Eggplant Cacciatore (Recipe Challenge)


My plan was to tell you that we finally found the issue with my site. But now, as I sit here with the Jet Pack plug-in disabled, nothing is better in fact things might be worse. Ugh! I am pretty sure that on your end as a reader things are okay but I apologize if you experience any problems. I am working on it like you can’t imagine.

I am so excited that Laura and I are back to our recipe challenge! This little recipe challenge of ours, where we encourage each other to try different vegetarian recipes and then share our results with you, has helped me to break out of my cooking comfort zone.

I cannot stress enough how the accountability has made the difference in me trying the recipes that I pin rather than just eating the exact same foods every day.

Not to mention, the recipes we have chosen so far have been so good! I have loved having the leftover veggie burgers in my freezer and the vegan sloppy joe’s are now regular in my weeknight dinner rotation.

So for this week, we were deciding between trying another veggie burger recipe (because I need more for my freezer!) or a recipe that used eggplant. We chose to work with eggplant this week and decided on veggie burgers for next week.

Before I switched to a meatless diet, chicken cacciatore from Mother Kelly’s was my absolute favorite meal on the planet. I do not miss chicken AT ALL and have yet to crave it since giving it up almost five years ago now but when I see my parents and even my son order the chicken cacciatore from Mother Kelly’s, I certainly feel a pang in my heart.

In previous posts, you have seen that I end up ordering the baked eggplant with spaghetti squash from Mother Kelly’s while everyone else at the table has the chicken cacciatore.

Mother Kelly's eggplant and spaghetti squash

I usually end up taking the peppers, onions and mushrooms from my son’s chicken cacciatore just so I can sort of taste the meal that held my heart for over half of my life.

It’s no surprise then when I saw this recipe for eggplant cacciatore from Connoisseurus Veg that I felt like we had to try it at some point!

eggplant cacciatore


Super, super easy. I gravitate towards easy recipes that use ingredients I am familiar with so this was a breeze. I loved that this recipe required the eggplant to be roasted in the oven with the drizzle of olive oil < – so much flavor!

I then added the roasted eggplant to the pan that was cooking the onions, mushrooms and peppers. I also added some roasted butternut squash to the mix because I had it on hand.

eggplant cacciatore


Delicious! Is it as good as chicken cacciatore from Mother Kelly’s? Of course not. I am not a restaurant. Mother Kelly’s has a distinct sauce flavor that no one can replicate. However, this dish was definitely flavorful and satisfying so I would absolutely make it again.

Overall Thoughts:

Eggplant is really not a nutritional substitute for chicken since eggplant is not a protein source. For this reason, I added chickpeas to the recipe to make this a plant-based protein satisfying meal. If you aren’t a meatless eater, definitely use this dish as an accompaniment to your main course OR add chicken to make things complete.

Serving Suggestions:

I did not make the pasta with this eggplant cacciatore as recommended in the recipe. I would however recommend this dish served with quinoa, rice or potatoes.

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Be sure to check out what Laura thought of making the eggplant cacciatore!


Do you have a favorite Italian dish? Do you make it or is it from a restaurant?

What other types of recipes would you like to see us try?

Would you be interested in joining our recipe challenge if you offered a link up for it once in a while?

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  1. says

    This part cracked me up: “Is it as good as chicken cacciatore from Mother Kelly’s? Of course not. I am not a restaurant.” So matter of fact. Ha. I love it.

    Also, I would slurped this up with some delicious pasta. Yum. Licks lips.

  2. says

    There’s this Italian restaurant nearby with the hugest longest lines because it is SO YUMMY. I always get this cheese ravioli stuff with garlic/onion/cream sauce. It is out of this world. The garlic “breathes” out my pores for the next 24 hours!
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  3. says

    Ooh, wow this is really unique; I’ve never had eggplant cacciatore. 🙂 I’ve had chicken cacciatore, but this is a neat way to use a vegetable I haven’t had very often. I love baking vegetables though, because I seem to be able to digest them better and you can incorporate them into main dishes more easily.
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