Half Marathon Training Starts Tomorrow! (workout recap)


I forced myself to step away from my blog and laptop as much as possible over the last two days. I absolutely cannot handle the issues I am having here on the back end and so far, no one else can figure it how to solve the problems.

If I didn’t love my blog so much and the people I get to connect with because of it, these last two weeks of constant blog back end problems would be enough to make someone run away from the internet for life.

I start training for the NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half Marathon tomorrow!

My training plan is basically the same one that Laura provided me with for the Long Island half marathon. My intentions are to follow this plan fairly closely as it worked really well for me in the Spring.

The only thing I may be do differently is reduce my mileage on easy run days. While the easy run range is 4 – 6 miles  and totally in line with what I normally run, I think I may focus on running towards the lower end of the miles to keep from overdoing things.

Starting a half marathon training plan at the height of the Bar Mitzvah planning with the Bar Mitzvah in a few weeks, smack in the middle of the training,  is probably not ideal but I know I can handle it.

While I am more than used to running the distances, I am aware that the Bar Mitzvah stress of the next few weeks may take a toll on my strength, ability and recovery. Therefore, after chatting with Laura about this, we agreed that cutting some miles on my easy runs (and my long runs if I think I need it) will help me to keep strength for the speed and tempo runs.

I kept this week before training fairly easy.

I didn’t push my pace but my pace feels all weird to me right now with the weather changing. As it gets cooler, I naturally get faster which is making it hard for me to judge what feels easy and what feels fast. Does that even make sense? I don’t know.

workout recap

Monday – Easy 5 Miles/Pure Barre/Strength Stuff

I brought back the Pop Sugar 10 minute workout that I used to love and I still really like it! I followed it up with one Pure Barre Tone in 10 workout and then went out for an easy-paced 5 mile run.

I am still running a little later in the morning (after my son leaves for the school bus) and I am really liking my new running time. It’s nice and bright out rather than having to worry about when the sun rises (since I won’t run in the dark).

running path

Tuesday – 8 Miles

I didn’t push during this run but felt good at an overall average of 8:52. The cooler weather definitely makes running feel easier than it did over the summer.

Wednesday – Gym Day!

I really like breaking up my week with a gym day so I may continue this during my half marathon training. I won’t hold myself to it but it’s always an option on easy run days.

gym day

Here’s what I did:

20 minutes elliptical

Jump rope & free weights

10 minutes elliptical

Jump rope & squats/lunges

1 mile run outside

Thursday – Yoga/8 Miles

I felt a little bit sore I think from yesterday’s gym workout. Since it was cool outside, I still averaged a decent pace (8:42) with some nice negative splits but didn’t push myself for anything in particular. Just aimless running.

Friday – Pure Barre & 3 Miles

I was so consumed with my site issues and Bar Mitzvah stuff that I am lucky I got any workout accomplished at all! I feel like I rushed my way through a Pure Barre Mile High DVD and then ran a little over 3 miles at an easy pace before calling it quits to get back home.

Saturday – Yoga/11.5 Miles

Not the best run. It was GORGEOUS outside and my hands even felt a little cold which means the temperature was perfect. I don’t know, I just didn’t feel like I had it even though my pace wasn’t horrendous (like an average pace of 9:10) — something just felt stale.

I am starting to realize that the mid-point of my cycle, right around ovulation, is not the best running time for me. I have been paying attention for the last few months and it is becoming a pattern. At least I was in a decent mood. Last month my mid-cycle mood was horrendous.

Sunday – Heart Walk at the Beach!

I will be joining my childhood friend Kelly and her family this morning at the Long Island Heart Walk at Jones Beach. I go every year in memory of Kelly’s brother Adam. Here’s last year’s Heart Walk and the year before too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂


*Just to note: I am not training with Laura for this half marathon. She is just a really good friend and running coach who still listens to me talk about running and helps me when I need her. If you are looking to train with a running coach/need a training plan, I absolutely recommend you look into her services.

Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

Who else is starting a training plan/in the middle of training for a race right now?

Anyone feel the effects of mid-cycle?

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    I’m glad you took some time away from dealing with the blog issues this weekend! If I were to do the Annapolis half at the end of November I would probably be starting to train right around now. Instead Im just seeing how much I can build my mileage over the next month to see if its even realistic. I probably won’t be ready for it, but we’ll see. It’s exciting that you start training this week! I love starting a training plan and having workouts to follow.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Letting Go Of Control {Repost}My Profile

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    Nice article. I really like the way you describe weather and your feeling while running, how could I say, the way you put them into your run make me feel so (uhmmm) nice and great. Hope to hear more from you this week.

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    Practicing and training everyday are so good! Actually I have the same thoughts as you. Btw, it’s such a nice recap! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week!

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    Social life and training balance is one of my favorite topics. Thank you for writing this interesting and useful article. I just want to add that good planning is an important step for getting the balance, if not, everything will be chaos.

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    I’m glad you took some time away from dealing with the blog issues this weekend
    Practicing and training everyday are so good! Actually I have the same thoughts as you.
    thanks for sharing