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I say this so often but my hormones really affect my  ability to run with ease. The changing hormone levels at various points in my cycle always seem to irritate my lower legs and feet when I run. It’s a topic currently at the top of my To-Google list but from what I understand, it’s something to do with blood flow and fluctuating hormones.

workout recap

Monday – Pure Barre/3 Miles

I went with a Pure Barre Studio Series workout (45 minutes) and then went outside for an easy run.

I had to keep stopping to walk though because the tops of my feet into my lower shins felt horrible. It was awful and humbling at the same time because I struggled so much to complete 3 miles.

Tuesday – 3.75 Miles/Elliptical/2 Miles

I was so eager to have a great run but only one mile in, I was started to get the feeling things were not going as planned. My left lower shin into my foot started to slightly bother me again so I stopped to walk/stretch to make it all better. It was not as bad as yesterday but I do know that whenever I have this issue, it will linger for a few days. Ugh!

After giving it a try for around 3.75 miles, I headed into my gym for the elliptical. Taking the pressure off of my shin/foot area always works on the elliptical but after 20 good minutes of pedaling, I decided to try running outside again.

I felt totally back to normal so I ran two miles before heading home. What a morning!

Wednesday – 6.25 Miles

I wasn’t sure what today would bring once I started running. However, I felt totally fine as if the last few days of issues never happened! After careful thought, I realized I was at mid-cycle earlier this week which probably explains why I had issues in my lower legs/feet.

Anyway, I ran easy for an hour in the sunshine. I started super slow in fear but everything really worked out well!

runkeeper splits

Thursday – 7.30 Miles

This run made me think back to the days when I would start out fast and lose steam as the miles went along. Nowadays, it’s like please get me to mile five so that I can pick up my pace with ease!

I had no plan today but ended up throwing in fartleks after mile three. I think. I don’t even know. I was just happy to run outside and feel good while doing it.

runkeeper splits

Friday – Gym Day!

The forecast called for enough rain that I assumed I would not be running outside. I don’t mind a little bit of rain while running but steady, heavy rain is not fun. I started with one Pure Barre tone in 10 workout (full body) and then headed over to the gym.

gym day

It really wasn’t raining that heavy when I got outside but I was dressed for the gym and didn’t want to change my clothes.

30 minutes elliptical/free weights/jumping jacks/squats/1 mile treadmill (8:30 pace)/jumping jacks/squats

And that was basically my workout.

Saturday – 12 Miles

While it’s important to think about what you are about to eat (and drink) the night before a long run, sometimes it’s more important to have a nice dinner and not care about your run until the morning. I suffered a bit through this run but at least I enjoyed our dinner at Market Bistro. I don’t even know exactly what we ate but we ate a lot of good food.

market bistro

Sunday – Pure Barre

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Do you sometimes feel affected by your cycle during your workouts?

Are you always careful about what you eat the night before a long run?

Do you have a To-Google list? Do you ask Google for the answers to all of your questions?


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      I will let you know what I find when I finally sit down to google it! if you notice more discomfort at certain points in your cycle, make note of that, it could be related simply because things get more uncomfortable with the changes in hormones.

  1. says

    Ohmygosh. I have so many stupid issues with what I eat, it’s really frustrating. I wasn’t nearly careful enough this weekend and definitely paid for it. I have IBS anyway, but if I have too much of anything whether it’s sugar, caffeine, gluten, roughage, I pay for it during a run.

    I can definitely tell a difference in my running depending on what part of my cycle I am in. Ugh. I’ve ran 2 half marathons on the day I started my period, and it wasn’t horrible but I think I naturally pushed myself harder knowing that I wasn’t feeling quite up to par.
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    • says

      thankfully I really do ok with whatever I eat before running, especially if it’s eaten the night before. the wine didn’t help me this time, that’s for sure! but it wasn’t too terrible, just not the best run lol