Old Favorites, New Shoes & Celebrity Look Alike



One of my issues with the blog, (at least one of my issues the other day), was the inability to load new photos. Even though I fixed that problem, I was a little concerned at first for what I would do if I couldn’t get weekend pictures loaded in time for today’s post.

I laughed when I ended up at The Cheesecake Factory Friday night, realizing that I already have about 2,000 photos of my favorite salad loaded in my media library. It’s not like I needed another one of the same salad to show you but since I was able to load the picture, here it is.

cheesecake factory salad

And then when I had a Red Mango parfait on Saturday, I thought about how many other photos of Red Mango parfaits I have in my media library. See, it’s good to be so routine and repetitive that even if you can’t load new photos, your old photos would get the job done.

red mango parfait

So I know I just said the other day that I was in the market for a new pair of recovery run/easy run running shoes to replace my Saucony Rides but I kind of bought a new pair of cute shoes instead.

I was supposed to be food shopping at Trader Joe’s but see, there’s this shoe store located in the same shopping center so I kind of got sidetracked. But come on, how cute are these star platform sneakers?! Can you blame me? I feel like these shoes just reinvented my casual, every day wardrobe.

The SHoe Box Star Sneakers

I received several boxes of frozen oatmeal packs from Good Food Made Simple.

This steel-cut oatmeal, which comes in packs of two, is just like the frozen blocks of oatmeal that I used to get at Trader Joe’s. Good Food Made Simple’s steel-cut oatmeal though comes in a variety of flavors, including unsweetened, which the Trader Joe’s frozen version does not. The Trader Joe’s frozen steel-cut oatmeal only comes sweetened with Maple & Brown Sugar.

good food made simple oatmeal

I had the unsweetened steel-cut oatmeal the other morning. It takes three minutes to heat it up and I liked it just as much as any other steel-cut oatmeal.  My son tried the Vermont Maple Syrup variety and didn’t love it. I tasted some of his and didn’t think it had very much flavor which was odd considering it contained 10 grams of sugar.

I definitely prefer to prepare my own oatmeal servings (because I am real good at it) but I also think it’s good to have the frozen steel-cut oatmeal packs in the freezer just in case you need a bowl in a pinch. More on this oatmeal later in the week.

Oh, and I need to tell you that I am obsessed with Ellie Goulding’s new song Still Falling For You.

I heard it ONE TIME and I knew it was my new song. I downloaded it immediately and have listened to it on repeat during my runs over the last several days. It’s the new song in the new Bridget Jones movie.

You know Renee and I are twins, right? I wonder if people stop her to say she looks like me as often as people stop me since Jerry Maguire came out 20 years ago to say I look like her.

renee zwelleger

I start half marathon training today! I won’t totally realize that I am training today since it’s just an easy run on the schedule but still, it’s exciting.

And no, I HAVE NOT resolved my blog issues. Not even close. But I can still post so I am trying to look on the bridge side. 🙂

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What store is located next to your Trader Joe’s? Like, what else is in the shopping center?

Do you resemble any celebrities?

Which type of oatmeal do you make the most (steel-cut, old-fashioned oats, instant etc.)?

*I received the Good Food Made Simple oatmeal in exchange for my thoughts on the products. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. says

    Our Trader Joe’s is located in the same shopping center as the Loft and Starbucks. Luckily when I go to TJs Rob is usually with me so I don’t get sidetracked and go into other stores:) When I was making oatmeal last week I was using old fashioned oats. I have other kinds in out pantry but I don’t typically make them.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Hawaii Workouts Plus Jet LagMy Profile

  2. says

    Oh my! You DO totally look like her! That’s so cool! And GUESS WHAT. I made a huge batch of oatmeal yesterday to warm up during the week this week! No more pizza pops for breakfast for this girl! Thought you’d be proud. 🙂
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

  3. says

    I seriously COULD NOT STOP thinking how much you looked like her while I was watching her latest movie. It was freaking me out 😆 And I’ve been making quick oats lately just for convenience, but I think I might switch to old fashioned. I love the texture.