What I Ate Wednesday 9.21.16


Just because I haven’t mentioned my site issues in a few days doesn’t mean that everything is fixed. In fact, nothing is fixed! I have reached the point though where I realize that I can’t fix it myself and don’t have the strength or interest left in stressing over when someone else will get to fixing the problems for me.

At some point, my site will work the way it should again. Until then, I am sort of ignoring all of the issues. So long as I can post and my readers can’t see the problems (most of the issues are on the back end here) I just can’t worry about it.  The only thing you may notice are typos. I don’t have spell check working but I do my best to catch what I can on my own.

Let’s chat about what I ate yesterday to distract me from now realizing my site is still a mess on the operational side of things!


I mentioned in Monday’s post that I received a bunch of packages of frozen steel-cut oatmeal from Good Food Made Simple.

Here’s the Good Food Made Simple unsweetened steel-cut oatmeal after it’s been heated up from the package. In three minutes you have yourself a fresh bowl of steel-cut oatmeal that doesn’t taste like it was reheated from the freezer.

good food made simple oatmeal

The texture of Good Food Made Simple’s steel-cut oatmeal is on point but I still prefer the way I make my own oatmeal.

I like to cook both steel-cut oats together with old-fashioned oats because I love the texture combination and have really gotten used to eating it each morning. If you aren’t mixing these two types of oatmeal when you prepare your own oatmeal at home, you really need to try it. You will yield a giant bowl of oatmeal (I am all about volume when it comes to oatmeal) and the oats will be chewy and dense from the steel-cut oatmeal while also thick from the old-fashioned oats.

I had the above oatmeal mixed with fruit, Skoop and peanut butter after my run.


Lately when I work from Panera I order a salad for lunch. Most of the time I just get coffee while I work but I have had a few free salad rewards on my Panera card so I have wanted to use them.

I finally learned how to get the Hummus Power Bowl after they stopped offering it on the menu! Remember, I would try to order the Hummus Power Bowl on several occasions but the Panera people wouldn’t let me? I figured out how to trick them a bit.

I order the garden salad and then ask for the cilantro hummus on top. It’s pretty much the same thing then as the Hummus Power Bowl. I also ask for avocado. It’s so good.

Panera salad


Super simple dinner last night. I swear there is a Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger under that pile of roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli. I had zero patience for the potatoes to cook so they weren’t that crispy this time around.

veggie burger with roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli


You know, the usual. I do try sometimes to switch up my evening snack during the week but then I just come right back to an apple with peanut butter and chocolate chips. It’s probably my favorite go-to snack combination.

apple with peanut butter and chocolate chips

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!

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What do you like to order at Panera?

Which snacks do you rotate at night? I know I ask this a lot but I am always looking for more options.

What’s on today’s workout agenda?

*Good Food Made Simple sent me oatmeal to try in exchange for my thoughts on the products. All opinions expressed in my posts are my own.

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  1. says

    Oh I love that panera power bowl- what a great hack, I’ll have to try it!! My other favorite, their black bean soup, is also no longer on the menu but I don’t know if there’s a hack for that 😉

  2. Lizzie Royer says

    I always get the classic salad with grilled chicken and shaved parm with a whole grain sprouted roll!
    My night snacks are always dark chocolate covered nuts and huge apple slices. I am so excited because my grocery store has HUGE apples right now. I could use other snack ideas, but I keep going back to this same combo, so I feel you!

  3. says

    I really like the sound of that cilantro hummus. I may to have to go to Panera for it.

    Also, with apple season here I may have to switch my nightly banana, PB and chocolate to apple, PB and chocolate. I know you’d approve.

  4. says

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you that all the site issues clear up soon. I know it’s a pain in the butt when that stuff comes up, especially if you’re not sure what the problem is to begin with. And I feel like whatever I snack on at night is usually whatever I happen to bake that week. Either that or cashew ice cream.

  5. says

    Yum. I love this day of eats. The simple sweet potato dinner and night time snack are right up my alley. For bedtime snacks, I rotate between a vegan homemade muffin with nut butter, banana(with pb and chocolate chips), or dates with nut butter and dark chocolate. I guess it always includes chocolate and nut butter! I’m not mad though:)

  6. says

    I hate waiting for sweet potatoes to get crispy too. I wish they didn’t take so long to cook. And I’m all about the volume when it comes to oats too. Egg whites, nut butter, PB2, zucchini, I love adding it all! And at Panera I love their salads, great idea to try to make your own by ordering the garden salad!

  7. says

    Nighttime snack options:
    -A small piece of toast with almond or peanut butter/Nutella
    -Ice cream/cookies 🙂

    Thing to order at Panera – I’ve never actually ordered this but I’m really curious about the Green Goddess Cobb! Anyone try it? Good/bad?!
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