Blogger Burnout, Toasted Bagels & Recent Eats


Oh, hi. It’s Wednesday already!

I didn’t mean to skip out on posting this week but I realized that I needed a break from my laptop.

And from thinking.

There’s only so much writing and screen time a girl can take before a true burn out sets in, you know?

I spend so much time writing and scrolling social media for work that doing it for my blog too is starting to become killer.

I don’t want to fall into blogger burnout!

Normally I set aside some time over the weekend to catch up on my blog and outline posts for the week. This time though, I just couldn’t do it. I needed a break.

I chose to step away a bit and tackle real life things (like cleaning my son’s room) and shopping (shocker) during the time that I would have spent working on my blog.

The interesting thing about being a writer and a blogger is that the mental power required to continuously write can be so draining that physically I become tired too. I am not the “do all of the things all of the time” type of person but I am realizing that whatever I have been trying to keep doing, can’t continue to be done all of the time.

I am trying to find a good balance between writing the blog, writing for work, running, functioning as a regular person who has a life and oh yeah, parenting as a divorced mom.

Since I am pretty smart when it comes to finding balance, I know that it’s something that will always require adjusting. What works one week may not work the next so basically, I’m just going week to week! Some weeks I will post my normal schedule and some weeks, I may not.


Most of you only really care about the food (which I understand, food is important) so here’s what I’ve been eating lately.

Breakfast is back to oatmeal every morning. This is my early morning pre-run bowl of a little bit of oatmeal with mashed banana, cinnamon and peanut butter after taking picture.

If you are wondering how I make my oatmeal and what kind I eat, I once outlined it in this post.


If I could eat Red Mango for lunch every single day, I would. I have considered going back to buying the pints of frozen yogurt from Red Mango and adding my toppings at home. I’m having one of those weeks where real food salads and vegetables for lunch aren’t interesting me.

red mango

Over the weekend I had a French toast bagel for lunch. I went through a big bagel phase for a while but I am not really in that phase now which means they aren’t a weekly purchase. Instead, when I randomly want a bagel, I just go to get one.

french toast bagels

I break all the bagel rules by toasting a fresh bagel but I can’t help myself! Toasted bagels are just so good! I love them extra crispy on the outside.

Stew Leonard’s makes a fabulous bagel by the way. I believe they are kettle cooked and then put in the big ovens. You can tell a kettle cooked bagel because they poof up and get crispy on the outside. I know these things because we used to be in the bagel business. Well, my ex-husband was in the business which sort of counts as me in the business since we were married, right?

Since I really toasted this bagel, it’s not a great picture. It was a delicious sandwich though with eggs, a drop of butter and jelly.

french toast bagel sandwich

For dinner this week, I wanted to make one of the recipes from the recipe challenge Laura and I were doing for a while.

Without looking the posts up, I ended up tweaking a combination of the vegan sloppy joe’s recipe with some of the eggplant cacciatore recipe. Both contained peppers and onions which must be how I ended up confusing the two – HA!

Let’s just call this my vegetarian sloppy joe bowl. I added mozzarella cheese on top instead of mixing in the pan to save myself the mess. Whenever I add cheese to the pan, it definitely requires more of a pan cleaning and I hate to clean.

vegan sloppy joe bowl

My son and I decided to buy ourselves a big fruit platter because we wanted lots of fresh fruit as a snack the other night. It makes me happy when he eats fruit since he doesn’t eat vegetables. He called me weird when I dipped a few pieces in peanut butter though.


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What have I missed this week? Eat anything new and exciting?

If you have a blog, do you ever experience burnout? How do you handle it?

Do you like your bagels toasted?

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  1. says

    If I don’t set aside a few hours to work on my blog over the weekend, I really struggle with posting throughout the week. After work my brain cant write posts- all I can manage is commenting on blogs or replying to comments. Even though I don’t write for work, I am still on a computer all day so its hard to come home and continue with the computer work.
    You are making me drool with these pictures of New York bagels!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Fitness Stuff I’m Loving LatelyMy Profile

  2. says

    I took a silence of the mind/quietude of the mouth several weeks ago because I felt I really needed it. Yoga days and quietude is very grounding and then uplifting for me. I had a green salad with beets yesterday for the first time in several days and felt off the rest of the day. I love Red Mango!!! I could eat pizza t daily no problem. I have been craving very light carbs over the day and veggies/sweet potatoes at night. Spring/summer brings a whole new desire to eat very light. The fruit has been great and you are just like me–no work, no mess and eat easy that’s my motto. Btw, you should make sure always you do what works for you. You have a busy job and a life So put yourself first. And btw, none of us are here just for the food!!! Your witty banter and life talk is always stimulating and at times humorous when you wish it to be. Have a great day!!!

    • says

      i would love to send you and Laura NY bagels but I tried last year to ship them to her and it cost like $60 just in shipping! lol. I gotta still figure out how to send them somehow!

  3. says

    I totally know what you mean about burnout. That’s what I’ve been dealing with for the past 2 months of so, so I decided to go easy on myself and cut back on posting. And I think it worked, because I’m randomly feeling the motivation to start up again. Hopefully it lasts, because I really do love doing this. Sometimes, like you said, it just gets to be a little much.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…healthy chocolate ice cream smoothieMy Profile

  4. says

    I’ve been in a blogging burnout too. I was actually thinking about doing a post on the topic. Great minds think alike. If it wasn’t for the WIR, I probably wouldn’t post at all these days. My free time is so limited and I don’t really want to spend it in front of a computer. I know you get it.

    The fruit platter looks amazing. I say dip away (in peanut butter that is).
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: Positives of the Plague (#80)My Profile