Running & Workout Recap (3.20.17 – 3.26.17)


I am not totally sure that I am going to be able to run the Long Island Half Marathon. For starters, my parents have a wedding the night before the race. While this may sound unrelated to the race, it’s totally related!

I like to have my son sleep at their house the night before a race so that I don’t have to worry. While I am sure that I can figure out other arrangements, I don’t want to worry/wonder if my son will end up needing me for something the morning of the race. If he is with my parents, I know I can get the race run and done without issue.

Also, my period is still a factor. There is still a strong chance that I am due the morning of the race but I won’t know the likelihood of that for a few more weeks.

I haven’t made any final decisions yet (and don’t really need to) but have considered another race in the back of my mind instead.

There’s a 10 mile race in Long Beach Memorial Day weekend. I ran this race in 2014 (recap here) and although it’s super hot and sunny (no shade by beach) it’s a good race choice.

So I guess we will see! For now I will keep up some of the speed work anyway just to prepare myself for either race. I can always run the half at the last-minute!

workout recap

Monday – Pure Barre/30 Minutes Running

A Pure Barre Mile High DVD (35 minutes) followed by 30 minutes of running outside is just a perfect way to start a Monday morning.

The thigh section in the Pure Barre Mile High Series never gets easier! I’ve been doing this series for almost 3 years and it still burns!

Tuesday – 8 Miles?

I don’t even know for sure what went down today.

The plan was 8 miles with 8 x 3 min hard/2 min recovery. I knew this workout was going to happen on the treadmill as it was still too dark in the morning to start the run outdoors. I considered dressing a specific way so that I could switch to running outside once it was light enough but decided I would be fine on the treadmill.


Within 3 miles, I was hating the treadmill. My shins were not thrilled and my mood was following suite. I paused the treadmill to stretch, tried again for a mile and paused again. Then I walked around the gym, lifted a few weights and tried again.

The treadmill and I called it a day after another mile or two. I made the decision to run outside for 3 miles (even though I wasn’t dressed to run outside) which maybe brought me to 8 miles total?

I told Laura later in the day that the treadmill and I are done for the season. I reached my limit and need a break!

Wednesday – Pure Barre/35 Min Running

I went with a Pure Barre Mile High DVD again (disc 1 – 35 minutes) followed by an easy run outside for around 35 minutes.

Thursday – 8 Miles

My training plan said I should run 2 mile warm up + 4 miles at half marathon pace + cool down.

I have not been running at half pace all that much lately outside so I figured it was time to give it a try.

Hitting my half pace without going too fast or too slow is always tricky at first!


I am aiming for a half pace (if I run the half!) of around 7:55 so clearly I was a little too fast and then too slow. Overall though I felt great.

Friday – Strength/4 Miles

Instead of turning on a Pure Barre workout, I chose to watch the news while doing some strength work on my own. I’ve been doing Pure Barre for so long now that I am capable of doing the arm sequences and ab work by myself. I liked this little routine actually! When I was finished, I headed outside for an easy four miles.

saucony rides

Saturday – 10 miles

My son had another early morning hockey game but I was able to squeeze in 10 miles before getting him to the rink. It really took me 5 miles to warm up but then out of nowhere, I felt great.


Sunday – Pure Barre

It’s been a while since I did the Pure Barre Pure Results workout so that’s the plan for today!

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Who else is still taking Pure Barre classes or doing the workouts from home?

Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

Is today a run day or a rest day?


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  1. says

    As you know I do the Mile High DVDs every once in awhile. Its a great way to change things up from my other types of strength workouts! I wish there were more hours in the week to fit in all the workouts I want to do.
    I was thinking about running on the hotel treadmill this morning but I am just too tired from traveling and being up late last night, so it will be a rest day for me!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…5 Things Friday: Random UpdatesMy Profile

  2. says

    Hope you’re able to run your race!

    Today was a rest day from running for me but I hit the pool instead! 2 miles of swimming laps … My legs feel as good as new!

    Best thing I ate all weekend: Cookie dough flavored froyo from Menchie’s. So, so good … Especially because it was 75 degrees and sunny out when I was enjoying it!
    Arthi recently posted…Weekend Highlights.My Profile