It’s Not Okay When Your Keurig Breaks In The Morning! (WIAW)

I woke up yesterday morning to a broken Keurig Machine. If you ask me, a broken coffee machine in the early am is the meanest thing that can happen when you first wake up.

Like, I don’t want to drive to Dunkin Donuts in my pajamas for coffee because I am too cranky without having my coffee to make it there and I don’t want to text my friend Meaghan to tell her I am walking over for coffee at 5:00 am because I can’t even speak yet to say thanks for the cup because I haven’t had a cup yet to make me friendly enough to do that even though she accepts me as I am to know there’s no way I can be nice at such an hour even though I call myself a morning person.


Didn’t my Keurig just break last year?! Why yes it did, here’s the post to prove it.

They certainly do not make these coffee machines like they used to, that’s for sure.


I had a small bowl of oatmeal with banana while I pounded on the dumb Keurig machine as if that was going to do something until I gave up and made a cup of instant coffee to hold me over until after my run when I would drive to Dunkin Donuts.

Post-run bowl of oatmeal with lots of blueberries. I mixed in Skoop B-Strong after taking the picture. The vanilla flavored Skoop combined with the blueberries, cinnamon and oatmeal is really a winning combination. It’s my blueberry pie protein oatmeal recipe. So simple and satisfying!

oatmeal with blueberries

I headed over to Dunkin Donuts which was so beyond crowded that I decided everyone else had a broken Keurig machine too.

dunkin donuts coffee


When I picked up the bagels at Stew Leonard’s the other day, I grabbed a fresh cauliflower too because they looked so nice on the display and it had been a while since I roasted a fresh vegetable in my house. Isn’t that crazy?! But you know, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up and not eat the same foods all of the time even if it means skipping the healthier nutrient dense stuff like vegetables.

I made a basic salad with roasted cauliflower on top plus chick peas which I added after taking the picture.



These days if I have dinner at home, I usually just make roasted potato wedges with tomato soup.

However, since I had chick peas left over from opening the can at lunch, I added them to a plate of brown rice and broccoli with tomato sauce and nutritional yeast. I really liked this random and quick combination!

By the way, my son caught wind of the bottle of nutritional yeast in the refrigerator and has made fun of me about it ever since. Why is it so funny? So what if it’s a vegan sub for parmesan cheese? Why must the kid make fun of everything I do? I know, it’s the age. One day he will appreciate me.



I am extremely bored with apples and peanut butter. It was really bound to happen and although I do still dice up the apples and dip them in the peanut butter jar, it’s not the nighttime snack that I crave anymore.

I don’t know what I crave anymore so I just had a few of my cupcake truffles that I hid from my son.

cupcake truffles

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today. 🙂

If you have a Keurig, how often do you end up replacing it? I once had a Keurig that lasted seven years!

Do you like to have coffee when you first wake up? Does it make you a nicer person?

We don’t need to discuss the election but I want to know if you were up late watching for the results?!



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  1. says

    Just two quick questions. Do you buy frozen blueberries this time of year or nonorganic fresh? I always buy organic when possible, but reading on these organic from Mexico where there are no true organic standards is quite a farce and I am in a quandary about it. Also, I have a cauliflower and have never roasted one. How do you roast yours? We just got back from Europe and one of our travels was Amsterdam where I had awesome roasted cauliflower, roasted potatoes in last me a tomatoes and lentil soup it was amazing. Sounds a lot like your combos above.

    • says

      I actually only eat frozen blueberries since having a stomach virus last year! and most of the time, I am not buying frozen organic blueberries…I roast the cauliflower the same way I roast my other vegetables – 450 degree oven with a spritz of coconut oil spray or drizzle of olive oil until crisp

  2. says

    My Keurig was always having issues so I upgraded to a Nespresso and it was my best decision ever!! Much better tasting coffee, reliable machine, etc. The only downside is it’s hard to get the capsules and there aren’t as many flavors.

    Side note- in NY does Dunkin do promotions for the Islanders? Here, when the Pens win we get 50 cent iced or hot coffee all day!
    Gretchen recently posted…WIAW : Election DayMy Profile

  3. says

    We all stayed up late here, even though we’re Canadian! Although, we’re west coast so we only had to stay up until just after midnight. I’ve never had issues with my Keurig, thank goodness!
    Suzy recently posted…PressedMy Profile

  4. says

    I would be devastated if my coffee pot broke in the morning! We use a regular pot and I program it each night so I don’t need to worry about it in the morning and I hate when I forget to do it. It literally throws off my entire day. And now I want some roasted cauliflower, yours looks delicious!
    Patricia @Sweet and Strong recently posted…Cardio and Abs Circuit WorkoutMy Profile

  5. says

    I was up late watching, which is crazy because I’m not even American 😆 I’m trying to avoid everything about it today, though. Let the dust settle a bit. And I’d say I have coffee 1-2 hours after I wake up? It’s always black tea for me first… which I’m running out of and should probably order more of. Eep.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…pumpkin snickerdoodle mug cakeMy Profile