Is It Friday Yet? (WIAW)


Is it Friday yet? Am I becoming that person who asks things like is it Friday yet even when I know it’s only Wednesday and now reminded everyone else that it’s only Wednesday? Didn’t I used to be the glass half full person who would realize that it’s ALREADY Wednesday rather than say it’s ONLY Wednesday?!

Please ignore me. I am not in a right mind this week even when I consume large amounts of coffee.



So I am still not really eating apples. I say not really eating because I don’t want to eat an apple at any point in my day. However, I did buy a few apples recently in my attempt to maybe eat them which means someone has to eat what I bought before they go bad.

I decided to use an apple in my post-run oatmeal the other morning to trick myself into liking apples again. It sort of worked, this oatmeal (recipe here) was delicious.

Autumn Oatmeal made with roasted cinnamon apples and raisins


I really like roasting sweet potatoes in the Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning blend. I didn’t forget that I am going to round-up my favorite ways to use the seasoning – still working on that!

This was a quick salad with roasted sweet potatoes, chick peas, avocado and romaine lettuce. Normally I add a few other salad ingredients but I just didn’t have the desire for that.



Sometimes my dinners are a lot like my lunches in that they may involve the same ingredients.

Here we have a baked sweet potato topped with roasted frozen broccoli, chick peas and avocado. This is what I call a very basic plant-based dinner for people who don’t feel like cooking or thinking much about what they want to eat.

plant based dinner

With some Island Soyaki (from Trader Joe’s) on top, it was perfect. After eating dinner out four nights in a row, I needed a nice, simple dinner like this one.


Insert chocolate chips here. And grapes. Oh! And a few Hershey’s Miniatures. 🙂

Linking up with Laura at Sprint 2 The Table For WIAW!

What’s your favorite basic and quick dinner to make when you don’t feel like cooking?

Which fruits do you like in your oatmeal?

Who else is ready for Friday?



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    I feel like this week is going sort of fast but I still wish it was Friday already. Since I plan out our meals, there are certain things I will plan to make if I know I will have less time for cooking (or could prep over the weekend). Sometimes we make homemade pizza with store bought crust if we know we won’t feel like cooking a meal.
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  2. says

    OMG I HAVE TO try using the bagel seasoning on my sweet potatoes. HOT DAMN those taters look delicious! I am so obsessed with them!