Cake Tasting & Cake Studio Tour (wiaw)



Monday was a fun day for me this week because I had a meeting in the city that centered not only around talking about cake, but eating cake. Let’s discuss!


I am still on the English muffin with peanut butter kick for breakfast and I am loving every bite. Aside from Saturday when I went back to oatmeal for breakfast for my long run, English muffins are working so much better for me at the moment, both before and after I run.

I switch between these two types of muffins from Trader Joe’s depending on my mood.

Trader joe's english muffins

I have half before I run and half after, both with banana, peanut butter and a drop of jelly. So delicious with a cup of coffee!

english muffin with peanut butter


I took the train around lunch time to get into the city for a meeting. Normally I drive in to the city but lately, and I swear it’s because I am getting older, I have zero patience not only for traffic but for city driving.

I contemplated grabbing a Red Mango parfait when I got to Penn Station but opted for just bringing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread in my bag to eat on the train.

It took me a few minutes to realize I basically had the same thing for breakfast. Who can get tired of peanut butter and jelly though?! Always the perfect portable meal.

peanut butter and jelly

So my meeting for work was at RBI Cakes which I think is the best place to have a work meeting.

Ron Ben-Israel, who you may recognize from Sweet Genius and Cake Wars, is such a lovely man whenever I have the chance to work with him. He creates the MOST AMAZING WEDDING CAKES I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Our meeting on Monday was at his cake studio and he was kind enough to give me the full tour before our meeting and then served cake during our brainstorming session.

with ron ben israel

You may recognize my pal Dina in this picture. Not only do I love my job but I get to work with one of my best friends. Gosh I have a lot to be thankful for!

I got to see the studio in action which was super cool for someone like me.

RBI Cakes

I was in the refrigerators looking at the cakes that were getting ready to be frosted and assembled too!

RBI cakes

So the cake tasting. My goodness. We enjoyed so many delicious combinations while discussing the details of an upcoming webinar we are working on together.

I absolutely adored the spice cake with the Mexican hot chocolate filling but really, I loved them all. How could I not?

cake tasting at rbi cakes

After our meeting, I met up with a friend quick at Starbucks before catching the next train home and he treated me to my first red cup of the season.

red cup


So I took the train line back towards where my parents live because my dad was watching my son who decided he didn’t feel well and couldn’t go to school. Isn’t that how things happen?! The one day I need to be in the city?!

Anyway, my dad picked me up from the train and we went back to their house for dinner which was my favorite grandma pizza and salad combination from La Piazza.

pizza and salad

I snagged some Trader Joe’s chocolate chips right after dinner. My dad keeps his chocolate chips stashed in the freezer which is where we used to keep our “chocolate stash” when I still lived at their house.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! If you aren’t running in a Turkey Trot tomorrow, I recommend you check out my Turkey Trot Running Workout Roundup from last year which gives you great workout choices for tomorrow morning before you enjoy the holiday.

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Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!

What are you making for Thanksgiving?

Favorite cake and filling combination?

Are you running in a race tomorrow?

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      when I need to be on the east side, I am prefer to drive but if I need to be closer to penn, I am choosing the train these days! I fell asleep for a few minutes on the way in, it was definitely a better choice over driving!

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    Such an entertaining post. Love Ron Ben-Israel. We use to love his show. He is very talented. Hey, thanks for the review on the English muffins. I was just looking at them last Sunday and couldn’t decide weather to buy them. Some store brands can be funky and the regular store bought ones are wayyyy to processed. I wanted something other then my beloved Ezekiel whole wheat and cinnamon raisin breads. I will def buy this weekend. You look great in the above pic. Hope you are going into the holiday feeling great!! I wish you and your families lay McGee health, happiness and love this holiday season.

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      I really like these trader joe’s English muffins! some brands are definitely more processed but lately, I am not caring so much and focusing more on what is satisfying. my best friend loves the Thomas’ oatmeal honey English muffins. While yes, they may involve more ingredients than the Trader Joe’s, I think once in a while if it’s something we like, why not enjoy it. Have a very happy thanksgiving and wonderful holiday season!

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    I love your post today! I related to so many things- the cake tasting looked amazing and now I’m dying to know how to get my hands on spice cake with Mexican chocolate filling?? Wow! The other day I also had to go into the city (and dreaded it bc it was so cold and I really wanted to stay home!) and once you get to Penn, you are energized to deal with the city! Thanks for the list of workouts! Love that!

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    You have the coolest job ever! I totally forgot about the whole chocolate in the freezer thing. We never ever had any treats growing up (my mom was always on a diet and she STILL is) so whenever I’d go to my friend Isabelle’s house, she’d have cookies and chocolates in the freezer. I loved it. Her freezer was my jackpot.
    Suzy recently posted…Week In Review: PerspectiveMy Profile

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    Yay for cake tasting! Sounds like so much fun. I am a traditional girl and love vanilla or almond cake with a vanilla or almond frosting. anything but chocolate! I also love cassata cake and anything with cream cheese frosting. I am running a 5 mile turkey trot tomorrow! It is my first race since my baby was born a few months ago.
    Meliss recently posted…Cold in CLEMy Profile

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    I hate city driving! We don’t have many options in Seattle, but they are supposed to be building a train soon which will be good. Thanksgiving is just Ryan and I, so we’re making exactly what we want: brined and roasted turkey, lightened up mashed potatoes, whole wheat stuffing, lots of veggies, and pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    I’m planning to make a chocolate mousse cheesecake for thanksgiving but I’m worry about the difficult to make this kind of cake.
    Should I try Mousse cheesecake or make pumpkin pie. huh so confused 🙁
    The studio is look really cool btw.
    Happy thanksgiving !