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Today I feel like thinking out loud via quotes. I love a good quote, don’t you?

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My mother still likes to tell the story of the time (from when I was 22) that my soon to be husband wanted a bite of my peanut butter rice cake and I said no. She still can’t believe that I wouldn’t share my food with him.

I’m not the best at sharing my food but maybe that inability to give up a piece of my peanut butter rice cake back then was a sign.

Does real love mean giving up the last bite? What about the first bite? Maybe the first bite is an even bigger deal than the last bite?

Or really, giving up any bite. Any bite is a big deal and a sign of something. I think.



This is possibly my all time favorite quote. Suzy introduced it to me and it helped me to share my story from the Bar Mitzvah.



Well this is just so super true. Not everyone gets it. In fact, very few will. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you surround yourself with the right people.



Woah. I forgot about this quote. I first shared it in this thinking out loud post back in July 2015. It’s a bit interesting that I shared this quote in that post when I look at it as it really didn’t seem to fit although it makes sense to me now.

The quote hit a nerve with me back then, a nerve I didn’t want to admit to but maybe adding it to that post was my way of silently dealing with something.

This quote made me think. Not only about what it meant in relation to my divorce but as part of my PTSD (as I like to refer to it) from a relationship that ended rather abruptly due to circumstances I didn’t know about. At the time (in 2015), I had forced myself to move on when the reality was, I was not ready to move on as fast as I did which I think is why I sort of felt at times like I was dealing with some sort of relationship PTSD.

Sometimes you can move on really quick but sometimes, you just can’t. And, I think I knew that, even though I was trying so hard to pretend for a while that I was fine.





Please tell me you have at least one friend you can tell everything? Gosh, we need to tell someone, right?

We all need that one friend  (or two or three), who you can tell everything to even if it’s over the top, unbelievable or shall I say, complicated or controversial. I am lucky to have an incredible group of friends who support each other without passing too much judgement and go along with each other’s craziness as if it’s totally normal.


This was fun! I could go on and on with my favorite quotes so I think I will put another post together like this soon. 🙂

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How do you feel about sharing your food? Which bite means the most to give up – the first bite or the last bite?

Ever suffer from what I call relationship PTSD, where you push yourself to be fine and move on but you really aren’t ready and start to feel the effects?

Do you have that one friend (or group of friends) who support your craziness no matter what?


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    I can tell my friend Lora ANYTHING. I completely lucked out with her. We run together (our paces match) and we go through everything together. We’re perfect for each other.

    The bite thing… Maybe I might come across as a bitch, but I don’t think we owe anyone anything. It’s super important to have boundaries, and if giving a certain person a certain bite of a certain thing isn’t compromising healthy boundaries that we set for ourselves, then great! If they do, and we give them a bite anyway, we’re setting ourselves up for a lot of unhealthy relationship habits.
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    • says

      and I’m thinking how overly lucky you are that she runs at your pace – that’s probably not easy to find! lol. And we definitely don’t need to share our food or anything if we don’t want to!