Do I have to put a bra on? (week in review)


I was beyond thrilled to have my son home from camp last week but having him home also meant the following:

My house is no longer tidy for more than three minutes at a time. Each time I tried to straighten up, my son blew on through like the windstorm that he is, making a mess of everything I worked so hard to organize and clean. By Thursday I gave up the attempt to keep the house looking spotless and settled for lived in again.

I even started closing the door to his room as I pass it to avoid my need to clean his clutter because I cannot keep up with his clutter unless of course I want to give up running in favor of cleaning as my form of exercise.

my son's room

I ran my dishwasher twice as often as I did while he was away and then there was the return of the camp clothing. Three weeks worth of clothing (which is more like seven weeks of clothing because you send the kids to camp with lots of extras) needed to be sorted, cleaned and then put away in drawers which didn’t even look like clothing was missing from so that was really fun too.

I was tired last week. Basically all week.

I think my tiredness (is tiredness a word?) was clear in my workout recap post yesterday when I mentioned a rest day from running took place on Friday.

I did so much in the weeks that he was away at camp, trying to accomplish many of the remaining Bar Mitzvah planning details in addition to writing for the blog and for work, cleaning out drawers and having my son’s room redone while also going out to enjoy my freedom that I finally felt burned out.

I just wanted to stay in my oversized royal blue Islanders sweatshirt and Butter sweatpants all day without a bra on while watching 80’s sitcoms on the couch. I didn’t do either but it really sounded like a good idea especially since I discovered Silver Spoons on one channel plus random showings of Diff’rent Strokes too.

I hadn’t completely lost my mind or interest in going out though. No. I made the exception for a really good dinner at Salt overlooking the summer scenery that is my hometown. I didn’t mind that I had to put my bra on for this occasion which is how I judge my interest level in doing things.

Salt on the water

I asked for avocado on my cranberry and walnut salad not realizing they were going to give me every avocado available in the restaurant’s kitchen.

cranberry walnut salad plus avocado

With a side of charred broccoli because I get really excited when roasted, charred and burnt vegetables are on restaurant menus.

My son’s photo shoot for the Bar Mitzvah is this week.

We need to pick four outfits for him to wear which I tried to discuss with him every day last week but I got nowhere since he doesn’t care.

A girl would care. She would select her own outfits and stress about something as fashionably important as a photo shoot but not my bunny. He doesn’t care. I don’t even think he heard me.

Instead it’s me who cares, me who has to figure out what he will wear from the pile of clothing I just stuffed in his drawers and closets which I will have to pull out for Wednesday knowing at that point, he will tell me he doesn’t want to wear what I chose.

I dragged the kid to his soccer clinic almost every evening. I say dragged because for the first two sessions, he decided he didn’t feel like going which was not acceptable to me. He wanted to be registered for this soccer clinic therefore he was going and until he pays for such activities from his money, I will continue to teach him the value of my dollar. It was really only a drag for the first two days, then he remembered that he loved it.

And the drag wasn’t as bad as the Hebrew School drag because although I still had to wait outside with the car running, I didn’t need to cause a neighborhood scene of honking and yelling out the car window so that’s a plus.

I need to get a new car soon so I started looking around even though I am a creature of habit and continually get the same car on repeat since I was a junior in college. I test drove a different brand the other day but didn’t like it at all which was just fine with me, at least I briefly explored another option.

I had lunch at Town Bagel with my mom before we went for manicures on Saturday. What is with everyone being so generous on the avocado? Not that I am complaining.

bagel and salad

The weather was iffy yesterday but held out long enough to spend most of the day outside at my friend Lisa’s house.

lisa's house

Last week I mentioned that Lisa and I were immediate BFF’s when we met back in the day because we had the same taste in food. Yesterday reconfirmed that yet again when she served everyone else barbecue foods but also included a baked oatmeal because she had a random craving and needed to make one for lunch.

baked oatmeal

You may have seen on Instagram yesterday that I bought a box of munchkins. I sure did. Once upon a time I used to bake everything from scratch and bring those goodies over to my friend’s houses but nowadays, I opt for bakeries or Dunkin Donuts. The munchkins needed to be hidden from the kids until dessert time and then they were gone in two seconds so I don’t think anyone missed my baked goods.


It’s cool outside this morning and the weather lady on channel 7 told me I wont even sweat out there today. I am all excited for my run now!

Linking up with Meg’s week in review. 🙂

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Do you like munchkins? Which one is your favorite?

What’s your go-to lounge around the house outfit?

3 things you did over the weekend? Were they worth putting a bra on?





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  1. says

    My go-to lounge outfit is definitely a t-shirt and leggings. But, that’s not saying much considering I’m in leggings 99% of the week! Munchkins are so good, I love the chocolate and blueberry ones.
    Sara @ Oats & Rows recently posted…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  2. says

    I have a different go-to lounge outfit in the winter and summer. But I prefer the winter because I like wearing sweatpants and hoodies! (Thats just about all I like about winter.) I wore a sports bra for most of the weekend. After my run Saturday morning I didn’t shower until almost 4pm. I love lazy weekends like that. And yes to munchkins, even though I will usually pass on donuts.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…My Mind is My Own Worst EnemyMy Profile

  3. says

    That salad looks AMAZING! I have a few avocados in my fridge and I keep forgetting to eat them..guess I have to make guac tonight 🙂

    Go to outfit is definitely lounge pants and one of Dan’s old t shirts. Not cute at all but SO comfortable!
    Gretchen recently posted…Weekly Recap : Money DiaryMy Profile

    • says

      oh I love a soft sweatshirt! one race that I ran gave a great sweatshirt that I rotate into my lounge around the house attire. it was a 10k race and totally worth running for the sweatshirt!

  4. says

    I think one of the biggest downers about nursing is I wear a bra ALL the time now, even while I sleep at night. Considering it was the first thing I used to take off every day when I got home from work, it’s a big struggle for me.

    Holy avocado. I have been loving on the green orbs lately although that is a ton of it. I wouldn’t complain either.

    I’m happy you’re back to organized chaos with your son back under your roof again. My entire life these days feels like organized chaos.

    Amen to donut munchkins. 🙂
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: Hummus Parties (#45)My Profile

  5. says

    It was just like fall weather this morning! Loved it. You sound like my mom with my brother haha she is half excited for him to go back to school so the house goes back to being clean again. What is it with boys? Go to lounge outfit: workout clothes. I never put on real shorts in the summertime on the weekends. I’m all about comfort. Winters are usually leggings and flannels.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Workouts 8/15-8/21My Profile

  6. says

    Can I go to your friend Lisa’s house too? It looks AMAZING. And I’m curious about avocados down there, because they are so expensive here. They charge us $1 per avocado. So up here you just don’t see restaurants putting that much avocado on stuff; they’re always stingy.
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

    • says

      so avocados here are more than $1 each, if I am lucky, I can get them on sale for a dollar but it’s not often. when restaurants put avocado on a salad as an extra, the pricy is high but sometimes it’s worth it!

  7. jade says

    Your son and mine are definitely twins as mine was home this weekend as well, and his work equipment, camping and hiking gear were everywhere. Multiple loads of laundry were done and it seemed like the dishwasher never stopped. I sooo love it when he’s home though, he is the best part of my life 🙂