozzarella cheese. It was really a delicious, quick dish that I see myself repeating quite often going forward.

spiralized carrots and riced cauliflower

You should also know that I bought a container of jicama sticks and snacked on them while shopping at Trader Joe’s. I am the queen of opening food while still in the grocery stores and I have no shame in doing so.

Trader Joe's shop

Let’s talk quickly about the Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend. I know I promised to share my favorite ways to use it so here we go.

everything but the bagel seasoning

After having the Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend in the house now for a while, here’s how I use it most often:

Sprinkled into mashed avocado as a veggie dip.

As seasoning for vegetables and/or potatoes that I am roasting in the oven.

Sprinkled on salads for added flavor.

Mashed into potatoes.

Mixed into chopped meat as seasoning for hamburgers (my son liked the burgers, I didn’t taste them).

Added to any type of veggie mix that I may be cooking on the stove.

** I don’t eat chicken and I don’t cook it often for my son but I am convinced it would be delicious on grilled chicken if I were to make it.

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Do you use the Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning blend? What do you think of it? How do you like to use it?

Are you a weekend or weekday food shopper?

Have you bought the frozen riced cauliflower? How do you like to use it?

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  1. says

    This post made me feel so much better about this season in my life. I walk through the supermarkets and everything is in such big packages. I don’t always want to buy 8 servings of something. My husband and I eat completely different. I eat plant based and he eats like your son. I find it so hard to plan ahead bec I never know what I will feel like meal-to-meal, day-to-day or even where I will be. I guess that’s why frozen veggies work so great for you because they aren’t perishable and you have them when you want them. I love black rice and roasted veggies. I need to step up my game, but this weather leaves me unmotivated in that department. Stay cool. Today is going to be very humid.

  2. lauramich says

    We live 2 hours away from Trader Joe’s, so when we make it to one, we tend to spend a ridiculous sum. Those brownie oat bars in your cart are one of my 4 y/o son’s favorite things in the world, so I think we bought at least 10 boxes last time!

    I also picked up some of that everything bagel seasoning, and yes, it ROCKS when paired with avocado (I had it on avocado toast). Also good on mac and cheese. Must try on mashed potatoes. Like the idea of a veggie dip, too—blended with plain yogurt and cream cheese?

    We do the bulk of the shopping on weekends, but there’s usually at least one stop during the week to replenish the bananas. Apparently, we are a family of monkeys.

  3. says

    Wow, I’m thinking that this Everything but the Bagel Seasoning is probably the most popular seasoning I’ve ever seen. I wish we had TJ’s close to us, but if I go someday again, I would definitely try to buy a bottle.

    Also, I know what you mean by just not feeling inspired to cook; it’s okay. Simple is good too.
    Emily recently posted…Don’t Compare Your Stress Point to Mine (ED Recovery)My Profile

  4. says

    I am definitely a weekday shopper. I avoid the grocery store like the plague on the weekends 😉 I also hate shopping without a list and I am definitely a meal planner. We’re staying with friends for a couple of weeks this summer and I’m sure I’ll be the one to meal plan and shop

    I don’t like everything bagels so I’ve been hesitant to buy the seasoning, although it looks yummy.

    I’ve made Spanish rice and fried rice using the cauliflower and they are both delish.
    Marissa @ Run Riss Run recently posted…Tuesday TangentsMy Profile

  5. says

    I’m a weekday shopper, but inevitably we end up at the grocery store at least once on the weekends for something. I keep seeing so much about this Everything but the Bagel Blend that I may need to try it the next time I’m near a Trader Joe’s!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Mile Markers: BalanceMy Profile

  6. says

    Thanks for answering my Instagram question, Meredith! I’ve actually used it also so far in eggs and salads, and I’ve been loving it!

    • says

      any time! Eggs are a great idea for this seasoning! I haven’t been eating eggs lately so I didn’t even think of that. I will try it for my son – I think he would love it.