What I Ate Wednesday 1.25.17


It’s Wednesday already! I tend to say things like that when I miss a Tuesday post because missing a post in my  normal schedule really throws me off.

Let’s take a look at what I ate on Monday!


I thought about having an English muffin with peanut butter for breakfast but ultimately went with oatmeal, both before and after my run.

This is the messy, before my run bowl of oatmeal, which always involves banana (and chia seeds cooked in) too. My post-run bowl was equally as ugly only that bowl had frozen blueberries and peanut butter added to the mix.


Shortly after getting my son to school, I packed up my things (as in my computer) and headed over to my friend Dina’s house for the day. We really like to work together at least once a week and Monday’s are usually it.


Dina made us such a nice, big salad for lunch. She even had it ready early for me since she knows I tend to get hungry.


There was watermelon for me too. 🙂



I am completely indifferent to dinner lately. There’s nothing I really feel like eating or cooking although lately I have been in the mood for spicy flavors. I added sriracha to my plate of roasted potato wedges, broccoli and a Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger.



I am still off apples! Isn’t it funny how we can eat the same thing every day for years and then one day, just stop?

Right now, I have no set night-time snack during the week like I did when I lived on apples and peanut butter.

Some nights I make plain popcorn. You know, the kind where you pop the kernels in a brown lunch bag in the microwave? I wrote a post about how to do this SO LONG AGO. Here it is if you missed that popcorn post.


Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today for WIAW!

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What have you been craving (or not craving) lately?

Do you make microwave popcorn in the brown lunch bag too?

What are you packing for lunch today if you bring your lunch to work?

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  1. says

    That salad looks so pretty! Rob and I were talking about popcorn yesterday and how its just never something we have in the house. I guess neither of us really like it enough to think it buy it! I almost always bring leftovers for lunch but I will be out of the office for most of the day driving around to sites so I am planning to buy lunch today (it always feels like such a treat when I do that!)
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…8 Ways for Runners to Improve MobilityMy Profile

    • says

      I get the bag of oganic kernels from TJ and just have them in the back of the pantry for the random times I eat it – like lately! lol. I love when there are the random stops for lunch during the week. It is a treat!

  2. says

    Believe it or not, I have never bought popcorn to make like that! It is so simple, I really should try it sometime. That salad looks like something I would enjoy! I wish I had that for lunch today! I am bringing some leftover roasted veggies and the sweet potato, but I think I need some protein.
    Meliss recently posted…WIAW: Birthday Treats!My Profile

  3. says

    I understand how one day of not posting can throw off your schedule! Lately the one thing I haven’t been craving at all is vegetables… I just don’t want them right now! Thankfully I have enough time to stop home between classes for lunch today!

  4. says

    Such a pretty salad!

    Things I’ve been craving lately – Protein! My mileage was so high last week and my workouts this week have been pretty intense too. Usually I crave sweets/candy, but I’ve wanting more substance!
    Arthi recently posted…Tuesday in the Life.My Profile