Like Clockwork (workout recap)


I didn’t post on Friday and actually stayed in bed a little longer than I usually do which put the rest of my morning routine, including my run, slightly behind schedule too.

How ironic then when a guy in my neighborhood on his way to work hollered the following out of his car window when he passed me during my run:


Clearly this man in my neighborhood, who gets into his car to leave for work around the same time every morning notices me running as he pulls out of his driveway just about every day has decided I am like clockwork with my workouts as if it’s something worth shouting about out of the car window early in the morning.

Running to me is a part of my morning routine. Just like brewing coffee and brushing my teeth, it’s how I start the day.

What he doesn’t realize though is that he sees me each morning at various mile points in my run. Friday, for example, I was behind schedule. He passed me at the one mile mark. Usually I pass his house and see him getting into his car at the end of my run. So there.

Before we get to my week in workouts, can I just say that I didn’t realize my running shoes were gray?

Seriously. I must change running shoes so often that when I looked down at my feet to take a picture in the start of the falling leaves, I wondered for a quick second whose shoes these were/when did I start running in gray Energy Boosts.

running shoes

Monday – Yoga/7 Miles

Nothing special about this run, just an easy hour outside listening to my music with only one working ear bud. One day I will remember to replace my headphones!

Tuesday – Yoga/8 Miles

It was the coolest morning of the summer so far, high 60’s when I stepped outside! It definitely felt nice, maybe even a touch chilly.

running path

2 mile warm up + a few miles of fartleks + a few miles easy

Nothing too specific about this run at all. I am keeping things fairly easy for now until I start training for the NYCRUNS Falling Leaves half marathon next week.

Wednesday – Elliptical/Gym Workout

I mentioned this workout in Thursday’s post – I needed a break from my usual workout routine and this day in the gym gave me just that.

20 minutes elliptical – > off for free weights – > 20 minutes elliptical -> jumping jacks, squats and lunges

elliptical machine

Thursday – 8 Miles

I ran my negative split workout for a change! I used to run this workout all of the time and then fell out of the habit after training for my last half marathon.

Friday – Pure Barre Studio Series DVD & 3 Easy Miles

It was pretty humid out there this morning so I was grateful to only be outside for about 30 minutes.

Saturday – Not even 13 Miles

I stopped my run at 12.78 miles because I didn’t feel like running any further. Funny, right? I just didn’t care. I think I felt grateful for even running that far as most of the run felt boring and just plain stale. That’s the best way to describe this long run.


I spoke to Laura after my long run and she told me that based on what I was saying, I may have reached a plateau. While nothing hurt and my legs weren’t heavy, I just felt like I couldn’t move any faster.

I couldn’t find my usual groove, that feeling where you are all warmed up and pick up a good pace and if I want to e honest, I feel like this keeps happening to me lately, more often than not.

Of course I could blame the summer and the heat, which I am sure plays a role in how I feel out there but overall, I think it’s time for a cut back week of some sort.

I need to feel refreshed and ready to jump eagerly into my half marathon training plan because right now, the thought of running at a race pace sounds like insanity.

Sunday – Rest Day

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂

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Do you encounter the same people each day on your running route either running or driving by?

Is it still really hot during your runs or did it cool down where you live?

Are you like clockwork in the morning with your routine?


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  1. says

    I start my run at a slightly different time each day but I do see a dog walker every morning but in a different place. There is also another runner who circles the neighborhood as well as some walkers. Its funny because now that I am spending so much time in the area really close to my house I am seeing the people who do the same route every day.
    The weather here is better than it was a few weeks ago, but did get hot again after the little break we had a few days ago.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…August Runfessions {Friday Five}My Profile

  2. Melissa H says

    I walk/run at the same time each morning (just Ike you said, brushing your teeth, and I love it). This past week, a man commented how he sees me at the same time and places every day, and it’s like…can you not! Just let me think I’m invisible and go on my merry way! Lol. Love your blog. 🙂 Hang in there and the running mojo will return. (I know you know this.) ♡ I bet all the planning activities have unknowingly drained as well. Red Mango helps! 😉

    • says

      aw thanks! I am sure the bar mitzvah planning isn’t helping me right now for sure, it’s a draining process like you said! I haven’t had red mango in a while, I definitely need to get there asap

  3. says

    I run every early morning in the park. When we do something enough the amount of time, it becomes a habit. Running is my habit. I workout to start a fresh and energetic day!