Thought Per Picture Plus Eating At Home vs Dining Out


The Dunkin Donuts people need to ask me my hockey team preference before pouring my coffee. This is serious business around here and I am starting to get real annoyed.

dunkin donuts coffee

The best baked oatmeal is definitely served at the Premier Diner. I love a good brunch.

baked oatmeal

These crispy rice tuna things are always my favorite appetizer when I go out for sushi. They are not available on every sushi restaurant menu but Aiko has them which gets us excited.

crispy rice and tuna

Dinner at Market Bistro was delicious although as I said in yesterday’s workout recap, I paid the price during my long run Saturday morning. I am not going to complain though because I will take a great dinner out over a good long run any day. Maybe that makes me a minority in the running community but my social life matters a whole lot more to me than how I perform during a run.

market bistro

I don’t even know what flavor ice cream was served with the cute chocolate cake but it was really good.

chocolate cake

I happily stopped by a bridal event at Neiman Marcus (for work-related reasons) over the weekend and was really happy to see the cupcake display. All events are that much better with a cupcake display, don’t you think?

cupcake display

A Red Mango parfait will always be my most favorite lunch.

red mango parfait

Sushi two nights in one week? Yep, it happened. Someone really needs to start cooking again more often.


Let’s discuss eating at home vs. dining out for a minute.

Of course it’s important to cook and eat meals at home. It’s usually less expensive and sometimes healthier because you are in control of the ingredients. However, it’s really important to get out of the kitchen sometimes. In fact, it’s important to get out of the kitchen often, on a regular basis, if you want my personal opinion.

There’s only so much cooking a person can do without losing their mind and/or interest in what they are constantly creating in the kitchen on a routine basis.

Even worse, way too many people avoid dining out in fear of not being in charge of preparing the food themselves which I feel is a sad way to live.

Dining out is a social experience as well as a chance to enjoy the foods you often can’t/won’t cook at home.

It’s extremely tiring and self-limiting to constantly care about calorie counts and/or what’s in the food on your plate.

There are ways to order “healthy” while dining out and there’s also room in everyone’s diet to just enjoy themselves without thinking about it.

I understand it is not easy for everyone to do this. I also understand that it’s hard to break the habit of counting calories all of the time but hopefully I can somehow help with that. Calorie counts will never come up on my blog and I will do my best to show you that it’s more than okay to eat cake and go out to eat often while still balancing it all out with running and the “healthy” stuff.

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Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Do you have a diner near you? What do you like to order when you go to a diner?

How careful are you with what you eat the night before a long run?

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    We go out to eat every Saturday and its such a welcomed break from cooking! I like eating at home because I am not very adventurous with food so if I ate out all the time I would end up getting the same boring things. At least at home I can make things the way I like them. Before a long run I try to stick to foods I eat regularly, but it doesnt always happen.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Sore Legs and Cautious OptimismMy Profile

  2. says

    We go out almost every night now. I use to cook “very healthy” at home! I put that in quotes because eating healthy can become an unhealthy obsession that one becomes preoccupied with while fooling ourselves we are doing it for our health issues. The truth is everything in moderation is a lot healthier then constantly eating the same foods for every meal everyday. Healthy is in our minds and hearts. Keeping ourselves fueled without overeating, enjoying a lighthearted life and being social as you say with people that make us happy is our joi de vie. If you travel to Sardinia, Italy you will see ninety year old women, even one hundred years old!, drinking wine, eating everything including their pastries, laughing and living a life of great pleasure. Every culture says they have found “the healthiest diet” the Ayurvedic diet, the Israeli/Greek/Turkish–Mediterranean diet, the Asian diet and everyone gives examples of health and living to a ripe old age. My grandparents lived on an old world Jewish diet and lived to 98 and 99. Same goes for my husbands. I have come to realize life is to be lived in the easiest, most content and joyful mode. I just had a big birthday and have so much gratitude for my life, my loved ones, my own strength and strangers like you who become friendly acquaintances and share their thoughts and life so we can help each other grow and enhance our lives each and everyday through sharing our experiences. Btw, a visit to Market Bistro looks necessary. Do tell what’s in that baked oatmeal you get at the diner. It looks YUM!!

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      happy birthday! definitely check out market bistro next time you want to head out to the island, just make a reservation first! Also make sure to finally get the premier diner this summer (maybe on your way out east?) I never really know what is in the baked oatmeal, I think they change the fruits up but it’s usually cooked fresh pears or apples with nuts and maybe raisons sometimes? Maybe orange infused somehow, not always, but sometimes. It’s so good! Better than Maureen’s Kitchen (not sure if you have been there yet).

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    I’m with you on the importance of going out to eat! I personally love it and don’t pass it up usually. This weekend, I had an acai bowl which was amazing and the beach club from Jimmy Johns. Im obsessed!

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    I’m still tempted to obsess over eating healthy while going out to eat, but it’s so much better for me to just eat a dish like it was prepared (I totally understand if you need to do something with a dish because of allergies), but for me I don’t have any allergies so it’s best to just take the dish as they made it; that’s actually the most ‘mentally healthy’ for me.
    Emily recently posted…Chocolate Mocha Banana Mug Cake (Not Gluten Or Dairy Free)My Profile

    • says

      I usually order things the way that I like them (dressing on the side, no chicken in salads since I don’t eat chicken) but otherwise, I take things as ordered. I see nothing wrong with personalizing what you order so long as you enjoy it and let go of calorie counting and other types of nutritional fears once in a while so you can enjoy the time out of the eat. easier said than done though I understand.

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    I love, love, love food and cooking and yet I find it exhausting to make every meal myself. Especially now with the baby. It’s HARD trying to make sure she gets three meals a day plus snacks with the proper nutrition. If it were just me, I might have a bagel or a snack platter. Unfortunately I can’t do the same with her. So long story short, we eat out regularly and I’m grateful we can do so.

    Also this kid loves pretty much everything edible, floor lint included.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: Vampire, Veggies and Videos (#77)My Profile

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      I remember it being really challenging at that age to get dinner made! we usually had breakfast at home, out for lunch, somehow I threw together dinner during the week but we were always out on weekends!

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    I loathe loathe LOATHE cooking. Everything about it. BLECH. I’d way rather eat out a zillion times over! Either that or just snack on crackers and cheese. Super healthy nut over here. Ha ha
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

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    Best thing I ate this weekend was definitely strawberry shortcake! Our local strawberry stand just opened!

    I probably should be a little more careful about what I eat the night before a long run, but I typically just try and plan on a route with restrooms and as long as I don’t do anything too crazy (like an ice cream sundae or popcorn) I tend to be okay.
    Marissa @ Run Riss Run recently posted…My Weekend in Running, Thoughts, Eating, and PicturesMy Profile

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    That baked oatmeal looks so good!

    I’m usually pretty strict on what I eat the day/couple days before a race (more so a marathon than a half). If it’s just a training run, I’m a litttttle bit more relaxed. Always depends on the distance I’m running!

    Best thing I ate over the weekend … Pralines n’ cream ice cream from Baskin Robbins … SO good. Haven’t had BR in FOREVER!
    Arthi recently posted…Weekend/18/Usha.My Profile

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    A rule I have for myself is to go out to eat at least once a week. When I’m at home, we do it naturally, but at school, I usually just suck it up and cook. As much as cooking is a form of relaxation and self-care for me, it can also be a stressor (because of cleaning up and a lack of kitchen space, mostly). So I pick a night or two when it’s really just convenient to go out and do it. My bank account hasn’t taken a huge hit, so I figure it’s a decent self-care practice. 🙂
    Ellen @ My Uncommon Everyday recently posted…Yoga Teacher Training: BasicsMy Profile

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      a lot of the good places here have specific nights where the kids eat free, maybe they have it by you too so you can go then. I used to do it all the time when my son was under 12, it justified me not cooking lol.

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    I love to cook at home, but every once and a while it’s so nice to just relax around a meal. While I do care about food having nutritional value (overall, I like to indulge also), there’s so much more about a meal than just the food – the time together, conversation, relaxation, etc. That baked oatmeal looks so good! The diner/cafe we went to for lunch this weekend had baked oatmeal and I thought of you.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Mile Markers: The Little ThingsMy Profile