Scenes From The Weekend


I remembered everything I needed at Trader Joe’s in one shop this time! Food shopping more than once in a week is not what I like to do these days so I was happy to grab everything I needed all at once.

Trader Joe's

My friend Dina‘s birthday was on Friday so we celebrated with a birthday lunch. Since we work together, it’s nice to go out for lunch while still being able to get our job done.

We have a daily call around lunch time so we participated in that while enjoying our beautiful vegetarian chef salads. Plus a side of shrimp tacos because the birthday girl thought they would make a nice addition. She was right, the shrimp was great!

vegetarian chef salads

I don’t always eat dessert at lunch but birthdays are an exception for sure. We shared this slice of chocolate fudge cake right after our company call.

In fact, the waiter put the slice of cake down while we were on the phone which was a total tease until we hung up.

birthday chocolate cake

I am still proud of myself for squeezing in 10 miles early Saturday before getting my son to his way too early in the morning hockey game. Getting up to run followed by rushing to shower, eat, get ready and out to the door to hockey was seriously exhausting. I am a morning person but rushing around at an early hour like that is just not for me anymore.

I was CRANKY by 10:00 am followed by STARVING for lunch at an early hour. Not a good combination.

A nice salad from Chopt with spicy tahini dressing and wedge of bread really hit the spot.


It took this cup of coffee from Starbucks though to make me truly friendly again.

starbucks coffee

I played at the Dior makeup counter at Bloomingdales (new finds to share soon!) which always makes me happy. I love having my makeup done!

Dior Makeup Counter

Pure Barre never gets easier, you just get stronger. At least that’s what the Pure Barre people like to say. I started my morning yesterday with Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on thighs) workout which is a Pure Barre routine I haven’t done a few weeks.

Let’s just say that I felt it in a more than usual major way throughout the 55 minute workout. The arms and abs sections were slightly brutal this time around.

Pure Barre

Yesterday afternoon we waited on a really long line at the Entenmann’s outlet because one of the Islanders was signing autographs in the store.

Sparky the Dragon was there to keep us entertained while we waited although it’s too bad he wasn’t giving out Entenmann’s cookies. In my opinion, the little chocolate chip cookies from Entenmann’s are probably the best cookies to come in a box.

Sparky the dragon

Unpictured From The Weekend:

Thought about cleaning my son’s room but didn’t actually do it.

Started to fill out all of the summer camp paperwork for my son.

Ignored one load of clothing sitting in my dryer (please remind me that it’s there).

Thought about cleaning out the fridge but didn’t actually do it.

The Islanders won a big game and lost an even bigger game.

Watched a Lifetime movie but fell asleep at the critical point so I don’t really know why things happened the way that they did when I woke up.

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3 things you did over the weekend?

Anyone else still watch Lifetime movies?

What type of cake do you want for your birthday this year?


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      I was thinking that when I said Entenmann’s that maybe people outside of the New York area don’t have them. Ugh! google it! best chocolate chip cookies ever, remind me of being a kid. I used to eat their goodies all of the time!