It’s Okay To Not Sign Up For A Race



The registration lottery for the 2017 New York City Marathon begins today.

Last year I did enter the lottery although I really don’t know what I was thinking.

Did I really think that I wanted to run the marathon?

nyc marathon

As of now, I do not plan to enter the registration lottery for this year.

Most people fail to realize that I have yet to ever run a marathon.

I know it seems weird that I haven’t given my consistent mileage but aside from a brief moment last year when I applied, I have never really cared to run the marathon and still really don’t.

While I could list a million reasons as to why I don’t want to run a marathon, the bottom line is, I just don’t want to.

And I think that’s okay.

In fact, I think it’s perfectly okay to never a run a race of any distance if racing isn’t your idea of fun.

I also think it’s perfectly okay to run a bunch of races and then decide you don’t feel like running another race any time soon.

Right now, I am not feeling in the mood to run any race of any distance.

I’ve noticed a major increase in keyword searches lately for my Long Island Half Marathon training posts which leads me to believe people are planning for the half coming up in May.

The Long Island half marathon is a race that I have run four years in a row. It’s also the race that holds my current half marathon PR.

Recently I tried to see if I could get in the mood to think about training for the Long Island Half Marathon.

I thought that listening to my race day playlist while running would get me in the mood but it didn’t. It didn’t spark a thing.

Then my son and I went to a store that is located along the Long Island Half Marathon race course which I suddenly remembered as the 11 mile mark.

For a brief moment, I did get excited and started speaking really fast. “Oh, hey! This is the 11 mile mark of the half marathon. I am always beyond tired at this point!”

I also had a dream the other night that it was race day and somehow I was at the start line. I wasn’t registered and didn’t train but figured I would run it anyway until I saw the race day fee and decided the money would be better spent at Bloomingdales.

Right now, I think that I am just happy to run for no reason or complete a Pure Barre workout.

I never really needed to find my fitness motivation through a training plan. An upcoming race on my calendar is not necessary to keep me going.

I run to feel good and happy which is more than enough to get out of bed in the morning.

Maybe one day my feelings will change.

I do have a month to decide if I want to enter the marathon lottery and at least two months to decide on the half marathon. For now though, I think I am happy to save money on the race registration fees!

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Are you currently signed up for a race?

Do you go through phases with running races?

Do you plan to enter the registration lottery for the New York City Marathon?

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  1. says

    I really like not having the pressure to train for a race. Ill still work out almost every day but its nice to do that I feel like doing and not have to stress about a certain workout or distance! Im not signed up for any races but maybe in the spring Ill do some at the last minute.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Cold Weather Gear for Winter RunningMy Profile

  2. says

    Couldn’t of written it better myself. Running through Central Park everyday gives me a wonderful high as does my daily yoga practice. Walking to my yoga studio every weekday is my favorite time of the morning and each day it is as uplifting as the day, months, years before. I am so grateful and content at this stage in my life and if I want to do, I do and if I don’t I don’t obsess just move on. My exercise routine is my pure enjoyment and calm. The things I do for me. There’s so little in life we can say “we do for me.” If running and yoga are the the “ME” part of my life well I’d say I am pretty fortunate. Have a great day!!!

  3. says

    I totally go through phases and I’m in the no-racing phase right now too! Probably because I know how much effort it will take to get a sub-3 marathon and I don’t want to run another marathon unless I have a chance at a sub-3, because marathons take so much out of me and I like running for running itself, and I’m not interested in taking recovery time off after a race!
    Suzy recently posted…Week in Review: Poo FreezeMy Profile

  4. says

    I think its good that you’re not going to put any pressure o yourself to run a race especially if you don’t feel like it! Thats why Im not currently scheduled to run a race anytime soon… I want to focus on other aspects of my life like college, health, work an relationships before stressing myself out more!

  5. says

    Racing doesn’t define a runner. I ran for about 6 years before I raced! My theory on the marathon is to run one if you really want to – if you can’t let go of the idea of running one – but not just because everyone else is.
    I like to race because I enjoy the training, goals, and competition, but I can only do it a couple times per year because I also enjoy just running to run.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…How to Survive and Enjoy Treadmill Long Runs in WinterMy Profile

  6. says

    I think it’s totally okay not to want to do a marathon or any type of race for that matter. I personally wanted to do a marathon because it had been a childhood dream of mine, but I don’t feel like I need to or have to do it again. I’m not really into racing a lot; though I would love to do a Disney race, it’s on my bucket list!
    Caroline recently posted…Healthy Habits in the New SemesterMy Profile