Week In Workouts (less miles than usual!)


Two things before getting to my workouts from the week:

1) I ran a lot less than I normally do this week! It really wasn’t intentional at first although I believe that subconsciously I needed a break from my usual routine so I just did whatever it is I felt like every morning which turned out to be running fewer miles.

2) Getting back to the GapFit gFast Winterbrushed leggings that I mentioned in Friday’s post: I said that they seem to run true to size but the more I think about it, they may still run on the bigger side of true to size. Please try them on before you purchase them OR if you are ordering them online and deciding between two sizes, go with the smaller size.

I find that for me, it’s always the waist band that is too big from GapFit in comparison to how the waist bands fit from lululemon.

Okay on to my workouts!

Monday – In The Gym Workout (3 miles)

I am still laughing about my early morning running shoe mishap of almost leaving the house in two different pairs of Saucony Ride’s!

running shoes

It was raining and dark outside so in the gym I went for an awesome workout. Really, it was awesome!

I leave the gym so energized after these types of workouts and really look forward to how I have worked them into my routine each week.

2 mile warm up

free weights (upper body)

20 minutes elliptical < – I did intervals pedaling backwards and forwards on the random incline setting with alternating high resistances. OMG my heart was pounding!

free weights

1 mile fast (7.5 – 8.0)

squats, jumping jacks and lunges

Tuesday – 7.25 Miles

I ran outside today which may be the last day I get to do so since it’s supposed to get super cold later in the week. Even though the temperature was right around freezing which isn’t too cold normally for me at all, I struggled a bit breathing wise! My pace was okay but ugh, my lungs and nose were not happy and the not happy feeling lingered for about six hours after my run!


Wednesday – In The Gym

Yesterday’s outdoor run still lingered in the back of my mind which left me cold and tired just thinking about it so I figured it couldn’t hurt to make use of the elliptical and my jump rope in order to feel a bit fresher for tomorrow’s run.

20 minutes elliptical

off for jump rope/free weights

20 minutes elliptical

jump rope/weights/other strength stuff

in the gym and jump rope

Thursday – 7 Miles

Not much to say about this treadmill run! It went by fast, I felt good and that was that!

Friday – Pure Barre

I skipped an easy run in favor of a longer Pure Barre workout which I normally save for the weekend (Pure Barre Pure Results).

In the back of my mind, I knew that I would be running long for the first time this season on the treadmill tomorrow since the weather forecast was calling for snow so I think I just wanted to be as fresh as possible for that run!

Saturday – 11 Miles (treadmill)

All week I mentally prepared myself for running long indoors on the treadmill. If I am not mentally ready for a long treadmill run, I know I am doomed from the start.

It was only a few inches of snow and looked a little pretty on my quick little walk over to the gym in my neighborhood.


My goal was a total of 10 miles so I broke them up in my head into two sets of 5 miles each and ended up tacking on one extra mile to make it 11 for the day.

First 5 miles: I basically ran my easy run on the treadmill workout, picking up the pace in the last two miles of this set.

Second 5 miles: I barely remember at all! Nothing faster than 7.5, that’s all I know.

I am always so proud when I finish a long run on the treadmill!

Sunday – Not really sure?

Since I ran less this week, I don’t totally feel like I need today off but I haven’t decided just yet if I will run. I lightened up on Pure Barre this week too so maybe I will do a quick Pure Barre workout plus an easy, short run.

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Did it snow by you this weekend? Did it interfere with your long run?

Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

Are you going away at all in the next few weeks?


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  1. says

    I love when workouts just leave me feeling SO energized and ready to give everything else in my life a go! Awesome week of workouts, hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂
    Jen recently posted…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  2. says

    We got ice yesterday which interfered with my Saturday run! Im not sure if Ill run today- it’s been pouring rain all morning but at least its warmer out so I think the ice melted.
    I’ll be going to Michigan for a few days after Christmas- definitely wish I was heading back to Florida!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Lessons in Running from 2016My Profile