Let’s Talk Birthday Cake (plus birthday weekend recap)

Happy June 5 to me!

It’s still a little bit shocking to me that today is my 39th birthday and that I am at the end of my thirties. I am still sitting here wondering where my twenties went, let alone my thirties!

Considering I started out my thirties with a divorce process and a visit to my attorney’s office (really, who does that on their 30th birthday?), I would say that things only got better as this decade of my life went on.

My thirties have actually been really fun if you want to know the truth. Probably more fun than my twenties (not that I remember my twenties) which maybe means my 40’s will be even better than my thirties!

I am totally not up for discussing that 40 is next however, I do have big party plans in place for that birthday. I will be celebrating down in Florida for sure. That party plan has been set between Heather and I for years now!

If you are looking for a big birthday weekend recap, you have come to the wrong place.

I feel like this weekend was more of a mom life weekend with some good food and cakes thrown in to the mix. My son had two hockey games this weekend plus plans with friends which meant a whole lot of driving back, forth and all over according to his schedule.

I did escape on Saturday for a bit though and enjoyed my first slice of birthday cake.

chocolate cake

And then last night, we celebrated my birthday with my parents.

We went out for dinner to Piccolo which was an old favorite restaurant of mine from growing up. I hadn’t been there in a while and now I can’t wait to go back! Dinner was so good.

They still give the same appetizer salad (along with a delicious bread basket which includes cut up Sicilian pizza!).

Piccolo salad

I went in to dinner knowing I wanted mozzarella sticks. Random craving completely satisfied.

Piccolo mozzarella sticks

It’s rare that I choose pasta but the grilled vegetables served over whole wheat pasta sounded perfect. In a light garlic and oil, it was delicious. Usually I go for tomato-based sauces but I really liked this for a change.

grilled vegetables with whole wheat pasta

Let’s talk birthday cake.

Of course I picked out my own birthday cake. No one can really be trusted with this task as most will get it wrong and my birthday cake can’t be wrong.

We went to The Bakery (in Plainview) for the chocolate layer cake. Vanilla cake and chocolate fudge frosting is a perfect combination especially when the chocolate fudge frosting is thick without being too sweet.

As we waited for the bakery lady to write on the cake, I picked a few bakery cookies to eat in the mean time.

bakery cookies

I thought it was so smart of me to take a picture of my birthday cake for the blog before my son could get to it and maybe mess it up somehow. Well, he beat me to it when I wasn’t looking. Do I know my boy or what?

Can you see he removed the letter P and took off a piece from the corner of the chocolate? He thinks he is very funny.

birthday cake

I was actually surprised that my son let me have the chocolate piece from the top of the cake. Gosh I love chocolate fudge layer cake, especially from The Bakery. If you are a local reader, I hope you go to one of The Bakery’s locations (there’s one in Albertson, Plainview and Commack).

chocolate layer cake

Monday birthdays can be weird birthdays. I mean, sure, you can celebrate all weekend but then Monday comes and it’s your actual birthday and routine of life takes over which can be sort of whatever.

Today’s birthday will not be just another Monday for me though!

I will be heading into the city this afternoon for some shopping (Bloomingdales and Saks is my plan) and then out for a birthday dinner (with more birthday cake).

After some careful thought, I decided that 38 was my favorite year from my thirties. Here’s to hoping 39 tops 38!

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Would you have liked my birthday cake or would you have picked something different?

When is your birthday and what day of the week is it this year?

Who else is in their thirties? Can you remember your twenties or are they are blur?!







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  1. says

    Happy belated Birthday! I am a vanilla cake girl and really love me some ice cream!
    I will be celebrating my 30th birthday this year. I am kind of looking forward to my 30s =)

  2. says

    Happy Birthday!!! May this year be filled with health, love, happiness, peace and serenity and many, many more fabulous years ahead. I love The Bakery. My husband’s family has celebrated with that same cake many, many times. His sister that lives near by Loves that chocolate vanilla cake combo and a box of their bakery cookies are always on the table bec we all love them. When everyone was younger Friday night dinner wasn’t complete without something from The Bakery. Also, I forgot about piccolo haven’t been their in years!!! Salad does still look the exact same. I love when things don’t change and bring back such happy memories.

  3. says

    I would most definitely get on board with trying your birthday cake. I love the combo of white and chocolate. Also, I love that you went to a special bakery to get it; I bet that made it incredible. 🙂 My birthday is on July 3rd; I think that’s Tuesday?
    Emily recently posted…Finding Whose I am: Loved Because He LovesMy Profile

  4. says

    You know what’s so funny? My thirties were WAY BETTER than any other decade yet they were MY most stressful too! I am excited about turning 40. I have it all planned out as well. 🙂 THAT CAKE IS KILLING ME. I need cake, stat. Man, I wish I lived near you. We’d get into so many shenanigans today. I LOVE YOU MEREDITH! I hope you have the best birthday ever. XOXO
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

  5. Vivienne says

    Happy Birthday! Mine is this Saturday, June 10 and I am planning to have carrot cake, it’s my absolute favorite! Although yours looks pretty scrumptious 😉