A lot of dessert in this Week In Review!


Mid-December already? Wow. We planned our quick trip to Disney World sort of at the last-minute so it’s pretty exciting that we are already going next week. Although before we get to next week, let’s chat about the last several days which seem to have contained a lot of dessert!


I’ve been super busy writing for work but I still found time to publish five posts here on the blog which always helps me to feel balanced and happy.

In case you missed these two posts:

Favorite Running Workouts

My Story To Tell


I am forever grateful to Suzy for introducing me to this quote which definitely inspired me to hit publish on My Story To Tell which gives insight into my divorce and the effects at the Bar Mitzvah. It’s amazing what writing can do for the soul because wow did I feel so much better when putting that post together.


In addition to being mentally busy during the day, I have also been busy with holiday parties (I have one tonight actually again in the city) and then somehow the other night my son talked me into going at the last-minute to a weeknight Islanders game.

I had pretty much put a stop to weeknight Islanders games once my team moved to Brooklyn but then we got suite seats with access to the 40/40 Club so I couldn’t say no, even if it meant taking the darn train and changing at Jamaica in the freezing cold.

The 40/40 Club has serious food and by serious food, I mean look at the desserts.

m&m's 40 40 club desserts

40 40 club desserts

The Islanders popcorn boxes are positioned so nicely as décor in this dessert display!

chocolate cake

40 40 club desserts

Oh yeah, and there was a hockey game going on too and the Islanders even won again.

Islanders game

On Friday I worked with my friend Dina at her house so on the way I stopped at a newly renovated Trader Joe’s to pick up a few things.

If you are familiar with Trader Joe’s, you can appreciate this picture because you will be able to tell just how big this Trader Joe’s location has become!

Trader Joe's

I realized while shopping at Trader Joe’s that I haven’t been eating much fruit these days which I guess tends to happen in the winter but it’s really not okay! All summer I fuel myself with watermelon. It’s so great for hydration and running so I decided to grab one of the packages of watermelon to bring over to Dina’s house to eat while we worked.


I never feel like baking anymore which is sort of weird for someone like me who used to bake and sell her goodies but I guess we go in phases with things in life, right?

Recently I saw this recipe for seriously fudgy homemade brownies from Sally’s Baking Addiction and although I have my own personal fudgy brownie recipe, I had the desire to bake and the urge to try this new to me recipe.

If you love fudgy brownies, definitely try this recipe. We loved them!

seriously fudgy brownies

I enjoy driving around to look at Christmas lights even though I do not celebrate Christmas.

This picture does not do this house justice but it was a really good one AND it had a holiday radio station to tune into while viewing their lights. I do not like or listen to holiday music but this was pretty cool!

christmas lights

Yesterday I was mother of the year for agreeing to take my son and his friend to the newest New York location of Wahlburger’s. It was not exactly close to our house but I am always down with traveling a distance to try something new and hopefully good to eat.

The boys really liked the burgers and the restaurant was covered in movie and New Kids on the Block décor but as a meatless eater, a veggie burger would have been a nice addition to the menu.

I had a Portobello mushroom salad which was kind of small plus onion strings for the table but I kept those close to me. 🙂


It’s raining this morning (at least it’s not snowing) so I will be running today on the treadmill. This is not a bad thing! I like mixing up my workouts (as you can see in yesterday’s workout recap) and enjoy a good treadmill run while watching the news on mute and listening to my music.

Have a great week!

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Do you like a fudgy brownie or more of a cake brownie? Do you frost your brownies?!

Do you find that you eat less fruit in the winter?

3 things you did over the weekend?




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    Three things I did over the weekend:
    -Friend’s holiday party!
    -11-mile and a 9-mile run (both on treadmills)
    -Brother was in town from NYC so him, my mom, and I stayed in Saturday night and watched The Jungle Book!

    Fudgy brownies. Definitely. Will need to try out that recipe!
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