Life Lately


The weeks are certainly flying by, aren’t they?

Can you believe we are entering March next week? You know how that excites me. 🙂  Spring is almost here!

On The Blog:

I did my best once again to juggle event writing and blog writing.

My favorite post from last week aside from telling the world that my boots wouldn’t zip was definitely my new 60 min speed interval treadmill workout.

Please try this workout next time you want a challenging yet fun run on the treadmill!

60 Min Speed Interval Treadmill Workout / The Cookie ChRUNicles

Work Stuff:

My current writing project for work has been detailed and intense. I am telling you – sometimes I don’t think I have written ANYTHING when I am staring at the computer screen and typing in pieces but then I see the words all put together in their fancy layout and tears of joy appear in my eyes. I think that’s enough motivation to keep on writing, you know?

It’s so true when they say that the more you write, the more you are able to write. And, the more you write, the better you get at it.

Monday’s are usually so crazy busy that escaping to the city for a work event was a very much welcomed occurrence.

The traffic was insanely light getting from my house to the city that I went from my driveway to already parked and walking the city streets within 45 minutes. Since I had factored in a lot more time for traffic, I was able to stop at a city nail salon for a quick manicure on my walk to the work event. 🙂


Just a quick note about the event I attended: Samantha Roberts was the guest speaker, speaking on the topic of social media. For those of you who follow Run Selfie Repeat, Samantha and Kelly are sisters! Imagine my surprise when I discovered this connection a while back after working with Samantha for the first time. My event industry and running worlds have totally collided in a fun way!

Around The House:

My son has taken the hockey card industry by storm. There are hockey cards and even baseball cards in piles around my house to the point where they are becoming part of my furniture. He buys, trades and sells which is super lovely as a hobby but the mess is out of control.

When he gave ME the warning not to go into his room and that he would clean it himself after school, I knew we were in trouble.

I went into his room against his advice and honestly found it to look as messy as any other day which left me relieved in a really weird sense of the word.

hockey cards

Right now it seems the only thing he is interested in de-cluttering in his room are the remaining Bar Mitzvah decor pieces left from the party. He removed a few of the pieces from his room but I am just not ready to part with them yet!

Bar Mitzvah decor

My house smells real pretty these days from the roses that arrived on Valentine’s Day. I can’t really thank the person who sent the roses because the card didn’t leave a name. Fun, right? It was even more fun to call the florist asking for hints as to who the roses were from. Just give me a hint! An initial is all I need from the first or last name!

My friends and I have decided that florists must get a lot of interesting phone calls.



Aside from gorgeous weather going on right now here in New York, the Islanders had a home and home series over the weekend with the New Jersey Devils. Home and home means that one night the teams play in New Jersey and the next night they play in Brooklyn.

We chose to go to the “away” game in New Jersey rather than go to see the Islanders play at “home” because I find driving to New Jersey for a hockey game more pleasant than making my way to Brooklyn.

islanders game

I associate games in New Jersey with Mrs. Field’s brownies simply because that was always the snack I would pick as a kid at hockey games and football games. I had every intention of getting a brownie or even a cookie until I walked in wanting popcorn. Can you believe that?!


I had a perfect Red Mango parfait yesterday for lunch. Sometimes the ratio of toppings to yogurt is just completely on target and yesterday was one of those days. So good!

Red Mango parfait

I did have the opportunity to inquire further about the whole out of cookie dough thing that went on at Cold Stone for a few months over the weekend too. The nice girl told me that the supplier that usually brought the cookie dough had a major recall (how come it wasn’t on the news?) which affected a bunch of Cold Stone locations for a while until they found a new supplier.

cold stone

3 things exciting me right now:

My son and I are both off for President’s Day so we are heading into the city today for lunch and to walk around. The weather will be great!

My son is off from school all week which means an easier morning routine for me AND the opportunity to run a little bit later. Running later = running outdoors in the sunshine.

March begins next week! March begins next week!

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3 things exciting you right now?

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Best thing you ate over the weekend?



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      so the mile high ab thing – I feel like you should feel it! it’s definitely a shorter section at the end in this video – maybe lean back a little bit more and don’t hold on, sometimes if you sit up too much it doesn’t work the core as well. I’m still convinced you are stronger than you think! And disc 1 is harder for the ab part I think (I think you have disc 1 too?)

  1. says

    The sunshine is fabulous. I can’t even believe this weather right now, but I can tell you we’re soaking it all in. My mom is in town this week so I’m hoping to be able to do some things for myself. Cross your fingers for me.

    Your son’s room looked like Ave’s yesterday at 3 p.m. although instead of cards there was boxes everywhere.

    The flowers are beautiful although the suspense would be killing me.

    Happy Monday, thanks for linking up and enjoy those later morning runs this week.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: Sunshine, Social and Sickness (#71)My Profile

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    I’m all about the doughy salted pretzels at any type of sports event! I can’t believe they had a recall on the cookie dough. That’s a little bit….alarming. YIKES. I’m glad you get to run later this week and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! I’m a little bit jealousssss!
    Suzy recently posted…Week in ReviewMy Profile