Treadmill Makes Me Want To Throw Up (Workout Recap)


This week was a little bit different than my typical running routine.

It rained pretty heavily Tuesday and Thursday which are my usual longer/harder run days.   I did my best to get some good runs in outdoors when I could because right now, just the thought of the treadmill makes me want to throw up.

Yes. I just said throw up. This is how I know I need a break from running on the treadmill. I refer to this throw up feeling as one level higher than regular treadmill burnout.

So, for the next little while, if it rains too heavily for me to run outdoors, I will not be running. At some point I am sure that I can return to the treadmill but that time is not now. I need a break!

 workout recap

Monday – 6. 30 Miles

It’s nice to have the sun rising earlier and earlier every morning! Nothing much to say about this run, just nice and easy to start the day. I didn’t have a ton of time so I was happy to squeeze this run in under an hour.

Tuesday – Pure Barre/3 Miles

It was seriously pouring rain when I woke up so I decided to stay home and do a 55 minute Pure Barre workout rather than go to the gym. I added in jumping jacks and burpees at various points to make my own cardio Pure Barre. But then, about 45 minutes into the Pure Barre workout, it stopped raining. I was really in the mood to run a few easy miles so I stopped the Pure Barre workout (right before the ending part of abs) and ran 3 miles.

Wednesday – 6.2 Miles

I woke up tired because I was out too late last night yet once I started running, I had a ton of energy. It must have something to do with the chocolate cake I ate past my bedtime.

It was another morning this week where I was short on time but it was still a good run.

runkeeper splits

Thursday – 50 Min Elliptical/Gym Day

It was pouring rain when I woke up. I wasn’t interested in a Pure Barre workout and since I am dealing with treadmill burnout, I went with the elliptical.

My workout basically looked like this:

30 min elliptical/free weights (upper body)/squats-lunges-jumping jacks/20 min elliptical/jumping jacks-squats-lunges

Oh and I also did these arm machine things. I was a bit sore later in the day/Friday morning too!


Friday – 5 Miles

Since I was thrown off this week from my usual Pure Barre/strength days rotation, I skipped my usual Pure Barre and went with 5 miles outside.

running path

My splits are really indicative of how I feel during so many runs lately. For the first 40 or so minutes, I can just tell that I need to run where I am comfortable until all of a sudden, things start to sync. Too bad that feeling usually hits when I need to go home!

running splits

Saturday – 11.50 Miles

I woke up totally not in the mood for a long run. Even though the sun was shining, I started out thinking the run would take forever. However, a mile or two in and my mood totally changed. The sun and the air felt terrific and the miles just ticked on by. Running is an interesting thing to figure out sometimes as is my mood. I really must be a Gemini.

Sunday – Pure Barre

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Do you ever experience treadmill burnout?

How were your workouts this week? Were they affected by the weather?

Does it take you several miles to warm up or do you usually feel ready to go after one or two miles?


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  1. says

    I don’t run on the treadmill enough to get burnt out by it. But sometimes if its too cold or too hot for awhile that definitely gets to me. It definitely takes me at least a mile to warm up, especially if I haven’t had much coffee before a run.
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  2. says

    I hate to admit that my treadmill is left unused for most of the year. The only time I use it is during the winter months! I really should get back on it soon but there’s really nothing like hitting the pavement!