Writing Things Down, Running Shoes, Bar Mitzvah Reminders (TOL)

thinking out loud

Just when I truly need to be writing things down the most in my Erin Condren Life Planner, I completely stopped using it this week.

I make no sense.

There have been an overwhelming amount of details that I need to keep track of right now yet I am flying by the seat of my pants, writing nothing down. Hopefully my good memory is enough to save me.

Today feels like Friday since it is the last day of the school/work week for us. Although we were off yesterday for Yom Kippur so really, I don’t even know what today even feels like.

Had I been writing things down and making reminder lists, I would have probably remembered that I need a new pair of back up/recovery run/easy run running shoes. My Saucony Rides are beyond finished plus my older pair of Energy Boosts are shot too.

It’s not even funny how I forget this need until Monday, Wednesday or Friday rolls around and it’s time to put on my easy run running shoes.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I whipped out a super old but hardly worn pair of Brooks Glycerin’s yesterday in my attempt to solve my problem. I made it a mile before going home to switch my shoes because the Brooks just didn’t feel right. Why would I think that now, they would suddenly feel right? Clearly they never really did or I would have worn them more over the last three years!

brooks glycerin

Sleep has not been happening much this week. I go to bed early but wake up around 1:00 am, wide awake and ready…for what I am not sure. I don’t feel stressed, I am not running through lists of things to do (probably because I haven’t written a formal list down) but the excitement I suppose has set in for the weekend. So what do I do? I watch TV Land and catch up on my favorite old shows.

Tonight is opening night for the Islanders! They are playing the Rangers at Madison Square Garden so it’s not a home game but sort of feels like a home game since it’s only in the city. The actual home opener is this Sunday and yes, we are going!

I consider it our after party. I know I will be EXHAUSTED from the Bar Mitzvah but it’s opening night and I never miss opening night.

islanders in brooklyn

You know I do a lot of event industry writing which makes me pretty experienced when it comes to planning tips for weddings, Bar Mitzvah parties and large events.

Well, I have been taking my own written advice for the day of the Bar Mitzvah, reminding myself of the following:

No one else knows every detail you have planned. So, when things don’t go 100% according to plan (because they rarely do), no one will know but you. And it’s okay.

Things will go wrong (as they have this week when the favors arrived damaged, dancer t-shirts were printed incorrectly and some bags that I needed for exit treats were defective) but it’s to be expected. Just check everything you can in advance, remain calm and don’t let it ruin the excitement.

I don’t need this reminder but many people do – – Do not forget to eat during the day of the affair!

I am thinking about what I will take with me in my bag as lunch to eat while getting my hair and make up done. Maybe a bagel? Or somehow stop for Red Mango?

I will also make sure to salt my food and drink enough water on Saturday. Not only do I need to be hydrated for running, but I need to keep myself from fainting from nerves and um, fainting later on should I decide I need a real drink. You know I don’t tolerate alcohol well but hey, I am paying for liquor for everyone else at the Bar Mitzvah so I might as well have a glass a wine.

Do you know how excited I am to see Heather?! She’s my best friend from growing up (in case you forgot) and she moved to Florida when we were 15. She is coming up for the Bar Mitzvah weekend and I just cannot wait.

heather and me

Picture from the last time I was down in South Florida.

My plan is to share my half marathon training recap for the week Saturday morning instead of Sunday so I will see you then!

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Which running shoes do you reserve as your easy run/recovery run shoes?

Are you good about writing things down all of the time?


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  1. says

    Sometimes when I am really busy its like I don’t even have time to write things down even though I know it would help me to stay organized. Do you think you can make it to next week with your old running shoes so you can wait until things calm down to go buy new ones? So if this is your last post before the Bar Mitzvah I hope that you have a great time! I am sure everything will work out, just relax and have fun!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Fall Should Mean Marathon Training?My Profile

    • says

      I may just wear my main pair of boosts until I get a newpair lol. I don’t think I have time to get to the store otherwise! I will pop in on Saturday morning with my workouts but thank you!

  2. says

    That’s where Amazon/the company’s website is a lifesaver! I always feel like running shoes need to be replaced when there is no time to go to the store. Enjoy that glass of wine – everything will work out and you have put so much hard work into this!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Fall Hiking AdventuresMy Profile

  3. Heather says

    Can’t wait- in an uber on my way to the airport. While everyone else in here responds in terms of exercise and nutrition I will tell you we will have that glass of wine plus some!!!! All the details will be amazing- can’t wait to see it all come together!

  4. says

    Hmm… I’m probably way too stingy about running shoes; I usually only buy one pair at a time, but usually the shoes work for every kind of run.

    I bet this week has been a whirlwind already, and I’ll be praying that the Bar Mitzvah goes as well as possible, and even if something goes wrong, that you can have a really memorable time too!
    Emily recently posted…Apple White Chocolate Caramel Bars + A Giveaway Announcement!My Profile

  5. says

    I love that you love hockey so much. Meredith, I’m so excited for you for the party! It’s going to be so much fun. There’s something so special about a mama and her boy(s). My boys are all mama’s boys.
    Suzy recently posted…Do Not Go GentleMy Profile

  6. says

    My Glycerin’s have been sitting unused for years too. Those were actually the shoes that was fitted with when I went into the store, but I couldn’t stand them – they just felt too clunky. And I’m definitely the same when it comes to writing things down when things get busy. I don’t do it, and I think it’s because I feel like I can’t waste time writing when I need to be doing 😆
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…he killed it!! & i want to start juicing (ToL#204)My Profile