My Kind Of Balance: Salads & Desserts


I had to laugh when I sat down to put together this recent eats post. The only photos in my phone were either of salads or deserts.

My kind of balance!

I haven’t been doing the best job at remembering to take pictures of my food if you want to know the truth. Breakfast is almost always missed by the camera and meals out over the last several months are mostly left undocumented (like sushi at Kashi the other day). I think my lack of desire to remember to take pictures of food stems from one part just living without thinking about pictures and one part from last week’s post about not really caring much about what I eat anymore.

But I do have a few salads to share with you today followed by a couple of great desserts so let’s discuss.


My salads from Chopt never look like much other than lettuce, right? Chopped in the bowl though is quinoa, avocado, spicy peppers, beets and charred onions.

chopt salad

I had this salad from Panera one afternoon for lunch while working. My new standard Panera salad order is the mixed greens salad with the addition of avocado and cilantro hummus.

panera salad

I made this salad for lunch when I was really hungry but didn’t know exactly what I felt like eating. It’s a chopped up Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger with roasted sweet potatoes and feta cheese. I don’t know, it worked.



Let’s talk about my dessert from Cold Stone the other night. Usually I get their chocolate fudge brownie frozen yogurt but they were out of it. I didn’t even bother to ask if they were temporarily out of it or forever out of it. Instead, I let it slide and went with the French vanilla yogurt mixed with my standard chocolate chips, cookie dough and fudge. It was good, no complaints.

cold stone

You may have seen this heavenly chocolate chip cookie sandwich on Instagram already. We were at the Mets game on Monday where I finally selected this gem of a dessert from a wide variety of baked goods. I definitely made the right choice! Chocolate chip cookies with chocolate frosting in the center? Yes. Just yes.

chocolate chip cookie sandwich

It’s worth noting that I had a pink lady apple with peanut butter yesterday afternoon as a snack. By now you know that I completely lost my desire for apples, even when diced up with peanut butter which I never thought would happen to me! I gave it try again yesterday because I feel like apples are not a fruit I should give up.

Did I enjoy it this time? Honestly, not really! I ate it but wouldn’t go out of my way to eat it again anytime soon. How crazy?! I went a good five years eating an apple with peanut butter every day and now, it has become so whatever to me. Crazy, I know. Hopefully my taste for the great combo returns soon.

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What snack have you given up eating recently even though you used to love it?

Which type of frosting do you prefer: chocolate or vanilla?



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    I applaud you for drastic change and I applaud myself for mine!!! Firstly, when I gave food to much thought it was utterly exhausting and took the spontaneous joy out of my daily serenity by always needing to be prepared and planned out. Now I just go with the flow and where the day and life finds me is where how it all goes as well as meals and food choices. If I am home great and if not it’s even greater–more often then not I am not home. Friday night I was at a romantic little French restaurant and I had a filet mignion–haven’t had one in years. My body has been so iron poor and I had it with roasted potatoes and asparagus and it was great!! It’s the only meat that doesn’t turn my stomach because has no fat smell. A dear friend of mine– an older man– who is a cancer specialist known throughout the world is retiring because he said a person needs to know when it is time to just enjoy life because it won’t last forever. He meant it positive not in a negative way. He has cured and or orchestrated healing cancer patients all for for forty years and lectured all over the world and invented certain drugs and he said bottom line diet is personal to each person. Healthy is only what makes a person feel good and his diet is shockingly not what people would consider healthy at all–he is tall and trim and athletic and he will eat for example, a can of low sodium soup for lunch and wheaties and berries for breakfast. Not what most would consider choices when eating. He is in great health and great shape. He has to work hard he says to get people off heavy of oxalate greens and heavy bloating diets when on chemo something he said wasn’t a problem years ago. That the overdoing of oxalates and phytic acid has become the norm. It’s so fascinating to me how different times are from when I was growing up and how different each generation chooses to live so differently and not always for the better.

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    I just love your balance; I’m that kind of a gal too. Salads and desserts are a great balance for me. I totally thought of you ordering the epic salad at the Cheesecake Factory when we went to the Cheesecake Factory last week.

    A snack I used to eat a lot was apples and PB too O_O; and I haven’t had it in a while.
    Emily recently posted…Weight Gain = Life Gained in Recovery (Podcast)My Profile

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    I feel like I’ve given up so much lately just because I try not to eat junk until I’ve had enough water, veggies, fruit and protein for the day. Once I get all that in, there’s literally not a whole lot of room left for chicken wings, nachos, filet o’ fishes 🙁 and chocolate bars. I still eat them, of course, just not as much of it. Like I don’t eat chicken wings and nachos as my main meal of the day anymore. WHO AM I?!! Ha ha. I’m always healthy when I’m pregnant and then it goes down the drain once the baby is born!
    Suzy recently posted…Pregnant and Running: 26 Week UpdateMy Profile

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    Lol I relate – when I look at my phone, it’s salads and beer! Now that it’s warm outside, I’ve been craving salads even more often. I gave up on apples last week – they just don’t taste as good when they are so far removed from the harvest. I figure I’ll start eating them again in the fall!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Running with DysmenorrheaMy Profile

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    I love salads when it’s warm outside! I agree that yours looks the best 🙂 I really really love oreos, but there is nothing redemptive in them and the longer I go without white sugar, the less I crave it. I pretty much eat the same thing every single day. I definitely couldn’t go without chicken and roasted veggies! I definitely prefer chocolate frosting! A local tex mex place makes these scratch chocolate chip cookies with this thick chocolate frosting. I’ve never had anything that matches their frosting! We actually served their chocolate cake at our wedding 😉
    Marissa recently posted…Week In RunningMy Profile