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thinking out loud

I’ve got an oldie but GOODIE added to my running playlist this week!

It’s fascinating to me that I didn’t already have this classic song on my playlist already. I mean, Blu Cantrell’s Hit ‘Em Up Style was basically my theme song for a while there during my divorce. I really should have had my lawyer play this song every time I entered the Supreme Court for my divorce appearances to lighten things up a bit.

These days I giggle my way through this song but there was a time when the words were reality and reality was not very funny.

It’s nice to know I can laugh now and oh boy do I laugh every time I hear it while running. Do you realize how hysterical this song is?

Hit "Em Up Style

On the topic of running playlists, I still use Pandora a whole lot while I run. Lately, and this week especially, the app has not been working very well. Anyone else having this issue?

So you may have seen on Instagram that I am still busy doing bad things to the Dunkin Donuts Rangers coffee cups. Of course I see myself as a little bit pathetic here but I honestly can’t help it.

dunkin donuts coffee cup

My passion and loyalty for my Islanders runs super deep. Even when they miss the playoffs, even when they continue to let me down year after year, they are my team which means the Rangers are the enemy at all times. Just seeing a Rangers symbol makes my blood boil.

I now keep a black Sharpee marker in my car so that I can quickly poke fun all over the Dunking Donuts coffee cups as soon as I receive it. And then, I share a picture of it on Instagram to make myself feel better and make any Rangers fan who may encounter my post, feel annoyed.

What can I say, hockey rivalries bring out the best in me. I am a loyal fan and this is what loyal fans do, okay?

On This Day:

4/27/16: Long Island Half Marathon Over The Years –  The signs for road closures and commercials on TV have already started for the half next week! I feel a little weird not running it this year but it’s nice to look back at the races from the last few years to see where I was in life at the time.

4/27/15: Meatless Monday Stir Fry Bowls – Yum, I still make this recipe often.

4/27/13: Comfort Is Key – This post feels so old to me! I had just bought my first pair of Pro Compression socks and started wearing the Brooks Glycerin’s. Too bad I didn’t find my Adidas Energy Boosts sooner!

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Do you have specific running playlists that you listen to all of the time or do you use an app? Anyone still use Pandora?

Are there any major sports rivalries in your area? Which teams?

What’s on today’s workout agenda?


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    My husbands family are all Islander fans so I every time you post this. Your loyal to your team and that’s a true supporter!!! I remember that song. All these songs from the past all bring up different emotions in us relating them to where we were in life at that time. Isn’t it funny how a song can instantly change our mood–good, bad, sullen, etc?! Also, thanks for reminding us of your veggie bowls. I have been so lazy lately and they are so easy. I kinda need to step up my game again. I have really been relying way to much on eating out the same bowls and salads I can make at home and when I am home it’s been fruit and pb&j not acceptable. I had the identical of your veggie pizza for dinner last evening. I have to much going on to focus myself around the meals I need to make. Lifes to short and I realized to obsess over it is a complete waste of time. We travel so often and I love the Europeans bec they just pick up at cafes and little private establishments and walk with their breakfasts and lunches. They are so chill no matter what country. We r making a trip for several weeks and I just love the rejuvenation Europe brings to my state of mind. Such easy living. Can’t wait to go to Salt!!! Have u been yet for the season? You must be very busy between work and your son winding down the school year and starting to think of summer camp!!! Wow, another summer so weird it just seems like yesterday u were putting him on the bus and now it’s another year. Enjoy the dY tomorrow is going to be 83!!!!

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      i had the veggie pizza last night too! I cooked two nights in a row so it was time to eat out lol. I haven’t been to Salt yet this season but once it’s warmer and sunny, we will be there!

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      Sure! So you know that I only do Pure Barre workout but some of them give streaming online access – I recommend trying the tone in 10 series. It’s 6 different 10 minute pure barre workouts that you can do online. I write about it a lot but I reviewed it here here Let me know if this helps?