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Oh, hi June 1. So nice to see you.

June 1 has always been a big deal to me because it means my birthday is only four days away.

That’s right. My 39th birthday is on Monday!

I am not so sure that one is still supposed to be all exclamation point about their birthday at this age but I can’t help it. The little girl in me still sees sprinkles and Hello Kitty party plates this time of year.

Do I look 39? What does 39 even look like anymore?

39 sounds like a real adult which certainly I am not. You know how I know I am not a real adult?

I hate paperwork.

Any kind of paperwork makes me freak out. Like for health insurance, camp health forms and anything requiring me to be the lead adult in charge of filling things out? It makes me nuts.


All week I have been dealing with paperwork. It wasn’t enough to have tax season paperwork behind me. Ohhh no.

Now it’s all about the multiple summer camp forms which involve a process of completing multiple online forms with electronic responses. Then there’s the separate downloadable forms which I can never find in my computer once downloaded in order to print out.

Not to mention, my printer is so hormonal that it can’t be relied upon to print so even when I actually locate the forms in my computer, I rarely get anywhere.

Once printed, the forms need to be filled out and signed by the doctor which requires us to actually go to the doctor for the camp check up. I then leave the camp forms with the pediatrician to fill out and pray that I have a stamp for him to use to mail me the completed form.

I never have stamps. Only real adults have stamps at all times.

And let’s not forget the additional form I needed notarized plus the phone calls I’ve had to make to the health insurance regarding immunizations and what not.

The WORST part of my paperwork moments as of late has been the passport application for my son. He needs a passport for this summer’s camp program and the form requires permission from both his mother (that’s me) and his father (that’s my ex-husband).

Do you know what it’s like coordinating paperwork and signatures between two divorced people and actually getting it done in a timely fashion?

Do you know how most of the paperwork in my life requires me to dig out my divorce agreement because I ALWAYS need to reference one of the sections? Can’t the government and people in charge of paperwork processes leave me alone already with referencing my divorce? Can’t they flag the fact that I’m divorced universally in all systems for future reference so we don’t need to rehash it every time something requires my signature?

This is 39 I guess.

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Are you good about paperwork or does it make you nuts too?

Any other June birthdays coming up? What kind of cake will you be having?



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    I never felt my age and sooooo thankful I never looked it. I will never fully grow up bec my personality, style and things I like to do are young. Young people always gravitate to me. I am happy in every stage I travel through bec the alternative is not a pretty one. Happy Birthday to one of the nicest, most sincere, genuine entertaining and witty blog friends I have. You look awesome and I have NO doubt you will continue for years to come. Enjoy the excitement of your upcoming day and then celebrate it to the max!!!

  2. says

    Yay! You’re joining the 39 ranks. 1978 FTW. I forgot I was 39 and I told someone that I was 38 the other day. I remember when I was little how my mom used to forget her age and I could never figure out why, I could not imagine someone not knowing their age, and now I get it.

    Adulting sucks. I hope it goes as smoothly as possible for you! I’m excited about your birthday! I’d way rather have a birthday in June than January. It just seems like so much more fun!
    Suzy recently posted…Pregnant and Running: 26 Week UpdateMy Profile

  3. says

    Happy *almost* birthday!! I don’t mind being 35, but holy cow, I don’t feel 35, like ever.

    I’m pretty good at paperwork, but it still overwhelms the crud out of me 🙁

    I do not have a June birthday; however, I am making a cherry chocolate dump cake for my students tomorrow!
    Marissa recently posted…Growing PainsMy Profile

  4. says

    Oh geez, thank you for this. Not that I wouldn’t grant you the reassuring feeling of having it all figured out adult-style. But it’s so dang relieving to hear you as someone years ahead of me still struggle with the same things. Paperwork … ugh. Same goes for calling insurances because you want them to pay certain procedures but don’t know how to word it in a clever and convincing way. Not that I was procrastinating on this or anything …
    Fingers crossed for sprinkles and Hello Kitty plates in three days ;).
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Bring a coin to the store and: The 411 on German restaurantsMy Profile