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This week involves more New York State testing which means my son goes into school late since we opt out of taking the exams. Again, why couldn’t tests be optional when I was a kid?

The later mornings mean extra sleep, more time to devote to running and Pure Barre AND out for breakfast. My son talked me into stopping for a bagel both Tuesday and Wednesday before school. Of course I had already eaten my two breakfasts but here’s what my boy enjoyed.


Remember when I said my keyboard stopped typing the letter H? Well, now it has moved on to giving up the letter S at various times. I’ve decided there’s probably peanut butter all underneath the keys on my keyboard. What else could it be?

So I was interviewed for an upcoming article on the topic of runners and amenorrhea for Outside Magazine. It hasn’t been published yet but once it is live, of course I will share the link!

There’s been lots of chatter on the topic of runners and amenorrhea lately and maybe you have been wondering why I have been pretty silent about it.

The main reason is, Tina, who has been publicly sharing her story, is my friend.

I don’t talk about my friends.

I am not comfortable discussing her health or her life publicly here on the blog, even if amenorrhea is a topic of high interest to my readers.

The only thing I will do aside from support her personally is chime in on blog posts that I come across that in any way put her down in order to defend her.

I take my friendships seriously and blog friends are no exception.

I came across an awful post last week (I can’t even bring myself to share the link) and not only was it downright mean, it was filled with so much false information about runners and amenorrhea that I am pretty sure it could be classified as fake news. It took all of my restraint to leave a comment that showed my distaste without totally losing my cool.

Anyway, I have written several posts on the topic in the past which you can find in my section dedicated to amenorrhea. This post in particular, Amenorrhea Chat, has been pretty popular lately so if you missed that one, please feel free to read it. And always, feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions on the subject. 🙂

On This Day:

The Long Island Half Marathon is always the first Sunday in May. It’s no surprise that all posts from the last four years on this day revolve around running the half.

As you already know, I won’t be running this Sunday but hopefully it will work for me next year!

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5/4/13: Half Marathon Expo

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Is there a race that you tend to run every year? Which is it?

How often do you clean your keyboard? Do your letters get stuck like mine?

What’s for breakfast today?

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      it keep bouncing between rain and no rain but the temp should be perfect! it feels like yesterday that you were here this weekend last year doesn’t it? and that post from last week, omg, I wish I never saw it.

  1. says

    That blog post wS utterly disgusting and classless. In this modern age of busy schedules and technology friends come in many forms. However, the basis of friendship is always the same–loyalty, sincerity, genuiness, caring , support, and NEVER talking about them–bottom line that’s it!!! No if, ands or buts!! Wow, time goes by fast feels like it just was the half and it’s a whole year later.

  2. says

    I wanna know which post! So cool about you being interviewed for Outside magazine! EXCITING!!!!!!!!! I’m not sure what breakfast is going to be this morning. I made peanut butter banana chocolate chip muffins yesterday so probably one of those. I’m sucking back my coffee right now.
    Suzy recently posted…Pregnant and Running: 22 Week UpdateMy Profile

  3. says

    I have only ran a few races more than once. Two of them are fairly local and I just ran one along the coast that a friend talked me into and then they didn’t sign up!

    Breakfast was oatmeal with vanilla vega and coffee with collagen peptides. I usually like to mix in vanilla greek yogurt for protein, but I’ve been out and the vanilla vega works well 🙂
    Marissa @ Run Riss Run recently posted…Race UpdateMy Profile

  4. says

    Your son has good taste in bagels. He must get it from his momma. Did I tell you we’re back on oatmeal again?

    Sorry to hear about your friend being disrespected. Sitting behind a computer makes it so much easier to be a bully these days. Sigh….