60 Min Treadmill Workout With Speed Intervals (it’s fun!)


I created this 60-minute treadmill workout with speed intervals last week and insist you try it immediately!

It took me quite some time to create a new treadmill workout for this winter running season.

Better late than never though, right?

Lately, I am all about efficiency in my workouts. I don’t see the point nor do I have the time every single morning to run more than 60 minutes.

So, I make the 60 minutes of running count!

I really like speed intervals, especially on the treadmill, for a few key reasons:

Running speed intervals on the treadmill keep me engaged. You have to constantly push the treadmill speed buttons up and down which helps to pass the time.

You actually STOP paying attention to the time on treadmill because you are completely engrossed in your speed and when you need to adjust your speed again!

Speed intervals give you an incredible workout. The stop and go aspect of speed intervals are a lot like a car driving in traffic. Your car will burn more gas in stop and go traffic than when you set the car to cruise control.

The same applies to running.

Your body has to work harder to go fast, slow down and then go fast again as opposed to strictly running one pace for the entire run.

If you don’t believe me, try this workout! You will FEEL what I am saying and getting stronger because of it.

For this 60 min speed interval treadmill workout, I provided you my speeds as an example. I picked these specific speeds because I wanted the run to be challenging yet attainable.

The fast speed interval paces listed below put me right in my half marathon pace range. Not as fast as a tempo pace, but the pace at which I would like to hold nicely during my half marathon races.

My goal with this treadmill workout was a quality run that worked me real good without leaving me with a feeling of wanting to die or wishing the run was over.

60 Min Speed Interval Treadmill Workout / The Cookie ChRUNicles

Obviously you can adjust the speed in this treadmill workout to what works best for you. If you normally run faster, increase the speed. If you normally run slower, decrease the speed.

My original plan was to only run 3 miles of speed intervals but then I felt inspired so I added one more.

Do not let this fool you – mile 6 is HARD! Even if you normally run at these speeds, that last mile of intervals is definitely challenging – but you can do it!

Please note:

This treadmill workout is NOT for an easy run day.

If you don’t feel well, STOP!

If you find the pace way too quick, slow down. It is not mandatory to hold to these specific intervals. You can always take a little longer at a slower speed and then speed up again. There’s nothing wrong with that!

You can easily adjust this workout to fit your time schedule. If you are short on time, take out a mile or shorten your warm-up and cool down distance. I really like a two-mile warm-up but do what works best for you.

I DO NOT recommend skipping your warm-up altogether though! Your muscles need time to adjust before jumping into speed. Trust me, any time that I have shortened my warm-up (especially on the treadmill) thinking that I was ready to run faster has back fired on me.

This workout brought me to a little over 7 miles. My guess is that you should finish around the 7-mile mark but it all depends upon your warm-up and cool down speed.

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Please let me know if you try this 60 min treadmill workout and/or if you have any questions about it!!

How long do you usually have to run/workout each morning during the week?

What keeps you motivated and engaged on the treadmill?

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  1. says

    I definitely need intervals to run on the treadmill! I like to change my speed at LEAST every 3 minutes, or else I feel like I’m being tortured, haha. I’m not running much right now, mostly walking and chasing my 6-month old puppy is my current workout. I’m training her to run with me, but only 1-2 days a week do we do it.
    Krista @ Gringita recently posted…5 Things from My WeekendMy Profile

  2. says

    I really only like doing speed/intervals on the treadmill because it makes the time pass so much more quickly!

    I usually try to keep my weekday workouts at 60 min or less and then do my long runs on the weekend.

    I also make sure to listen to a really good playlist or book while on the treadmill. I have a TV set up in my workout room as well, so sometimes I’ll save a good show to watch while I run 🙂
    Marissa @ Run Riss Run recently posted…Moving, Running, & Valentine’s DayMy Profile