Busy June Weekend Recap



June weekends are always busy weekends.

It started Friday night with pizza from Stella’s. My son had an all day carnival type thing outside at school as a party celebration for the 8th graders. He was full of sun and clearly tired when I picked him up from school. After forcing him immediately into the shower, we decided to go out for pizza. My son requested a pizza place a little bit far from the house though so that he could rest during a longer car ride.

I picked Stella’s which is a pizza place I used to go to all of the time as a kid. Their vegetable pizza these days is still really good but a little bit different from what I remembered. I think their vegetable pizza used to involve sauce.

However, I could recognize the taste of Stella’s crust immediately. My taste buds never forget!

vegetable pizza

After my long run Saturday morning, I had to take my son and his friend out for breakfast. At first they told me I could come but then they changed their minds. Whatever, I will just go to the mall while you guys have breakfast is what I told them. I already ate breakfast and I don’t want to sit with you two anyway!

It was when I was picking them up that I spotted the oddest situation occurring outside of IHOP. You may have caught this on my Instagram.

So many things went through my mind.

Why are you upside down with your head inside of a crate on the corner of Route 110? What’s with the trumpet? How are you going to reach the bongos that are next to you?

Do you think this is normal behavior? Are you auditioning to do this in Times Square? Is this a yoga stunt? Do you practice this craziness at home? Are you married? Does your wife find you endearing? Did you tell her what your plan for the morning was when you left the house?

I just don’t even understand. I don’t think the police officer understood either.

weird guy

Somehow I managed to squeeze in a Red Mango parfait before my son’s afternoon hockey game. Do you see my glittered version of Birkenstock-type sandals in the picture? I am obsessed with them! Glitter makes me happy.

red mango parfait

I never seem to factor having Red Mango for lunch into my frozen yogurt consumption for the day because I then had this cup from Marshall’s at night. Marshall’s is one of those old-fashioned walk-in but there’s nowhere to sit type of ice cream parlors.

At the last-minute, I switched my chocolate sprinkles order to chocolate chips. Smart choice. Of course there is hot fudge in there too.

Marshall's ice cream

We went to Marshall’s last summer too. Here’s a link to that weekend recap post which is all about food.

Sunday was another nonstop day. After posting my workout recap and trying out another new to me Pure Barre workout, I had to take my son to meet his friends at a baseball card show before his hockey game. At least he has hobbies outside of his phone, right?

Luckily the baseball card show was near a mall so I spent my time shopping until it was time to get him. I bought a few more of those awesome vintage cotton t-shirts from J Crew that I told you about recently. Seriously, they are the best every day t-shirts ever which is why I keep stocking up! When I say stock up, I mean I have one in every color plus three in white. That’s how you know it’s a good one. If you like more of a scoop neck, there’s this one too.

Somewhere between the mall, the baseball card show and a late afternoon hockey game, I went to Stew Leonard’s for a few things which included this giant cranberry walnut salad bowl. I don’t know, it sounded like a good idea to have in the house for a few days even though I sometimes have allergies to walnuts. Not the kind of allergies where I can’t breathe, more like they on occasion will irritate my mouth and throat. It’s part of oral allergy syndrome.

cranberry walnut salad

The next two weeks are going to be hectic! My son’s last full day of school is today. Then he has scattered finals, a few days off this week and graduation next week. Camp doesn’t begin for another few weeks.

He’s all thrilled and I am all like, but how do I work from home with all of these variables?

The extreme bright side to all of this is that my running routine gets to relax. I will now be flexible to run a little bit later/longer should I want to as the timing of the school mornings as I have known them for the last three years will no longer be. Even in September, the timing will be so much better for me which will be a really big deal when the dark, cold mornings return.

Not that I am thinking about that now! I am way too excited that the summer weather has finally arrived here in New York. 🙂

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How was your weekend? Eat or do anything exciting?

Do you have any slight allergies to certain foods? Do you ever eat them anyway?




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  1. says

    My throat gets itchy from certain kinds of lettuce. When I was growing up my parents didnt believe me, they thought i was just trying to get out of eating salad! Well we spent 10+ hours in the car this weekend (traffic was terrible!) but at least we got to eat NY pizza. I think that alone made the quick trip worth it.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…The Weekly Wrap and New Strength ProgramMy Profile

  2. says

    I love your fro yo consumption, because fro yo is my FAVORITE. I might be slightly allergic to it, because I always get a slight stomach ache whenever I eat it, but I usually eat it anyways. 🙂 And that salad with all the Craisins? I love Craisins so much.

    This weekend was so fast! We went to my cousin’s graduation in Las Vegas and then came back. It was such a blessing to see him and how he’s grown in the Lord into such a humble, gracious young man. I can’t wait to see how the Lord will use him.

    And I bet it’s going to be an amazing day for you when you see your son graduate!
    Emily recently posted…Don’t Compare Your Stress Point to Mine (ED Recovery)My Profile

  3. says

    Your weekend looks like it was so much fun!!! I love that you dropped your son and his friend off for a breakfast together. Awe. You’re such a great mom! They’re at that age now where they want to hang out and eat with their friends without us eh? I’d way rather drop my kids off at IHOP than Starbucks because at least I know they’re actually getting food for their money at IHOP. I saw that pic on Instagram and yes it is TOTALLY WEIRD.
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile