Divorce Talk, Big Salad, Snow Day (TOL)

I’m not going to complain about the snow. I’m not going to complain about the snow.

thinking out loud

Peanut Butter Runner was the first blog I ever read and still one of my most favorite blogs to read every day. The other day Jen mentioned that she finally changed her name back to her maiden name. It took her a few years following her divorce to feel ready and comfortable with the change.

I haven’t changed my name in case you were wondering. Ever since my divorce, I wanted to keep my married name for my son’s sake so that we would have the same last name. I didn’t want him to feel weird or embarrassed that his mom had a different last name than him.

Over the years though since my divorce, I often think about wanting to drop my married last name because it really doesn’t feel like me anymore. Funny how that happens though.

I can recall when my divorce first started and the divorce papers stated that I was to return my married name to my ex. Like what was that about?! You can’t make me give up my name! How dare you make such a request?!

I am pretty sure it was standard legal jargon but it took me time to not take the divorce language, accusations and nonsense so seriously. Eventually I got so used to seeing the ridiculousness that I would take the latest divorce papers to come in the mail and instead of reading, I would file them away in my version of a filing cabinet – the garbage can.

I hate the mail, you know that right? Absolutely hate getting the mail. It all stems from my divorce. I try really hard to get over it but I can’t help myself. If I could go completely paperless I would but the government mandates that I have a mailbox.


Since we will be snowed in today (and I bet tomorrow too), we went out for dinner last night before going to the grocery store. It started out that we were on the way for pizza, turned into let’s go to Chipotle yet we ended up at Cheeburger Cheeburger.

I haven’t been to Cheeburger Cheeburger in forever! Actually, according to my blog, I haven’t been there since the summer of 2013.

I ordered a big salad with a veggie burger and lots of toppings. It’s fun when the burger places do big salads with burger toppings although I never understood why this burger place had baby corns. I really like baby corns in Chinese food so why not include them here in my salad too I guess.

cheeburger cheeburger salad

So today’s blizzard and snow day means very little to me since I work from home. Regular day going on over here only I have the pleasure of my son being home with me.

Interpret  “pleasure” any way you wish. 🙂

On This Day:

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Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!

Do you have a snow day today? Will you be working anyway?

If you are divorced, did you change your name back to your maiden name?

What’s today’s workout plan? I will be running on the treadmill!



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  1. says

    We have a 2 hour delay here but its just raining. I was back on the spin bike today- which on a day like today I really dont mind!
    I would think that changing your name back would be different for everyone. Ive talked to some people who have slowly gone tough the process of changing it back and others who say they are perfectly fine keeping it.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…30 Minute 90s Themed Spinning WorkoutMy Profile

  2. says

    So, I always thought I’d keep my old married name, Van Dyck, because it matched my kids’ names. And then one day, something awoke within me, a shift happened, and it wasn’t because of one particular event, it was just an evolution of sorts, a combination of the passing of time and the healing of the past and the way my relationships with my kids developed (I had them full-time while their dad took them for one night per week, sometimes, and so my relationship w my kids was so bonding and so sweet, and they were old enough to understand that my last name can’t touch the bond we have), and I literally just woke up, drove around to all the banks and licensing places to change my name back to Hutchins. It felt right. But it’s got to feel right for you, and you’ll just know if it is, and you’ll know if it’s not.

    Jake, my eldest, wants to change his last name from Van Dyck to Douglas, (his middle name), which is my mother’s maiden name. My mom’s parents were golden. Examples of true, servant-hearted loving, Godly people. You can imagine how much it would hurt the Van Dyck family to have Jake do that, but sometimes words DO speak louder than actions.
    Suzy recently posted…The Adventure of HappinessMy Profile

  3. says

    I have been married so long, I can’t imagine going back to my maiden name. In fact, I’ve had my married name loner than I had my maiden name. But who knows? If it happened, I could be very bitter & want it gone!

    Definitely snow day. But since I don’t work, it doesn’t much effect me either — other than shoving the dogs out & shoveling. 🙂
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Who needs dumbells . . : TOLTMy Profile

  4. Kristen says

    I am not divorced, but I never changed my name in the first place! It has never felt weird that my kids have a different last name than me — I think it is pretty common where I live.

  5. says

    It is 76 here today!! And my classroom is hotter than that because we haven’t switched over to the AC yet and I am sweating up a storm!

    That salad looks yummy!

    Today was 4.5 miles of hills with a friend. We have a storm coming in with a 100% chance of rain tomorrow, so it’ll be a treadmill and strength kind of day.