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I am still laughing about what almost happened to me early Monday morning when I came so close to leaving the house for the gym in two different pairs of running shoes.

running shoes

Has this ever happened to you? Did you catch it before or after you left the house? I am glad I noticed right before I left for the gym because I would not have been happy running in mismatched running shoes especially since the right foot pair is totally burned out!

I do love the Saucony Rides by the way as my alternate pair of running shoes. It’s as if I rarely talk running shoes anymore which is probably because I have no issues to report and how many times can I say that I LOVE my Adidas Energy Boosts while also enjoy the Saucony Rides on alternate days?

Running shoes are a sensitive and difficult topic as we runners know so I feel grateful to not be having running shoe issues. If you ever have a question about the Adidas Energy Boost (or Saucony Rides) please feel free to ask me! I’ve been running in the Boosts for over three years straight now, crazy how time flies.

#TBT to November 2013 and my first ever picture of Energy Boosts on the blog!

adidas energy boost


We won’t talk about how cold it is getting or that I am ready for Spring even before we hit winter. Like really, let’s just not discuss it because it won’t help any of us but if you were wondering how many days until March, we are at less than 75 days. Not that I am counting or excited or anything.

We also won’t discuss that I spend half of my total waking time searching for where I last put my glasses. I now understand why the old ladies wear their glasses on a chain around their necks. It’s scary that the old people things that used to make me laugh are now becoming genius ideas.

I am very behind on my blog reading. My bloglovin feed is overflowing which upsets me because I like to be up to date but I just can’t get to reading every post at the moment because I have been juggling what feels like 100 things lately. All good things though so not one complaint from me but still, I feel behind on blog life.

I must also be behind on grocery shopping because GET THIS: I planned on making my son homemade pizza last night using one of the frozen organic Trader Joe’s pizza crusts.

Simple enough right? Pizza crust, sauce and cheese. Well guess who has not one jar of tomato sauce in her pantry?! That’s right. Not one jar when usually, I am overstocked with at least five jars on reserve. My son was THRILLED to the point where he high-fived me for the error because it meant I wasn’t going to cook.

On This Day :

Apparently I used to share a lot of recipes.

12/15/15: Cold S’mores (no bake & super easy) < – You must make these Cold S’mores! One of my favorite easy recipes!

12/15/14: Easiest Shepherd’s Pie Ever (Meatless Monday) < – Should’ve made this for my son for dinner last night!

12/15/13: Snackin Muffins < – I forgot I ever made these little muffins!

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Have you ever left the house in two different pairs of running shoes?

Which running shoes are you rotating right now? Are you due for a new pair?

What are you behind on these days?



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    Im still on my running shoe search but since the Launch have been working Im sticking with those for now. I did ask for the Pure Flow 5s for Christmas so I can see how I like the new model. 75 days until March doesn’t sound too bad considering its just the middle of December. I never remember it being this cold before the holidays and I think this winter is going to feel extra long!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Home Gym Tour Plus Workouts You Can Do At HomeMy Profile

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    I’ve never done that with running shoes, but one time my coworkers were going out for lunch and I slipped on my shoes under my desk without looking, then realized they were two completely different shoes when I stepped outside. One was black and the other was flowery, but they were the same shape. I just started that job too, so everyone just thought i had weird style!
    Gretchen recently posted…2017 Racing PlansMy Profile

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    I remember that s’more recipe! YUM. I wear Asics Nimbus and Brooks Launch (for speedier days) but I recently ordered the Boosts and Nike Vomeros! I used to only stick to one single pair of Asics Nimbus and I’d run them into the ground, every single day, and then I’d go buy a new pair of the exact same shoes once they’d wear out. But now I like changing it up. It feels healthier for my feet.
    Suzy recently posted…Sober, Not DryMy Profile

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    Laughing out loud as I read this post—because I literally showed up at work (at an Indoor Cycling Studio) a few weeks ago wearing two different Hoka running shoes….one black and one pink. Here’s what happened..I was supposed to be at work at 545am…My alarm didn’t go off–I sprang up at 524…freaking out as I was opening the studio with a co-worker. I threw my clothes on–walked into my dark closet and grabbed shoes….put them on in the dark…showed up at work and people were making fun of me all day….it’s still a running joke! LOL. Have a great weekend.