The Bloat Is Real (TOL)


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My mind has been gearing up with major interest in training for the Long Island half marathon.

The Long Island half marathon for this year is Sunday, May 7 which means I would start training in a few weeks.

The only slight issue at the moment is my menstrual cycle. It may be another month before I can tell if my period will coincide with race day and if it does, I cannot run the race.

If everything stays EXACTLY on schedule, I should be fine and good to go. However, if things get thrown off by a day here or there, I won’t be able to run the half marathon and that’s okay.

I’ve had a good run (no pun intended) being able to run the Long Island half four years in a row so if I can’t this year because of my period, then I guess I can’t.

As you may recall, I can’t run a race during my period.

I have fainted in the past (more than once) during my time of the month. I had to drop out in the middle of running the Fitness Magazine half in 2014 because I didn’t feel well, not realizing until after that my period started while I was running the race.

We all have our limitations and this is one I don’t like to mess with!

Speaking of my time of the month, every time I try to wear my black high boots during my period or during the PMS time right before, I struggle to zip my black boots up my calves.

Monday night was no exception. In fact, I almost had to leave for the city (work event) with my left boot only half zipped.

The bloat is real people, the bloat is real.

I started feeling that overall bloated feeling on Sunday. You know, the whole I am a sausage stuffed in my clothing feeling? I knew I didn’t look it but I sure as heck felt it.

Well, my boots not zipping is surely proof that we really do bloat during PMS.

It’s NOT just in our heads.

I always laugh at the fact that my boots get too tight during my time of the month while knowing I would FREAK if it was the waist of my pants unable to zip. Every time I have this thought though, I realize how ridiculous it is.

Like, why does my lower leg not phase me but higher up in the leg/waist would cause an issue? Something to think about and something I have written about (in this body image post).

I totally laughed about my boot situation on Monday and texted Amanda (our thinking out loud host) so we could laugh together.


Amanda and I always joke about needing to drink more water as if hydration will solve every problem in life. But seriously, I am basically drowning in tea and it didn’t solve my bloating issue this month.

I broke my rule on taking selfies in mirrors (I really HATE selfies especially when one takes a picture of themselves and you see the phone) but I felt it was my duty to show the world that my boots did in fact zip up eventually.

And hey, there’s my new black bag!

black boots

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Anyone else ever unable to zip their boots?!

How do you feel about the selfies that show the phone in the mirror?

When is your next race?

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  1. says

    I don’t own fancy boots like that! I’m thinking that I probably should! Although all I ever wear are leggings and running shoes. Gah. I think I own one dress and one pair of heels for that once every two years night out!
    Suzy recently posted…OverboardMy Profile

  2. Sarah @pickyrunner says

    I really thought you were losing it yesterday until it happened to me last night haha I feel like I would have freaked out in the past, but now I’m kind of just like meh everything will balance out eventually. Although it would be nice if it wasn’t such a struggle getting my Hunter rainboots on and off…

  3. says

    The bloat is so real! Back when I didn’t work from home, I would wear wrap dresses on my period because everything else felt too snug. I always would bloat around the waist and thighs more than calves, though.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Dig DeepMy Profile

  4. says

    LOL, I have huge calves to begin with. My cross country kids comment on them all the time.

    My next race is a 1/2 marathon on 2/25! I’m praying that my IT band and knee hold up okay. It’s like it does okay for easier runs, but anything super fast, hilly, or long kills me.
    Marissa @ Run Riss Run recently posted…Friday Favs!My Profile