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Sometimes I really need an escape to Florida to see Heather (and Danielle too) and this week was one of those weeks. I wish life was so simple, like it was when I was in college, back when I could crave a trip and book my flight for the next day!

Things just don’t work that way anymore now that I’m a responsible adult and parent.

The young adult still inside me though who did whatever she wanted whenever she wanted to do it really wanted to break free and run away to Florida to shop, eat cookies by the package, people watch and laugh for a few days.

Maybe I will plan a quick trip soon.

Or maybe I will just send out an SOS. Would you believe I just randomly spotted this SOS button in my car the other day?

I think I am afraid to touch it. Who will it call? 911? Does an alarm go off? Blinking lights? Loud sirens?

I am scared of this SOS button and pray my son doesn’t find it and decide to push it.


Oh hey! Look what popped up on my Facebook the other day!

This picture, taken almost half a decade ago, was from the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet. Those events were so fun (I went twice) and really wish they would bring them back.

Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet

I scored those pretty yellow Kinvaras at that event and still wear them often (not to run, I can’t run in the Kinvaras). When I look at this picture, I think I look pretty much the same although my hair appears longer back then. Oh and I still wear that lululemon outfit like every week! The pants are still my favorite which is a shame since they stopped making the Run Inspires. And that top is just the best!

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Do you have a friend in another state you like to visit when you need an escape?

Can you still wear your workout apparel from four years ago or did it get worn out?

Favorite running crops from lululemon (or another brand)?

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    I have some workout clothes that have lasted years. I have alot of shorts from 4-5 years ago and random race shirts that I sometimes wear. Sometimes I just want to pick up and go to Florida, especially since we have my in-laws house that we could go to whenever. But the guilt of taking off work always gets the best of me. And I know traveling tires me out so I try to appreciate the low key weeks at home.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…It Doesn’t Feel Like May: Recent Random ThoughtsMy Profile

  2. says

    I am an adventurous person and pick up and run at the drop of a hat. Always did when I was in college and graduate school. Actually my children’s whole growing up we travelled several times per year. We traveled with my daughter to Greece and turkey and then several months later Eastern Europe during her high school years. Now she travels several times per year with her boyfriend-her gifts from us for bdays and holidays are trips. We r leaving for a three week trip very soon. However, my children are grown–still need me as a friend on the daily thank G-d but not for maintenance to drive them, pick them up, cook(I did that!!!) not well as they like to tell me, etc. enjoy this season of life bec your son will go to college(you get a taste when he goes to camp) and the freedom is awesome and quietly deafening all at the same time!!! You come off as a very authentic, chill, free spirit which is why your posts are so enjoyable to read. Btw, you look as good now as you do in the pic above. U don’t look any diff. In the recent pics u have posted. Have a great day

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    You’re so cute! I have a pair of Lulu running tights from 2009!!! Incredible, eh? I love their high rise pants and crops right now with being pregnant and I know I’ll appreciate them after I give birth to help hold everything together. I hope you get a mini-break soon!
    Suzy recently posted…Food for ThoughtMy Profile

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    Hmmm…. I haven’t visited a friend in another state in a while, but that friend would probably be our friends in Tennessee. I know what you mean by needing a vacation. I hope you get some good down time soon. 🙂 And I have never seen an SOS button on a car; how new is your car?
    Emily recently posted…What I Really Do (Besides Blogging)My Profile

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    My bestie lives in Waco, TX so I try and make at least one trip a year. Sometimes it’s just a quick weekend, but something is better than nothing!

    I have a few running shirts/capris from 4-5 years ago.

    I’ve really been digging Oiselle’s stuff (and what they stand for). Their pocket joggers are great!

    Ugh, now I want to hop on a plane!!