Workout Recap (12.5.16 – 12.11.16)


I ran six days this week and of the six days, four of my runs took place outside! Granted I have needed to bundle up and wear my layers but running four days outside in the fresh air is a good balance for the days indoors on the treadmill.

My lululemon winter running accessories from the last few years (hat/fluff over mittens/neckwarmer) are still wearing/washing as new so this is my winning combo once again for this cold weather season!

lululemon winter running accessories

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Hopefully I get lucky this winter with limited ice and snow days so that I can continue to run outside until the warm weather returns. Have I mentioned that I am not at all interested in the cold weather and winter months this year?

Yeah, I am already looking forward to March in a major way.

a look at my week in workouts including running and pure barre

Monday – In The Gym (6 Miles)

Between the early morning darkness and rain, in the gym was the smartest place for me to be.

I broke up my treadmill in 3 sets of 2 miles each with strength exercises in between:

Miles 1, 2: Warm up

Free weights (upper body)

Miles 3, 4: Speed between 6.8 – 8.0


Miles 5, 6: Speed between 7.0 – 8.0

Of course I do not know the technical name for this rope thing but I have always liked it for tricep exercises. I got up to 22 pounds I think which is a lot for me! I DO NOT have great upper body strength but I do notice improvements.

in the gym weights

Tuesday – 8 Miles

I ran later than I normally do which always throws me off but the sun was up and shining so I was happy.

It looks to me like Runkeeper changed their splits screen this week – the numbers are bigger. I was able to screenshot 7 out of the 8 miles which is fine since the last mile was a cool down.

runkeeper splits

Wednesday – Pure Barre/5 Miles

I started super early with a Pure Barre Mile High Series DVD (30 minutes) and then left to get my son from my parents (because I was out in the city last night so he slept there) and then I brought him to school AND THEN came home to run 5 miles outside. Another later than normal run time for me but at least it was outside!

I thought I would run much slower and didn’t think I would run 5 miles but somewhere between the third and fourth mile I decided to keep going. Not sure why mile 5 is displaying as mile 1 in the splits?

runkeeper splits

Thursday – In The Gym (7 Miles)

I woke up in a mood for no reason at all and really didn’t feel like running but I did anyway because 1) my legs weren’t in a mood 2) I would have felt worse to skip my workout.

Another treadmill run where I split the miles with weights in between:

3.5 miles < – 2 mile warm up plus 1.5 fast

off for free weights (upper body)

3.5 miles < – speed intervals to make it go by quick! (like between 7.0 – 8.0)

Friday – Pure Barre/5 Miles

I went with the second DVD in the Pure Barre Mile High Series (35 minutes) before a cold but not windy so totally bearable 5 miles outside.

Pure Barre Mile High

Saturday – 12 Miles

I thought I was in the mood for a long run until around mile 2 when I felt that overall tired feeling that happens when I run in the cold even though I wasn’t actually feeling the cold since I was bundled in layers.

It certainly takes extra work and motivation to run in the super cold and/or super hot weather, at least for me!

In my head I thought I would go 13 miles but dropped it down to JUST MAKE IT TO TEN MILES and then ended up going 12 miles.

That’s usually how things go for me. I play the game of “just make it to x amount of miles” usually knowing I will continue beyond that point although if I do decide to stop, I am satisfied with reaching the goal I set.

Sunday – Pure Barre

I am definitely not running but will most likely pick the Pure Barre Pure Results (featured focus on focus on thighs) workout.

In case you missed my round-up running workouts that I shared this week, check it out here!

Awesome collection of running workouts that are perfect for running outside or on the treadmill!

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Is it super cold where you live? Have you been running outside anyway?

How to motivate yourself to continue a run when part of you wants to stop?

Best thing you ate so far this weekend? Did you see the brownies I shared on Instagram?!

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    I was playing mind games on my run yesterday too! It was so cold when I started, I was thinking I could just do 3-4 miles if I didn’t warm up. Of course I did warm up, so I said I would do one lap around this nearby lake which is about a mile and a half around. I still felt good so did another lap. I ended up running over 8 which was what I set out for initially.
    How do you like that lulu hat? I feel like hats never fit me well but I need something more than a headband when it’s really cold!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Florida Pics, Trader Joes, and My First Stitch FixMy Profile

    • says

      love the lulu hat! I think it’s the run with me toque (I list it in the workout favorites post but would have to check to be sure of the exact name). it fits really well, doesn’t get my hair sweaty, has a slot for a pony tail and washes great without shrinking or losing shape. it’s really comfortable and doesn’t bother me when I run. I don’t have to adjust it ever!