Why do I make such a mess with popcorn & going to Disney soon! (TOL)


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Thank you for your kind comments and emails regarding yesterday’s post. It was definitely my story to tell and I am really glad that I told it. Not only did it truly make me feel better and help me to move on even more, I am learning that I helped a few of you out which means a lot to me!

I feel really weird when I miss a What I Ate Wednesday post so here’s an English muffin with peanut butter to make things better.

english muffin with peanut butter

Talk to me about popcorn, specifically HOW you eat popcorn. Is it possible to eat just one piece of popcorn at a time or do you shove handfuls into your mouth and make a huge mess all over yourself because you can’t get the handfuls, even the little handfuls, into your mouth all at once?

Please tell me I am not the only one.

Lately I buy the purple bag of the reduced guilt air popped popcorn from Trader Joe’s and I get popcorn pieces everywhere to the point where I wonder how any popcorn actually lands in my mouth. Is there something wrong with me? Am I doing something wrong?

trader joe's popcorn

I don’t think I mentioned it but I am going to mention it now that we are going to Disney World two weeks from today for a quick and sort of annual holiday season trip!

Who remembers the last time we went to Disney in December 2014? I think I am most excited for the chocolate covered apples. Or maybe my favorite giant chocolate chip cookies from the bakery!

Magic Kingdom Chocolate Covered Apple

I already made us a bunch of dining reservations at some of our favorite places in Disney but I am also preparing myself to not make the food mistakes I made in Disney last time. What am I talking about? Well, as a meatless eater, sometimes you get caught up in being away and forget that you need to concentrate on ordering and eating foods that will fill you, like meals that contain protein.

I forgot to get my protein in at breakfast (hello too much fruit and oatmeal) and my salads were filled with veggies while the rest of me filled up on sweets. I was hungry/sugar crashing often. I will be sure to pay better attention to what I am eating in between bakery stops this time!

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Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!

Do you have a favorite restaurant and/or dessert in Disney World or Disney Land?

Do you make a mess with popcorn?

What’s on today’s workout agenda?


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  1. says

    Disney will be so much fun! I think we are going to plan a family trip there next winter because my niece will be almost 3. I was actually thinking about how I never eat popcorn anymore, Im not sure what made me think of it but of course I forgot to buy any! Maybe next week. I’m sure I will make a mess with it like I do with all foods!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Florida Pics, Trader Joes, and My First Stitch FixMy Profile

    • says

      oh you guys totally need to go next year! I started taking my son when I was 5 or 6 and we have gone a bunch of times since (like 5 out of the last 7 years) and we have the greatest time!

  2. says

    When you travel do you eat eggs for breakfast to stay satisfied for the morning? We just travelled for three weeks and they were very accommodating with giving me peanut butter to take with me for later in the day. A lot of European countries don’t eat peanut butter but the younger generation seems to have made it more available by grooming a taste for it. Popcorn is one of those foods that as neat as one is somehow ends up as much all over you as you consume. Have a blast in Disney–such precious quality time with your son

    • says

      so I am not really sure what I will do at breakfast this time! I am not an egg for breakfast eater at all! my guess is that I will still want the oatmeal and fruit but I will make sure to eat yogurt (which I haven’t been eating but may grab because I love the hotel breakfast buffet and their full fat yogurt was good) or bring protein powder and peanut butter with me this time. I get the Justin’s peanut butter packets when I travel and will definitely be bringing those with me even though I do believe the hotel has peanut butter. just in case, you know?

  3. Lindsay says

    I love love LOVE popcorn, but that reduced guilt kind from tj is soooo bad. It’s tasteless and well…lulu all diet food-ish. Gimme real buttery or coconut oil filled popcorn!

  4. says

    I’ve never been a big fan of popcorn, I think because my dad has diverticulitis and he was never allowed to eat it and I was always nervous about getting what he had. Ha! I’m a dork that way. I’m not sure what’s on the workout agenda for me today. I have to run on the treadmill (again) because it’s too cold to push Callum in the stroller and I slept in (again) so I couldn’t get a run in this morning. BOOOO.
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  5. Tracy says

    So weird! Was just planning our Disney trip today! Lol – I always check for when crowds are at the lowest and since we can’t do our usual Super Bowl weekend trip it seems crowds will be super low the weekend of Jan 20 – so the 20th it is! I always bring breakfast and bars even though there is a breakfast buffet. My mom is a vegetarian (actually she eats fish)(& my parents come every year too – they seriously are the driving force!) so please post about any great veggie options you find!

    • says

      Disney does have great veggie options so I will take note and let you know! We always end up down in Disney at holiday time – it’s become a bit of a tradition and works because my son is off from school! I do plan the days as best I can to avoid the major mass crowds though!