Are Bad Runs Really Bad Runs?

Quick little running post today!

Last week while running fairly slow for me, I had a thought.

Am I running slower than usual because I am having a bad run?

I don’t feel bad, in fact I feel really happy right now at this pace.

So why would I associate running slower than usual as bad?

Are bad runs really that bad OR are they just runs that we often label as bad because they are not meeting an expectation we set for ourselves prior to heading out the door?

are bad runs really bad runs?

I was averaging around a 10 minute mile. That was exactly where my body felt comfortable and happy on this particular day.

How could feeling happy and comfortable be a bad run?

Suzy once told me I was a seasoned runner and that always sticks with me.

As a seasoned runner, I have learned how my body feels during various runs. I have figured out what an off day of running feels like and usually know when I can push and when I just shouldn’t.

As a seasoned runner, I have also come to accept how to run where my body is happy. Some days running happy is slower than usual and then some days, I am flying through the streets.

Calling a run bad because my body didn’t want to run faster sounds like a punishment, doesn’t it?

Why should we punish ourselves like that? We are not machines. Even if a training plan calls for a specific type of pace or speed workout on a specific day, that doesn’t mean that our body automatically feels like running at that pace.

We can train for races and push our paces and work on speed but sometimes, it’s important to forget all of that and just run at the pace that our bodies feel best at on any particular day.

I think allowing our bodies to run at this happy pace can only help us. Even if we had other expectations in mind, the threat of burn out, over training and risk of injury will be much lower if we honor our body’s request on a regular basis.

The next time you are out for your run and find yourself moving slower than normal, please don’t be so quick to call it a bad run. Take a minute to assess things to see how you are actually feeling.

You may find that your body is actually really happy to just be moving and taking in the fresh air. How can that be a bad run?

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How do you react when you run slower than you expected to run?

Are you quick to call a run a bad run?

What’s on today’s workout schedule?

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  1. says

    As long as I am happy I dont call it a bad run. For me, it when my mindset is in the wrong place, or my body is giving me difficulty, or something like that. Even though I pay attention to pace I actually dont really care when I run slower…these days slower runs happen all the time but can definitely still be a good run!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Month in Review: February 2017My Profile

  2. says

    Interesting to think about! I think for me, the only time I ever really call a run a bad one is if it gets interrupted by a frustrating text or phone call, or maybe an emergency bathroom visit. Something like that. I have to admit that I don’t think I ever really call any of my runs bad! Which is kinda cool. Because there’s a positive to each one, right? Windy runs are frustrating, but they build mental strength like nothing else.
    Suzy recently posted…Week in ReviewMy Profile

  3. says

    it’s hard not to beat yourself up when you don’t run the way you want/expect to. I normally just try and take it for what it is and be happy with what my body is able to do.

    Today was 5 miles with 4 – 1/2 mile intervals, .25 mile rests and a warm up and cool down. I actually didn’t set a goal for my intervals but I was happy with my times today!
    Marissa @ Run Riss Run recently posted…The Weekend in Running (and eating!)My Profile