Pure Barre Pure Results (featured focus on thighs) Review


I am super excited to finally bring you my personal opinion and review of the Pure Barre Pure Results Online Workout (with featured focus on thighs) today!

Before we get to the review, let’s bring you up to date on all things Pure Barre first.

My Pure Barre History:

I began taking Pure Barre studio classes in 2014 and fell in love with the non-impact routine immediately.

I never loved strength training and favored running over anything else so finding Pure Barre was the perfect complement to my workout routine. I experienced an increase in my strength (especially my core), a noticeable difference in my balance/flexibility and a leaner appearance in my muscles pretty quickly.

Pure Barre definitely lives up to their tag line of lift, tone and burn!

The stretching segments (a nice mix of yoga and pilates) were so needed in my life that I am not really sure how it is I ran so much before incorporating Pure Barre into my workout routine on a regular weekly basis.

Pure Barre Benefits For Runners:

  • Non-impact full body workout to strengthen core, abs, arms, legs and seat
  • Strength training without overdoing it
  • Cross Training
  • Stretching
  • Works to improve your stability and balance

All of this helps to prevent injury!

How I Got Started With Pure Barre From Home:

After taking several Pure Barre studio classes two years ago, I switched over to mostly at-home Pure Barre workouts (DVD”s and online workout options) for two main reasons:

The price. Pure Barre classes in the studio can be expensive.

While I do think it’s worth taking several in-studio classes in order to understand the routine with guidance from the instructors so you understand the positioning, the price can really add up if you want to continue with Pure Barre on a super regular basis.

Convenience. Getting to the studio is not always easy for me timing wise.

I love having the option to do a Pure Barre workout at home whenever I feel like it. The flexibility of at home workouts works really well if you have kids, time constraints or weather issues like snowstorms when you can’t leave the house!

Reviewing the Pure Barre Pure Results online workout with featured focus on thighs!

What you need for the Pure Barre Pure Results online workout:

  • Internet Access
  • Free weights ( I use 3 or 5 lb weights)
  • Wall, ledge or support (like a chair)


  • Yoga Mat < – I don’t use one since my living room is carpeted
  • Sticky Socks < – I don’t always wear the socks
  • Red Ball < – Not necessary for this workout at all but sometimes I use it to support my back during the ab section

Once you purchase an online workout, you have access for one year.

I subscribed to this Pure Results workout over the summer so it has been a part of my weekly routine for a few months.

This Pure Barre Pure Results workout with featured focus on thighs is 55 minutes in length which is the same length of time as an in-studio class.

It follows the usual Pure Barre class structure although it incorporates additional thigh exercises throughout the workout rather than just during the thigh portion of the class.

pure barre pure results focus on thighs review

The warm up is typical but you will notice the subtle addition of thigh work, even in the planks.

The arm section is easy to follow and also incorporates slight pulses to the legs which is one of the ways they sneak in the additional thigh work.

pure barre pure results featured focus on thighs

I must admit that I was nervous to order this Pure Barre workout because a focus on thighs scared me! Some of the Pure Barre thigh exercises can burn real bad (or good, depends on how you see things) and I was nervous I would dread the workout.

pure barre pure results focus on thighs

Boy was I was in for a pleasant surprise. I never expected this Pure Results workout to become my favorite!

I think the reason I really like this workout is because the focus on thighs is gradually integrated throughout the workout rather at all at one time in the routine. The thigh positions are also easy to maneuver as they are not weird and twisty as some exercises can be.

I enjoy the burn from the various thigh exercises (lots of inner and outer thigh work) in this online workout and can feel myself getting stronger each week that I do them.

I am not shaking like I was the first few times I did this workout which tells me I am getting stronger.

pure barre pure results focus on thighs review

By the time we get to the seat portion of the workout, I can definitely feel the fatigue in my legs though!

pure barre pure results featured focus on thighs

The ending section of ab work doesn’t feel too long. You really work your core and abs in Pure Barre between the warm up and ab section but this workout doesn’t feel dragged out which is a plus!

Pure Barre Pure Results with featured focus on thighs review

I will admit that the bridge position at the end of the workout also known in Pure Barre as back dancing, feels extra challenging in this workout because you lift one leg at a time as you lower and lift your hip.

It’s nice that they offer a modification here because lifting one leg at a time is not easy!

Pure Barre Pure Results Focus on thighs review

Overall Thoughts:

I definitely recommend this online Pure Barre workout. You can’t go wrong for the price and access that you have for a year. Since it’s online, you can do it anywhere that you are able to sign in to your Pure Barre account.

The instructor who leads the workout doesn’t annoy me and offers you modification ideas for just about every sequence.

One thing I do wish is that the online workouts had marker points so that you could easily find each section should you want to skip around. The DVD’s have that option.

Answers to Common Pure Barre Questions:

Can I run the same day as a Pure Barre workout? Yes, you can, but I do find that Pure Barre can fatigue my legs. For this reason, I only run the same day as Pure Barre if the run is an easy/recovery/short run.

I save speed work days for non-Pure Barre days.

Can I do Pure Barre on back-to back days? Yes, you can. I found however that my muscles much prefer an every other day approach but there are times where I do it on consecutive days.

Is the routine hard to follow if I have never done it before? I recommend taking a Pure Barre in studio class before ordering the DVD’s or trying an online workout. I think it’s best, as I described in this post, for the instructor to walk you through some of the moves in advance of the class and correct your form the first few times.

Do you get more of a workout out of the longer Pure Barre workouts than the shorter workouts?  While the in studio classes are 55 minutes each, I find that I can get a great Pure Barre workout done in less time with some of the shorter options. Some of the Pure Barre DVD’s that I use are 35 and 45 minutes long and feel very complete in terms of workout experience. I also enjoy the Tone in 10 workouts because you can target specific areas in a short amount of time.

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UPDATE: Please see my most recent Pure Barre review, Pure Barre On Demand!

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Are you a fan of barre classes?

Do you like at home workouts or do you stick to the studio classes?

Favorite way to cross train?


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    This just reminded me that I still have the Tone in 10 and it will expire next month! I should probably do that a few more times this year. Maybe I will look into the results one for next year. If I remember correctly it was really reasonable for a year subscription so even though I only used it a handful of times I still think it was worth it!
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    I’ve never tried Pure Barre, but I’d really like to. I dunno if I could commit to the classes since they’re kind of pricey, but I’d totally try the at home stuff. The only thing is that I really suck at following DVDs or videos. I’ve tried to jump on board the fitness YouTube thing and can never seem to make it through more than 5 mins 😆
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      I think you should look into the online streaming pure barre workouts. it’s like 19.99 for one year access which is really cheap. you know I love it and I think you would too. we can discuss.